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    Main » 2010 » February » 07

    genre: heavy

    country: us

    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, booklet scans)

    time: 42'13" size: 285 mb

    issue: 1992


    "Sister Anne" (Fred "Sonic" Smith) - (7:23)
    "Baby Won't Ya" (Fred "Sonic" Smith) - (5:32)
    "Miss X" (Wayne Kramer) - (5:08)
    "Gotta Keep Movin'" (Dennis Thompson) - (3:24)
    "Future/Now" (Rob Tyner) - (6:21)
    "Poison" (Wayne Kramer) - (3:24)
    "Over and Over" (Fred "Sonic" Smith) - (5:13)
    "Skunk (Sonicly Speaking)" (Fred "Sonic" Smith) - (5:31)


    Rob Tyner - vocals, harmonica, maracas

    Fred "Sonic" Smith - guitar

    Wayne Kramer - guitar

    Michael Davis - bass

    Dennis Thompson - drums

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    genre: jazz

    country: uk

    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)

    time: 52'02"  size: 348 mb

    issue: 1999


    1. Lady Ace (7:58)
    2. I Ain't Laughing (2:36)
    3. Poor Sad Sue (5:54)
    4. Jump Before You Think (4:52)
    5. Its Good to Be Alive (3:31)
    6. Happy Being Me (15:54)
    7. Virginia (4:52)
    CD Bonus Tracks:
    8. I Ain't Laughing (2:32)
    9. Happy Being Me (single version) (4:01)
    10.Virginia (alternate version) (3:32)


    Mike Hugg / vocals, piano, e-piano

    Manfred Mann / organ

    Steve York / electric & acoustic bass

    Bernie Living / alto

    Craig Collinge / drums

    Additional Musicians:

    Dave Brooks / tenor

    Clive Stevens / soprano, tenor

    Senny Corbet / trumpet

    David Coxhill / baritone

    Brian Hugg / acoustic guitar, backing vocals

    Views: 2577 | Date: 07.02.2010 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

    genre: harmony psych pop

    country: us

    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)

    time: 48'12" size: 292 mb


    Fuzz Acid & Flowers:

    The Mamas and Papas have been described as America's first hippies, which is primarily why they're included here. The quartet had originally formed in New York City back in 1963. John Phillips, who was to become their main songwriter was born in Parris Island, South Carolina on 30 August 1935. By the age of 15 he was playing in jazz outfits and he was later a member of the folk outfit, The Journeymen. Holly Michelle Gillian Phillips, born in Long Beach, California on 4th June 1945, had abandoned a promising modelling career to sing alongside him in The Journeymen and married him back in 1962. The Journeymen, incidentally, had also included Scott McKenzie, who would later join the reformed Mamas and Papas in 1985. Cass Elliot, born on 19 September 1943 in Alexandria, Virginia, had earlier been in The Mugwumps with the fourth member of the quartet, Dennis Doherty, (who'd been born on 29 November 1941 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada), and future Lovin' Spoonful member Zal Yanovsky. After perfecting their vocal style in the Virgin Isles they settled in Los Angeles in 1964 and signed to Lou Adler's Dunhill label. They preferred the name The Mamas and The Papas to The Magic Circle (the other possibility they were considering at the time), 'Mamas' being what Hell's Angels called their girls.

    They soon developed a very distinctive vocal style which was well suited to their hippie image - their songs tended to be about peace, love and doing one's own thing. ...

    (Vernon Joynson / Max Waller / Stephane Rebeschini)
    Views: 3165 | Date: 07.02.2010 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

    If ~ 1974 ~ Not Just Another Bunch Of Pretty Faces

    genre: jazz

    country: uk

    quality : lossless (flac, cue, log, scans)

    time: 1:15'06" size: 412 mb

    Not Just Another Bunch of Pretty Faces is the seventh studio album by British jazz-rock band If, released in 1974.


    Side one

    "In the Winter of Your Life" – 4:59
    "Stormy Every Weekday Blues" – 6:07
    "Follow That with Your Performing Seals" – 5:51

    Side two

    "Still Alive" – 4:29
    "Borrowed Time" – 4:30
    "Chiswick High Road Blues" – 5:17
    "I Believe in Rock & Roll" – 4:53


    Geoff Whitehorn – electric and acoustic guitars and vocals

    Cliff Davies – drums, congas, vibes and vocals

    Dick Morrissey – saxes and flute, lead vocal "Still Alive"

    Gabriel Magno – Hammond organ, electric and acoustic piano, electric harpsichord

    Walt Monaghan – bass guitar and vocals

    Mike Tomich – electric bass on "In The Winter Of Your Life"

