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    Main » 2014 » September » 03

    Head East ~ 1975 ~ Flat As A Pancakegenre: hard
    country: us
    audio: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers, 318 mb)
    time: 39'22"


    01. Never Been Any Reason 5:11
    02. One Against the Other 3:48
    03. Love Me Tonight 4:27
    04. City of Gold 3:42
    05. Fly by Night Lady 2:48
    06. Jefftown Creek 6:42
    07. Lovin' Me Along 5:27
    08. Ticket Back to Georgia 4:06
    09. Brother Jacob 3:11

    Roger Boyd - keyboards/vocals
    Steve Huston - drums/vocals
    Mike Somerville - Guitar/vocals
    Dan Birney - Bass Guitar
    John Schlitt - vocals
    Steve Anderson - Back-up Vocals

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    Lee Hazlewood ~ 1970 ~ Cowboy in Swedengenre: country, psych
    country: us
    audio: lossless (ape tracks, no cue & log, covers, 161 mb)
    time: 31'19"

    The album was recorded to complement a television production of the same title that Hazlewood starred in. Hazlewood was joined on vocals by Nina Lizell and Suzi Jane Hokom.

    "Pray Them Bars Away" – 2:37
    "Leather & Lace" – 3:02
    "Forget Marie" – 1:59
    "Cold Hard Times" – 2:22
    "The Night Before" – 3:12 (Moseley)
    "Hey Cowboy" – 3:17
    "No Train to Stockholm" – 2:17
    "For a Day Like Today" – 3:58
    "Easy and Me" – 2:47
    "What's More I Don't Need Her" – 3:29 (Guy Fletcher, Doug Flett)
    "Vem Kan Segla" – 2:15 (trad. Swedish/Hazlewood)

    All songs written by Lee Hazlewood except where noted.

    Lee Hazlewood - Arranger, Composer, English Translations, Vocals
    Suzi Jane Hokom - Vocals
    Nina Lizell - Vocals
    Donnie Owens - Rhythm guitar

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    Haymarket Square ~ 1968 ~ Magic Lanterngenre: psych
    country: us
    audio: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers, 231 mb), mp3 (320k, covers, 117 mb)
    time: 46'56"

    Haymarket Square was a Chicago-based psychedelic rock band in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Their album, Magic Lantern, released in 1968, was a major hit, and is well considered by fans of psychedelic rock music even today. The music of the album was used to accompany the Baron and Bailey Light Circus at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

    Side 1
    "Elevator" (Gloria Lambert) – 7:06
    "Train Kept A-Rollin' (Tiny Bradshaw, Howard Kay, Lois Mann) – 7:20
    "Ahimsa" (Marc Swenson, John Kowalski, Robert Homa) – 8:14

    Side 2
    "Amapola" (Swenson) – 10:43
    "Phantasmagoria" (Lambert) – 4:08
    "Funeral" (Lambert) – 9:23

    Gloria Lambert – vocals
    Marc Swenson – guitar, vocals
    Robert Homa – bass, vocals
    John Kowalski – drums

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    Hatfield And The North ~ 2005 ~ Hatwise Choicegenre: canterbury
    country: uk
    audio: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers, 423 mb)
    time: 1:08'46"

    The compilation features a mixture of on-stage live recordings, performances for radio, and a demo of '73-'75.

