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    Рейтинг@Mail.ru Яндекс.Метрика

    Main » 2014 » September » 14 » va - Las Vegas Grind
    va - Las Vegas Grind
    genre: strip
    state: us
    quality: mp3 (320k, covers,  size: 685 mb) time: очень много, фик знает )
    misc: without part 4, seek forever
    misc:. no full info about,  Great Music on my opinion

    The label responsible for the Las Vegas Grind series is Strip. "Strip" is also the best possible name for the genre these compilations celebrate. In an age where exotic dancing is invariably accompanied by Top 40 hits, it is difficult to imagine house bands for strip clubs. On the other hand, it is equally difficult to imagine this collection of bands playing anywhere else. Las Vegas Grind is the reprobate little sister of lounge music and the unwed mother of all '60s garage bands. It distinguishes itself from these venerable styles in that it has none of lounge music's artsy cocktail pretension, nor does it possess the snotty suburban wrath that is the mark of garage bands. It is like both genres, though, in that there is not a drop of irony anywhere to be found on the whole disc. To say that it lacks irony is not to say that it lacks jocularity. While most numbers -- "The Strip," "The Whip," and "Drums A-Go-Go," to name but three -- are sincerely risqué, several more dubious tracks -- "A La Carte," "Pimples & Braces," and "Hooty Sapperticker," for example -- approach the level of novelty tune. These musical gags seem to provide the same slightly sweaty, slightly nervous acquittal as Benny Hill, French sex comedies and Playboy cartoons. Never mind the naked ladies, it's all just bawdy fun. With naked ladies or without, Las Vegas Grind is bawdy fun, indeed.

    cd1 :
    1 –Upsetters, The (4) The Strip 
    2 –James Holloway (2) A La Carte 
    3 –Bob Taylor After Hours 
    4 –Jesters, The (12) Peter Gunn Twist 
    5 –Ken Williams (4) Trashcan 
    6 –Buddy Miller (2) Teen Twist 
    7 –Crescendos, The (6) Countdown 
    8 –Wild-Tones Shut-Ups 
    9 –Tic & Toc Jibba Jab 
    10 –Groovers, The* Groovy 
    11 –Dyna-Sores Jungle Walk 
    12 –Casual-Aires, The Thunderbird 
    13 –John & Jackie Little Girl 
    14 –Genteels, The Take It Off 
    15 –Jack Hammer The Wiggle 
    16 –Frantics* The Whip 
    17 –Rockin' Bellmarx Torture Rock 
    18 –Periscopes, The Beaver Shot 
    19 –Bob Bunny The Joker 
    20 –Epics, The (2) On The Rocks 
    21 –Barbara & The Boys Hooty Sapperticker 
    22 –Bobby Christian Enough Man! 
    23 –Louie Overseas A Studio Session 
    24 –Lushes, The Drunken Guitar 
    25 –Empallos, The Hiccups 
    26 –Hollywood Persuaders, The Drums A-Go-Go 
    27 –Ric Gary Pimples And Braces 
    28 –Barney Kessel Honey Rock 
    29 –Vikings, The Nicotine 
    30 –Originals, The (2) The Whip 
    31 –Jimmy Heaps Gizmo 

    1 Jack Ross    Mumbles    
    2 Willie Wright & His Sparklers    Gibble Gobble    
    3 Andre Williams (2)    Sweet Little Pussycat    
    4 Edgar Allen & The Po' Boys    Panic Button    
    5 Gee-Cees, The    Buzzsaw Twist    
    6 Jaguars    Exit 6    
    7 Earthworms, The    Mo' Taters    
    8 Charts, The    For The Birds    
    9 Fabulous Raiders, The    Handclapping Time    
    10 Roger & The Gypsies    Pass The Hatchet    
    11 Egyptians, The    Party Stomp    
    12 Escorts, The (6)    Wiped Out    
    13 Crescendos, The (6)    Hawk Walk    
    14 Playboys, The (18)    Whatizit?    
    15 Charts, The    Ooba Gooba    
    16 Instrumentals, The    Are You Nervous?    
    17 Bud Grippah    Hold It    
    18 Noblemen, The    Dragon Walk    
    19 Bob Taylor    Wowsville    
    20 Party Rockers    House Party    
    21 Fabulous Continentals    Breakin' Up    
    22 Bikinis, The    Crazy Vibrations    
    23 Originals, The (2)    Sleepless Hours    
    24 Bobby Summers    Pad    
    25 Gauchos, The*    Good & Bad    
    26 Axcents, The    Hold It Mary    
    27 Majestics, The (9)    Riding By    
    28 Jack Hammer    Wiggling Fool    
    29 Jesters, The (12)    Jesters Jump    
    30 Fabulous Tempos    Nut Sundae    
    31 Bob Bunny    Scatty Cat    
    32 Capers, The    Iced Tea

