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    genre: rock
    state: germany
    quality: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers,  size: 213 mb)
    time: 40'56"

    Crack in the Cosmic Egg:
    Udo Lindenberg (born 17/5/1946, in Gronau). As one of the top bubblegum pop stars in Germany, you may wonder what he is doing here! Actually, prior to becoming a star, he was also an important figure on the Krautrock scene. Graduating from jazz groups in the 1960's, Udo was highly sought after as a creative drummer and session musician, working with Free Orbit, Passport, Niagara, Emergency, and many others.
    Of his solos, only his eponymous band's debut album (recorded with fellow members of his former beat group The Mustangs) is worth a look-in, although patchy it paralleled the likes of Kin Ping Meh and Epitaph with a varied hard-rock, bordering pop and progressive, but with long tracks and containing many inspired moments.
    After this Udo reinvented himself completely, as one of the first German pop singers to be successful singing in German. However, in our opinion, virtually all the later 50+ Udo Lindenberg solo albums, which are generally credited to Udo Lindenberg's Panikorchester, should be avoided at all costs!

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    genre: brass
    state: canada
    quality: lossless (ape, cue, log, covers,  size: 293 mb)
    time: 40'56"

     01. Silver Bird 2:57
     02. Sunny Days 4:10
     03. You Girl 3:54
     04. Beneath My Woman 6:50
     05. Merlin 4:09
     06. Broken Guitar Blues 4:21
     07. Letter Home 4:07
     08. You Give To Me 7:11
     09. Lonely Places 3:18

    Bass – Alan Wilmot
    Cello [Electric] – Dick Armin
    Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar – Skip Prokop
    Guitar, Vocals – Ralph Cole
    Tenor Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Flute, Vocals – Howard Shore
    Trombone, Mellophone [Mellophonium], Vocals – Larry Smith
    Trumpet – John Naslen
    Vibraphone [Vibes], Keyboards, Congas, Other [Canary] – Paul Hoffert
    Violin [Electric Violina] – Don Dinovo
    Vocals, Percussion, Acoustic Guitar – Bob McBride

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    genre: kraut
    state: germany
    quality: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers,  size: 355 mb)
    time: 38'37"


    01. Tantalizing Sensation 3:50
    02. Laverne's 1:49
    03. Dream Machine 6:17
    04. Mean Woman 3:20
    05. Hawaiian Jack 6:19
    06. Honeydrippin' Boogie Woogie 3:09
    07. Then I Am, Pt. 1 2:56
    08. Then I Am, Pt. 2 1:32
    09. My Discovery 4:12
    10. Talkin' Bouta Woman 6:06
    11. The Last Song 3:09

    12. Headhunter Blues 7:25
    13. I Don't Want to Be Your Fool Anymore 4:07
    14. Where Are You Headed? 5:07

    Gernot Pilz / bass 
    Linus / drums, vocals 
    Jason / lead guitar, sang backing, lead vocals
    Marcel Mohr / drums

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    genre: psych, bubble
    state: us
    quality: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers,  size: 220 mb), mp3 (320k, covers, 92 mb)
    time: 38'37"

    01. Rice Is Nice 2:12
    02. Shoeshine Boy 3:28
    03. Turn Around Take A Look 2:47
    04. Rainbow Tree 2:26
    05. Ask Me If I Care 3:10
    06. Straglin' Behind 2:38
    07. Green Tambourine 2:29
    08. Blueberry Blue 2:30
    09. The Shoemaker Of Leatherwear Square 2:04
    10. Fifty Year Void 5:45
    11. Through With You 9:07

    IVAN BROWNE vcls, gtr
    REG NAVE keyb'ds

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    Views: 52 | Added by: olegelagin | Date: 13.09.2014 | Comments (0)

    genre: psych
    state: uk
    quality: lossless (ape, cue, log, covers,  size: 269 mb), mp3 (320k, covers, 153 mb)
    time: 1:05'46"
    misc.: '65-' 69 recordings