    1. Absolutely Wholesome (John Peel Show 1974) (3:16) 
    2. La Barbe est La Barbe (Top Gear 1974) (6:51) 
    3. Sober Song (Top Gear 1974) (2:59) 
    4. Hatitude (John Peel Show 1974) (3:13) 
    5. Strand on the Green (John Peel Show 1974) (1:02) 
    6. Hotel Luna (John Peel Show 1974) (3:34) 
    7. The Lonely Bubbling Song (John Peel Show 1974) (1:20) 
    8. Stay Jung and Beautiful (John Peel Show 1974) (0:56) 
    9. Dave Intro (Live - London 1975) (1:55) 
    10. Take Your Pick (Live - London 1975) (8:09) 
    11. Son Of Plate Smashing Dog (Live - Emmen 1974) (1:16) 
    12. Thanks Mont! (Live - Emmen 1974) (2:27) 
    13. Amsterdamage 11/19 (Live - Amsterdam 1974) (6:20) 
    14. May The Farce Be With You (Live - Paris 1973) (0:39) 
    15. Finesse is for Fairies (Sounds Of The 70s 1973) (1:28) 
    16. Ethanol Nurse (Sounds Of The 70s 1973) (2:56) 
    17. Writhing and Grimacing (Sounds Of The 70s 1973) (3:42) 
    18. For Robert (Top Gear 1973) (2:09) 
    19. Blane over Paris (Live - Paris 1973) (6:20) 
    20. Laundry Soup (Top Gear 1974) (0:57) 
    21. Effing Mad Aincha (Live - Rotterdam 1973) (2:58) 
    22. Top Gear Commercial (Top Gear 1974) (1:22) 
    23. K Licks (Demo - Summer 1973) (2:58) 

    Richard Sinclair / bass, vocals 
    Phil Miller / guitars 
    Pip Pyle / drums, percussion 
    Dave Stewart / keyboards, tone generator 

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    Harper's Bizarre ~ 1967 ~ Feelin' Groovygenre: sunshine pop
    country: us
    audio: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers, 259 mb)
    time: 28'42"

    Fuzz Acid & Flowers:
    Originating from a San Francisco surf band called the Tikis, Harper's Bizarre moved to Los Angeles to capitalize on the folk rock boom. Their sound was called "California Sunshine Rock" by Lilian Roxon and it's basically a mix of folk and soft rock with vocal harmonies. Their debut album was produced by Leon Russell and is a classic of its genre. On the next album, they had their biggest hit with a cover of Simon and Garfunkel's 59th St. Bridge Song (Feelin Groovy) and also did some revivals of oldies from Cole Porter and Glen Miller, with the help of Van Dyke Parks.
    For The Secret Life, they were joined by Van Dyke Parks, Ron Elliot, (Beau Brummels) and Randy Newman. Despite its psych sleeve, the album hasn't aged well.
    On 4, their last album produced by Lenny Waronker, their sound had hardened a bit with Ry Cooder on guitar and it contained covers of Witchi Tai To (Jim Pepper), Blackbird (Beatles) and Hard To Handle (Otis Redding) mixed with original material (notably Soft Sounding Music, with Cooder on bottleneck). I Love You Alice B.Toklas was the theme song for a Paul Mazurski movie starring Peter Sellers.
    Ted Templeman went on to become the producer on Captain Beefheart's Clear Spot, as well as for the Doobie Brothers, Little Feat and Van Halen. John Peterson also drummed with the Beau Brummels. ~ (Vernon Joynson/Stephane Rebeschini)

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    genre: heavy
    country: uk
    audio: lossless (ape, cue, log, covers, 274 mb)
    time: 44'32"

    Tapestry of Delights:
    A sombre Scottish band with a German drummer, specialising in moody progressive rock, though without too many niceties or frills. Most tracks are somehow based on a riff or else do not have any complicated harmonies or structures. There are quite a few long improvisations and these tend to get on your nerves after a while, because they mostly have very little direction and almost no dynamic variation. Probably this was deemed more fitting to the German public of the early seventies, but they likewise failed to make much of an impact over there. A few better spots notwithstanding, this is unfortunately nothing special and in places even sounds like listless variations on Black Sabbath. Hardly a venture to warm your blood or tickle your faculties. ~ (Rick Rozzoff/Marcel Koopman)

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    Roy Harper ~ 1966 ~ Sophisticated Beggargenre: folk
    country: uk
    audio: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers, 353 mb) time: 51'53"

