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    Bermuda Triangle ~ 1977 ~ Bermuda Trianglegenre: psych folk
    country: us
    quality: lossless (ape, cue, log, covers)
    time: 30'53" size: 198 mb

    Bermuda Triangle's wild psychedelic and delicately nuanced electric autoharp and transcendental vocals grew out of the late 1960s folk rock scene. With an independent attitude, eccentric style and highly unusual instrument lineup, the group was unprecedented. Psychedelic rock autoharp was then-unknown, and at the time (with the notable exception of Carol Kaye), there were very few women playing bass guitar. Since the formation of the band in 1967, its only constant members have been Roger Penney and Wendy Penney.
    For a one-year interlude in 1969, Roger and Wendy fronted a band with Tom Pacheco and Sharon Alexander called Euphoria. Roger and Wendy were the lead vocalists. The group signed with MGM/Heritage Records, and with Jerry Ross producing, released an album titled Euphoria (with an American sunshine pop style à la The Mamas and the Papas), and a single titled "You Must Forget". They then disbanded.
    Using Woodstock, New York, as a temporary songwriting base in 1972, the band generated the folk album Roger and Wendy. A female drummer/fiddler, known only as Sam, then joined the group. In 1975 the band changed its name to Bermuda Triangle and released its psych folk album Bermuda Triangle in 1977. Roger had been writing the bulk of the group's songs.

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    Views: 1218 | Added by: olegelagin | Date: 13.12.2015 | Comments (2)

    Jeff Beck Group ~ 1972 ~ Jeff Beck Groupgenre: blues
    country: uk
    quality: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers)
    time: 40'29" size: 244 mb

    The fourth studio album by The Jeff Beck Group and the second album with the line up of Jeff Beck, Bobby Tench, Clive Chaman, Max Middleton and Cozy Powell.
    During January 1972 the second Jeff Beck Group flew to the US and joined Beck at TMI Studios in Memphis, Tennessee. Some of the songs they worked on were already in their stage act and unlike Rough and Ready they also recorded five cover songs for this album, including a new version of Ashford & Simpson's "I Can't Give Back the Love I Feel For You" and Carl Perkins's Sun Records release, "Glad All Over" (1957). The Cropper and Beck collaboration "Sugar Cane" was one of several songs written whilst in the studio. At an "end of recording party", Beck was congratulated by Don Nix on his version of "Going Down", which Nix had written and was originally released by the band Moloch in 1969.
    Jeff Beck Group was not well received by contemporary music critics.

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    Views: 496 | Added by: olegelagin | Date: 11.12.2015 | Comments (0)

    Los Barrocos ~ 1974 ~ Sin Tiempo ni Espaciogenre: prog
    country: argentina
    quality: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers)
    time: 37'06" size: 241 mb

    Dreams Fantasies & Nightmares:
    An extremely rare Argentinian progressive album with lots of solo violin work, twin guitars and vocal arrangements. There's some great violin and guitar work on Siempre Encontrare Un Lugar and Noche De Sol has a notable riff and guitar solo.
    While being strongly inspired by English progressive Hard Rock, Los Barrocos effectively created a high-energy music that is almost exclusively their own; at least, it's free of anything that would allow me to call its makers even followers of anyone else.
    Their "Sin Tiempo Ni Espacio" is a pleasing echo of the distant past of the genre and is generally a pretty good and original thing, which will be an exciting journey at least for those who appreciate polymorphous Hard Rock with vivid progressive tendencies.

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    Views: 313 | Added by: olegelagin | Date: 10.12.2015 | Comments (0)

    Baker Gurvitz Army ~ 1974 ~ Baker Gurvitz Armygenre: heavy
    country: uk
    quality: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers)
    time: 51'51" size: 427 mb

    First studio album.

    "Help Me" (Adrian Gurvitz) – 4:34
    "Love Is" (Gurvitz) – 2:47
    "Memory Lane" (Ginger Baker, Gurvitz) – 4:46
    "Inside Of Me" (Gurvitz) – 5:33
    "I Wanna Live Again" (Baker, Gurvitz) – 4:22
    "Mad Jack" (Baker, Gurvitz) – 7:54
    "4 Phil" (Baker, Gurvitz) – 4:25
    "Since Beginning" (Gurvitz) – 5:18

    09. "Memory Lane (Live)"  - 10:21

    Ginger Baker – composer, drums, percussion, producer, vibraphone, vocals
    Adrian Gurvitz – composer, guitar, producer, vocals
    Paul Gurvitz – bass guitar, producer, vocals
    Rosetta Hightower – vocals
    John Mitchell – keyboards, backing vocals
    Madeline Bell – vocals
    Barry St. John – vocals
    Liza Strike – vocals
    Martyn Ford – orchestration

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    Views: 292 | Added by: olegelagin | Date: 09.12.2015 | Comments (0)

    Badfinger ~ 1970 ~ Magic Christian Musicgenre: psych pop
    country: uk
    quality: lossless (flac, cue, log, coverss)
    time: 48'26" size: 275 mb