    If ~ 1975 ~ Tea Break Is Over - Back On Your 'Eads!Wiki:
    Tea Break Over–Back on Your 'Eads!, released in 1975, was the eighth and final studio album by British jazz-rock band If.
    The album reflects the band's more rock-influenced style, perfectly balanced with Dick Morrissey's harsher hard bop/bebop sax playing. The title track "Tea Break", referring to the hardships of being "on the road", is the punch line to an old musicians' joke and contains a tribute to Charlie Parker in the lyrics ("The Bird was the man to be heard" and "The music was the word") as well as in a swirling bebop tenor solo. The "Ballad of the Yessirom Kid", a tribute by the band to Dick Morrissey, finishes with a roaring bebop tenor solo. "Song for Alison" features the flute more than holding its own with a rock accompaniment. The song "Don Quixote" opens with an extensive acoustic Spanish guitar solo by Whitehorn.

    Side one
    "Merlin the Magic Man" (Davies) – 5:05
    "I Had a Friend" (Davies) – 5:20
    "Tea Break Over, Back on Your 'Eads" (Whitehorn, Davies, Monaghan) – 7:50

    Side two
    "Ballad of the Yessirrom Kid" (Davies) – 6:05
    "Raw Sewage" (Davies) – 3:55
    "Song for Alison" (Morrissey) – 4:30
    "Don Quixote's Masquerade" (Davies) – 6:13

    Cliff Davies – drums, synthesiser and vocals
    Gabriel Magno – keyboards
    Carlos Martinez – percussion
    Walt Monaghan – bass and vocals
    Dick Morrissey - saxophones and flute
    Geoff Whitehorn - electric guitars and acoustic guitars

    Views: 2991 | Date: 07.02.2010 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

    genre: parody

    country: uk

    quality : mp3 (192k, covers)

    size: 68 mb



    The Rutland Weekend Songbook, sometimes referred to as Rutland Times, is a 1976 album by Eric Idle and Neil Innes featuring songs from the BBC comedy series Rutland Weekend Television.

    It was described by Allmusic's reviewer as "really ... as funny as it ought to be. An effortless parody of the last decade or so of British television's most treasured conceits"

    Views: 3231 | Date: 07.02.2010 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

    genre: pop

    country: us

    quality : mp3 (320k, scans)

    time: 43'48" size: 104 mb

    issue: 1993


    01. When The Party's Over 3:00
    02. At Seventeen 4:42
    03. From Me to You 3:20
    04. Bright Lights and Promises 4:19
    05. In The Winter 2:31
    06. Water Colors 5:04
    07. Between the Lines 4:05
    08. The Come On 3:59
    09. Light A Light 2:47
    10. Tea & Sympathy 4:32
    11. Lover's Lullaby 5:26

    Views: 2088 | Date: 07.02.2010 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

    Hunka Munka ~ 1972 ~ Dedicato a Giovanna G.

    genre: prog

    country: italy

    quality : lossless  (ape, cue, log, scans)

    time: 35'19" size: 226 mb



    Keyboardist Roberto Carlotto from Varese, whose nickname was Hunka Munka, began playing since his childhood, though his musical career was seriously compromised by an aircraft accident that caused him some heavy injuries.

    His beginnings as a professional musician took him to play in England, Germany and Switzerland, where he even had the chance of supporting such artists like Rod Stewart and Colosseum. In Italy he had previously played with Big 66, I Cuccioli and later with Ivan Graziani in Anonima Sound, in 1970, before entering a solo career starting with a single in 1971.

    As a solo artist, Carlotto was easily recognised by his very good technical quality and the high level of his equipment, that included an incredible number of different keyboards and even the early examples of tape drum machines.

    His only solo album, Dedicato a Giovanna G., with his outrageous cover, is a soft-prog album, obviously dominated by Hunka's keyboards (especially his self-customized Hammond organ) and odd tremolo voice resembling Demis Roussos or Bee Gees. Among the backing musicians were drummer Nunzio "Cucciolo" Favia from Osage Tribe and guitarist Ivan Graziani, that had also played in Anonima Sound before leaving for a successful solo career.

    The album contains 11 short tracks, two of which also released on single, mostly in a pop style and sometimes marred by orchestral and backing singers arrangements, like in Io canterò per te. Anyway it contains some nice moments for prog fans, like Ruote e sogni, the album's longest track with very good organ playing.

    After the album release Carlotto joined Dik Dik in 1973, again with drummer Cucciolo and still plays with him now as "Carlotto & Cucciolo".

    He has also presumably released an electronic album in 1984, Promise of love (Atlantide AMX 12003), under the name Karl Otto.

    Carlotto is now working with the young keyboardist from Calabria Joey Mauro, talented user and repairer of vintage keyboards, for the proposed revitalisation of the Hunka Munka name.