    Recorded under primitive circumstances and not distributed well on initial release, Harper's debut proves that the definitive cult folk-rock singer's idiosyncratic weirdness was firmly in place from the start. Mostly but not wholly acoustic, there are lingering similarities to Donovan and Bert Jansch, as well as a light similarity to Al Stewart on occasion. But Harper's scrambled lyricism is already his own, as is his peculiar melismatic phrasing. Those two traits combine to give the impression of a singer-song writing dyslexic, not able or willing to write words that are easily digested and apparently unsequenced in any linear fashion. That isn't the most appetizing recipe, but it's leavened by fairly attractive British folk melodies and very accomplished guitar work (the liner notes infer that John Renbourn and Ritchie Blackmore helped out). Although this is largely acoustic, electric guitar and backing are used from time to time, as well as reverb and backwards effects that give it a dated charm. Certainly the most uncharacteristic arrangement is "Committed," a crunching, ominous rock tune whose first-person account of madness recalls Syd Barrett's most distraught work (and is if anything more distraught than Barrett's loony tunes). And speaking of Pink Floyd, "October 12th" makes you wonder if Harper's influence didn't find its way into the post-Syd Floyd on tunes like "Grantchester Meadows." - Richie Unterberge

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    Hansson & Karlsson ~ 1998 ~ Hansson & Karlssongenre: fusion
    country: sweden
    audio: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers, 432 mb)
    time: 1:07'29" misc.: compil. of '67-'69 Lps

    Scented Gardens of Mind:
    This organ and drums-based duo appeared two years before their English equivalent Hardin & York and jammed with Jimi Hendrix when he was in Sweden (check out the credits for "Tax Free" on War Heroes) in 1968. Bo Hansson's distinctive organ style is already recogniseable on Monument, despite some influences from Steve Winwood in his years with Spencer Davis Group. The three albums had outstanding technical quality for their time and are recommended for all with a liking for the sixties.

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    Hamana ~ 1974 ~ Hamanagenre: rock
    country: us
    audio: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers, 259 mb)
    time: 39'53"

    Bruce Hamana was a native American, who went in 1969 to college in the white man's world and the album expresses perfectly the sunny California peace, love and freedom feeling. The music itself is emotive with strong vocals, lots of West coast psychedelic guitar flashes, a bit garage feeling but also loner folk style with native American elements.
    All instruments, bass, guitars, vocals and drums have been played by Hamana himself, later to be overdubbed into a tasty and atmospheric stereo acoustic/electric mix. This very rare album recorded in 1974, originally issued on the local Phoenix label, Canyon Records. To most 60's psychedelic/folk fans this is almost an unknown album, with only a few copies known to exist.

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    Haikara ~ 1972 ~ Haikaragenre: eclectic prog
    country: finland
    audio: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers, 281 mb)
    time: 44'34"

    Scented Gardens of Mind:
    Haikara is the Finnish word for a stork. The leader of the group was the talented multi-instrumentalist Vesa Lattunen. On Haikara's first album he wrote and arranged all their incredibly passionate, rich and subtle music. Lattunen is a rock composer with the ability of Tchaikovsky, giving us a "Pathetique" for the 20th Century. Tracks such as "Luoja Kutsuu" (The Creator's Invitation) are masterworks, combining melancholic arrangements for strings, brass and bells with rampant wah-wah guitars in sudden mood swings. Four tracks exceeded seven minutes in length. The music reaches a depth which few other artists even dream about. Vocalist Vesa Lehtinen wrote all the lyrics, but he left after this album.
    Geafar (1973) was a worthwhile second effort, but, excluding the 14-minute title track, was not up to the extremely high standards of the debut. Their music now veered closer to Tasavallan Presidentti at the time of Milky Way Moses. A plea for revolution and power to the people, "Change" was the only tracks with English lyrics.
    The group was dropped by RCA but still managed to release a third album. This is reputed to be heavier than their past efforts. Haikara were among the very best groups from the Northern Europe!

    ... Read more »
    Views: 1320 | Date: 03.09.2014 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

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