    Tapestry of Delights:
    The Fleur de Lys were one of the most talented underground guitar bands of the sixties and deserve far more recognition than they have received to date. They underwent many line-up changes and their story is a complex one.
    They originally formed as Les Fleur de Lys in Southampton during the Autumn of 1964. They established a small following locally, playing at youth clubs, parties and pubs, but were signed by Immediate in 1965 after being spotted at a London gig. With a young Jimmy Page in charge of their recording sessions, the outcome was a beat version of Buddy Holly's Moondreams. It made little impression and disillusioned, the group disintegrated, leaving Keith Guster (the only ever-present member in their various line-ups) to reform the band. Phil Sawyer had previously been in The Cheynes and Shotgun Express. With this new line-up and Page again producing, they recorded a superb version of Pete Townshend's Circles, which was notable for some fine psychedelic guitar work from Sawyer. By now the group were known as The Fleur de Lys and they were building up a good reputation on the club circuit. Indeed The Animals' Hilton Valentine got them involved in a session he was producing with fellow Animals' recent discovery Jimi Hendrix. Two tracks were put down, one was a cover of The Impressions' Amen, but they weren't used, although Pete Sears has a copy of the recordings in his own collection.
    To give the group an up-front vocalist Chris Andrews, who'd been a child actor (his roles included The Artful Dodger in the London production of 'Oliver' in 1964), was added and the group signed to Polydor in the Summer of 1966. Pete Sears left soon after to join The Sam Gopal Dream. He later went to the US West Coast and progressed through Stoneground, Silver Metre and Copperhead finally ending up in Jefferson Starship. Phil Sawyer joined the new-look Spencer Davis Group and, briefly, the group were a three-piece prior to Bryn Haworth being recruited. He'd previously played with a number of local bands in Darwin (near Blackburn), including The Mustangs, The Railroaders and The Mike Taylor Combo, but none of them made it onto vinyl. Mud In Your Eye was recorded, featuring Haworth's fine guitar work.
    A chance meeting with producer/manager Frank Fenter led to the group backing young South African singer Sharon Tandy on studio and live work. As a session group they also toured Holland with Aretha Franklin, backed Isaac Hayes and recorded and album with Barney Kessel in this era. It was also Fenter who arranged for the group to embark on a new psychedelic project, Rupert's People. With friend and guitarist Rod Lynton they wrote and recorded Hold On. Lynton came up with the Procol Harum-influenced Reflections Of Charles Brown to accompany it, but only Chris Andrews liked the song so he left to continue with the Rupert's People project and the band continued as a three-piece.
    They re-cut Hold On in the studio, with Sharon Tandy on vocals. They also recorded Daughter Of The Sun at the same session. Hold On figured as the 'B' side to her next single but both songs were coupled on a 1968 45.
    There's no Sharon Tandy entry in this book so here's the discographical details of this line-up's involvement with her:-
    The band guested on John Peel's 'Top Gear' radio programme in October 1967, along with Sharon Tandy. The Fleur de Lys performed Neighbour, Neighbour, Go Go Power and Cross Cut Saw and backed Sharon Tandy on Always Something There To Remind Me, Our Day Will Come and a belting version of Hold On.
    In 1968 they started work on an album. Their next 45, Gong With The Luminous Nose, a Gordon Haskell song based on the famous nonsense rhyme of Edward Lear, came from this session, with Haskell handling the vocals. Again featuring ace guitar work from Haworth. The 'album' included many cover versions from Ray Charles to The Young Rascals, but it was never issued and the tapes have never been relocated. The group did, however, complete an album with John Bromley, backed Donnie Elbert on an album and worked with William E. Kimber on a rare and beautiful single as Waygood Ellis (which may be another pseudonym).
    Gordon Haskell left the group during 1968, eventually joining King Crimson in late 1969. He also cut a solo album in 1970. The Fleur de Lys switched to Atlantic and released a Stax-style 45 Stop Crossing That Bridge. Shortly after, they released a second 45, Butchers And Bakers, under yet another pseudonym, Chocolate Frog. There was also a version by The Staccatos (which may have been The Creation in disguise), but the song wasn't too good and both versions sold poorly. They also backed Sharon Tandy on some of her 45s and a Tony and Tandy collaboration, Two Can Make It Together (Atlantic 584 262) 1969. The Fleur de Lys are credited on its 'B' side, The Bitter And The Sweet. The 'Tony' in question here was Fleur de Lys' Tony Head.
    The Fleur de Lys' final 45, You're Just A Liar, penned by Haworth and Polydor songwriter Brian Potter, saw them go out on a high in a haze of hot guitar work. Haworth left and headed for America's West Coast, where he formed a band with ex-Blue Cheer member Leigh Stephens, recording an album which was never released. Former Scots Of St. James' member Graham Maitland joined the band in its final days and he was later in Five Day Rain.