    1 Chaino    The Chase    
    2 Jimmy Oliver    The Sneak    
    3 Four Instants, The*    Bogatini    
    4 Jaguars    Drive In    
    5 Hound Dogs (2)    Beach Girl    
    6 Bikinis, The    Bikini    
    7 Big Bob Dougherty    Squeezer    
    8 Ronnie & The Rainbows    Loose Ends    
    9 50 Milers, The    The Grunt    
    10 Wiley Terry    Follow The Leader    
    11 Luchi    Screwdriver    
    12 Hal Singer*    Take Half    
    13 Ritchie & The Squires    Beat Party    
    14 Gravestone Four, The    Rigor Mortis    
    15 Giants, The (10)    The Stalk    
    16 Nite Sounds*    Cheese Cake    
    17 Chaino    Rockin' Bongos    
    18 Sparklers, The*    Bloodhound    
    19 One Plus One    Outer Space Dixie    
    20 Que' Martin*    Work With It    
    21 Jets, The (5)    Scoot    
    22 Rhythm Kings (3)    Don't Sweat The Small Stuff    
    23 Central High School Cafeteria Band    First Rhapsody For Knives, Forks And Spoons    
    24 Pete Roberts    The Ho Ho Rock & Roll    
    25 Flintales, The    D-Rail    
    26 Swingers (2)    Night Walk    
    27 Regal-Airs, The    It    
    28 Playboys, The (18)    Charge It    
    29 Bill Smith Combo    Anasthasia    
    30 Jazz Rockers, The    Smog

    A1 Chaino    The Chase    
    A2 Jimmy Oliver    The Sneak    
    A3 Four Instants, The*    Bogatini    
    A4 Jaguars    Drive In    
    A5 Hound Dogs (2)    Beach Girl    
    B7 Bikinis, The    Bikini    
    A6 Big Bob Dougherty    Squeezer    
    A7 Ronnie & The Rainbows    Loose Ends    
    A8 50 Milers, The    The Grunt    
    A9 Luchi    Screwdriver    
    A10 Ritchie & The Squires    Beat Party    
    A11 Gravestone Four, The    Rigor Mortis    
    B1 Chaino    Rockin' Bongos    
    B2 Sparklers, The*    Bloodhound    
    B3 Que' Martin*    Work With It    
    B4 Jets, The (5)    Scoot    
    B5 Rhythm Kings (3)    Don't Sweat The Small Stuff    
    B6 Central High School Cafeteria Band    First Rhapsody For Knives, Forks And Spoons    
    B8 Flintales, The    D-Rail    
    B9 Swingers (2)    Night Walk    
    B10 Regal-Airs, The    It    
    B11 Playboys, The (18)    Charge It

    A1 Ray Gee & His Orchestra    The Slouch    
    A2 Bowlegs    One More Time, Part Two    
    A3 Poor Boys, The*    Washboard Take 1    
    A4 Johnny Little John & Guitar*    Johnny's Jive    
    A5 Tommy Smith Jr. Trio    Cold Slaw    
    A6 Sam & The Saxtones    Kaput    
    A7 El-Capris    Safari    
    A8 Omar Kay    Turkish Coffee    
    A9 Lord Sundance    Pretty Lord Sundance Part 1    
    B1 Big Bo Thomas & The Arrows    How About It Part 1    
    B2 Garnell Cooper & The Kinfolks    Long Distance    
    B3 Freddy Scott* & 4 Steps, The*    Same Ole Beat    
    B4 Willie Weems & The Outlaws    Snuff Time    
    B5 Chaz & 2    Soupbone    
    B6 George Kelly & Orchestra    Ain't That Good    
    B7 Lonnie Brooks    The Train    
    B8 Kinfolks, The    Mustang    
    B9 Jaguars, The*    Jaguar    
    B10 Towers, The    The Sneak

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