    The debut album by the British rock band Badfinger, released in early 1970 on Apple Records. Three tracks from the LP are featured in the film The Magic Christian, which also gives the album its title. However, Magic Christian Music is not an official soundtrack album for the film.
    To capitalize on this gap, Apple Records released its own "pseudo-soundtrack". Apple combined the film's three Badfinger songs with four unreleased songs and seven older tracks released by the group when they were still known as the Iveys on the album Maybe Tomorrow, which had been quickly pulled off the market in 1969. The previously released Iveys songs were specially re-mixed for this album, significantly improving their sound quality in the process. One of them, "Fisherman", was also edited for this release.
    The three tracks used in the film, "Come and Get It", "Rock of All Ages" and "Carry on Till Tomorrow", bear the strongest "Beatle connection". They were produced by Paul McCartney (the first was also composed by McCartney), and the strings on "Carry on Till Tomorrow" were arranged and conducted by Beatles producer George Martin. The other tracks on the album were produced by Tony Visconti (six songs, including both Iveys singles and the last recording made, "Crimson Ship") and Mal Evans (five songs).
    Badfinger's line-up on these tracks includes bassist/vocalist Ron Griffiths. Griffiths departed The Iveys shortly after the McCartney sessions in late 1969, prior to the name change from The Iveys to Badfinger, which led to his exclusion from the credits and pictures on the album (although Griffiths does appear on the picture sleeve for "Come and Get It"). Guitarist Joey Molland was eventually added as Griffiths' replacement, causing Tom Evans to move from guitar to bass, but Molland's addition came after the album art had been prepared, so only Pete Ham, Tom Evans and Mike Gibbins are pictured on the cover.
    The album peaked at number 55 on the US charts.

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    Views: 223 | Added by: olegelagin | Date: 08.12.2015 | Comments (0)

    B.B.Blunder ~ 1971 ~ Workers' Playtimegenre: rock, psych
    state: ul
    quality: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers, size: 342 mb)
    time: 52'40"

    B.B. Blunder's story is a most confusing one for such a short-lived and little-known band. The group was essentially an offshoot of the Blossom Toes, one of the best underground British rock acts of the '60s, noted for both their droll psychedelic pop and a heavier, dual-lead guitar-oriented sound. When the Blossom Toes broke up at the end of the '60s, guitarist Brian Godding and bassist Brian Belshaw continued to play together, sometimes in association with singer (and Godding's sister-in-law) Julie Driscoll. Eventually, Kevin Westlake, who had drummed on the Blossom Toes' first LP, joined them, and the trio recorded an album, with Driscoll helping out on vocals.
    Although the group could have just as well been called Blossom Toes as B.B. Blunder, their sound was in fact significantly different than what they'd played on the Toes' albums. The songwriting was, well, loose, and unfocused. The record's principal attractions are the multi-layered guitars, which have a certain just-post-Abbey Road charm, with lengthy electric-acoustic passages bordering on jams. After it was issued as Workers Playtime in 1971, Reg King (formerly of mid-'60s cult mod band the Action) joined the group for live work. The enterprise was basically a non-starter, though. Westlake soon quit, new members joined (including Reg King's brother and fellow Action veteran Bam King), and the group fell apart by the end of 1971. To add to the confusion surrounding this none-too-tight aggregation, in 1989, their sole album was reissued under the title New Day by Decal, who attributed the recording to "Blossom Toes '70 (formerly B.B. Blunder)." This is why this none-too-interesting one-shot record also shows up in the Blossom Toes discography. ~ Richie Unterberger

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    Views: 235 | Added by: olegelagin | Date: 07.12.2015 | Comments (0)

    Azteca ~ 1972 ~ Aztecagenre: latin fusion
    state: us
    quality: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers, size: 300 mb)
    time: 46'56"

    Azteca was an American Latin rock/jazz fusion group formed in 1972, started by percussionists Coke Escovedo and his brother Pete Escovedo, who had just finished stints with Latin rock pioneering band Santana. Azteca was the first large-scale attempt to combine multiple musical elements in the context of a Latin orchestra setting, and featured horns, woodwinds, multiple keyboards, three vocalists, guitars, drums, and multiple Latin percussionists.
    Onstage, the band consisted of between 15 and 25 members, and toured with acts including Stevie Wonder. Other notable Azteca alumni included vocalists Wendy Haas and Errol Knowles, guitarist Neal Schon, trumpeter Tom Harrell, bassist Paul Jackson, drummers Lenny White & John H. Brinck Jr., and percussionist Victor Pantoja. The group was also a musical starting point for Latin percussionist Sheila E. (the daughter of Pete Escovedo), who appeared with the band as a teenager. Two albums were released on Columbia Records, the self-titled Azteca (1972) and Pyramid of the Moon (1973), before the band split up.
    On September 15, 2007, a number of the surviving members of Azteca performed together for the first time in more than thirty years in Hollywood, California.

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    Views: 290 | Added by: olegelagin | Date: 06.12.2015 | Comments (5)

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