    ... Read more »

    Views: 2873 | Date: 07.02.2010 | Rating: 5.0 | Comments (0)

    genre: blues

    country: uk

    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans,  size: 392 mb), mp3 (320k, scans, 170 mb)

    time: 1:03'26"




    Side one "Four Day Creep" (Ida Cox) – 3:46

    "I'm Ready" (Humble Pie, words by Willie Dixon) – 8:31
    "Stone Cold Fever" (Humble Pie) – 6:18
    Side two "I Walk on Gilded Splinters" (Dr John Creaux) – 28:25
    Side three "Rollin' Stone" (Muddy Waters arranged by Humble Pie) – 16:07
    Side four "Hallelujah I Love Her So" (Ray Charles) – 5:10
    "I Don't Need No Doctor" (Nick Ashford, Valerie Simpson, Jo Armstead) – 9:15


    ... Read more »

    Views: 2942 | Date: 07.02.2010 | Rating: 5.0 | Comments (1)

    Humble Pie ~ 1969 ~ As Safe as Yeasterday Is

    genre: blues

    country: uk

    quality : lossless (flac, cue, log, scans, 379 mb) & mp3 (320k, scans, 142 mb)

    time: 56'02"


    "Desperation" (John Kay) – 6:28
    "Stick Shift" (Frampton) – 2:22
    "Buttermilk Boy" (Marriott) – 4:22
    "Growing Closer" (Ian McLagan) – 3:13
    "As Safe As Yesterday Is" (Frampton/Marriott) – 6:05
    "Bang!" (Marriott) – 3:24
    "Alabama '69" (Marriott) – 4:37
    "I'll Go Alone" (Frampton) – 6:17
    "A Nifty Little Number Like You" (Marriott) – 6:11
    "What You Will" (Marriott) – 4:20


    11 - Natural Born Boogie 4:14
    12 - Wrist Job 4:16
    Views: 2848 | Date: 07.02.2010 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

    genre: garage

    country: us

    quality : mp3 (256k, scans)

    time: 42'15" size: 77 mb

    misc.: compil. '66/'67


    Fuzz Acid & Flowers:

    Hailing from Westminster and Tustin, California, this psychedelic punk band were formed early in 1966 and played around the LA area, at clubs such as Gazzari's and USO clubs. An acetate Readin' Your Will / Everynight cut in the Summer of '66 got them a deal with Accent, who released two awesome acid-punk singles in the shape of Love At Psychedelic Velocity and Optical Sound. Both singles were mixed by Wally Heider who also worked for the Grateful Dead, and are now extremely sought-after and impossibly hard to find.

    After Optical Sound proved too far-out for the Charts, the bands manager offered them the opportunity to record two tracks by what he described as "an up-and coming songwriter". The first demo Sweet Child Of Nothingness would become their third single, and the other track was turned down because Jim Quarles' didn't think lyrics like "Get your motor running / Head out on the highway" were much cop. The song was of course Mars Bonfire's Born To Be Wild which Steppenwolf would later cover!!

    By the time the Sweet Child Of Nothingness / I Don't Need Nobody single was recorded, both Jim Quarles and Martin Eshleman's had left the band.

    Better still is the Collectables CD release Love At Psychedelic Velocity, which compiles all the bands singles, plus demo's and four post-Human Expression solo tracks cut by Jim Quarles. The CD also includes excellent liner notes, from which this entry has largely been taken, and is recommended to fans of the band. You can also check out one of the unreleased cuts Who Is Burning? on the Psychedelic Crown Jewels, Vol. 1 CD, whilst a later Collectables CD, The Human Expression & Other Psychedelic Groups: Your Mind Works In Reverse includes the previously unreleased demo Your Mind Works In Reverse, Calm Me Down and Optical Sound all restored from the masters by Jim Quarles himself.

    Jim Quarles is still active in the music business, working in a studio as a technical engineer, and writing and recording songs.

    (Max Waller)

    Views: 2738 | Date: 07.02.2010 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

    genre: neo prog

    country: uk

    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)

    time: 45'20" size: 263 mb

    1. Telepathy (4:16)
    2. Dreams Of Freedom (4:38)
    3. Quantum Leap (4:15)
    4. Sweet Eternity (4:47)
    5. Sanctuary (4:23)
    6. Ocean Light (2:01)
    7. Voyager (4:42)
    8. Fantasia For Fin (4:54)
    9. Pied Piper (4:17)
    10. Sonar Call (7:12)

    - Steve Howe / guitars
    - Paul Sutin / piano, keyboards, bass
    - Dylan Howe / drums
    - Mike Marshall / keyboards
    Views: 2723 | Date: 07.02.2010 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

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