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    genre: rock
    state: uk
    quality: lossless (ape, cue, log, covers)
    time: 59'18"+50'59" size: 723 mb

    Roger "Deke" Leonard (born 18 December 1944, Llanelli, South Wales) is a rock musician, "serving a life sentence in the music business." Best known as a member of the progressive rock band Man, which he joined and left several times, and for fronting his own rock and roll band Iceberg, which he formed and disbanded several times, he is also an author, raconteur and television panellist.

    '73  - Aceberg
    01. Razor Blade And Rattlesnake 6:03
    02. I Just Can't Win 2:44
    03. Lisa 3:56
    04. Nothing Is Happening 4:33
    05. Lookin For A Man 3:44
    06. A Hard Way To Live 3:25
    07. Broken Ovation 5:25
    08. Jesse 4:06
    09. Ten Thousand Takers 3:04
    10. The Ghost Of Musket Flat 2:48
    11. Crosby (Second Class citizen Blues) 1:53
    12. 7171 551 5:26

    13. Diamond Road 3:49
    14. Turning In Circles 3:35
    15. The Aching Is So Sweet 4:50

    Deke Leonard - gtr, kbrds, vcls
    Martin Ace - bss
    Beau Adams - drms
    Dave Charles - drms, backward drms, vcl
    Tommy Riley - drms
    Terry Williams - drms
    Byron Berline - fiddle
    Paul Dueton - bss, vcl
    Malcolm Morley - gtr
    Richard Treece - gtr
    Mickey Jones - gtr
    Crosby Eicher - vcl
    Ralph Down - electronics

    '74 - Rfmkaze
    01. Cool Summer Rain 0:31
    02. Jayhawk Special 4:16
    03. Sharpened Claws 7:18
    04. Taking The Easy Way Out 5:26
    05. The Black Gates Of Death 4:41
    06. Stacia 1:02
    07. Broken Glass And Limejuice 5:31
    08. April The Third 3:49
    09. Louisiana Hoedown 2:56
    10. In Search Of Sarah AndTwenty-Six Horses 6:45
    11. The Devil's Gloves 5:11

    12. She's A Cow 3:32

    Deke Leonard - gtr, kbrds, vcls
    Martin Ace - bss
    Brian Breeze - gtr
    Dave Charles - drms, backward drms, vcl
    Byron Berline - fiddle, mandpline
    Keith Hodge - drms, b vcls
    Tommy Riley - drms
    Lincoln Carr - bss, vcls
    Ken Whaley - bss
    Terry Williams - drms

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    genre: rock
    state: us
    quality: lossless (ape, cue, log, covers)
    time: 1:07'32"+1:18'24" size: 894 mb

    Fuzz Acid & Flowers:
    Hailing from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, The Legends set out as a soul band but soon got into rock. However, this soon led to the departure of their original drummer, Ralph Swartz, who hated rock, and his replacement by Sadler.
    Soon after their debut single was released in early 1968 with the above-mentioned line-up. The 'A' side was a mellow, bluesy ballad - an attempt at commercialism and it was a local hit. The flip was an early Cat Stevens' composition, which the band rearranged into a driving rock song. Their follow-up did not stray much from the original versions. It featured Larry Swartzwelder on guitar as Dan Hanman was drafted for the Vietnam war. This also was a local hit, and the 'B' side Cheating can now also be heard on Sixties Rebellion, Vol. 15.
    Their third single was cut in 1969. Dan Hartman played guitar on this as Swartzwelder had gone into service. Joe Caleoiero had joined the band on bass. This was the band's most stable line-up and they sounded much like The Jimi Hendrix Experience, performing many of his songs in their live shows. High Towers included wah wah effects, electric piano, double tracked vocals and dreamy Nazz-like harmonies, and was the band's most popular single.
    The band were arguably on the verge of a breakthrough when its leader, Dan Hartman, departed to join The Edgar Winter Group and later embarked on a solo career. However, they soldiered on and were rejoined by Swartzwelder upon his return from service and added Dean Lescalette (rhthm gtr).

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