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    Main » 2014 » November » 10

    Moondog ~ 1969 ~ Moondog + 1970 ~ Moondog 2genre: classical, psych
    state: us
    quality: lossless (flac, cue, log, small cover, size: 438 mb)
    time: 1:15'31"

    Moondog is the fifth album by American composer Moondog.
    Moondog had released no music for twelve years since his 1957 album The Story of Moondog. Finally, in 1969, producer James William Guercio invited him to record an album for Columbia Records.
    The resulting album compiled various music which Moondog had been working on since the 1950s. This included two "minisyms" (Moondog's term for short symphonic-styled works performed by small orchestras); two canons; a chaconne in memory of Charlie Parker; ballet music originally written for Martha Graham ("Witch of Endor"); and three symphonic (or "symphonique") works, one of which was dedicated to Benny Goodman and featured elements of swing.

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    Views: 1140 | Date: 10.11.2014 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (1)

    the Moody Blues ~ 1970 ~ A Question of Balancegenre: prog related
    state: uk
    quality: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers, size: 256 mb)
    time: 38'47"

    A Question of Balance, released in 1970, is the sixth album by The Moody Blues. The album was an attempt by the group to strip down their well-known lush, psychedelic sound in order to be able to better perform the songs in concert. In order to be able to play as many new songs as possible from their new album live, the group decided (temporarily) to abandon their method of heavy overdubbing for A Question of Balance.
    For the first time, The Moody Blues used political strife as a basis for songwriting with the British number two hit in May 1970, "Question", which dealt with the controversy resulting from the ongoing Vietnam War.
    Released in 1970, the album reached #1 in the United Kingdom and #3 in the United States. However, the group would abandon the stripped-down sounds of A Question of Balance for the lusher sounds of their next two albums, Every Good Boy Deserves Favour and Seventh Sojourn.

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    Views: 1065 | Date: 10.11.2014 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

    the Monkees ~ 1969b ~ The Monkees Presentgenre: pop beat, bubble
    state: us
    quality: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers, size: 251 mb)
    time: 40'16"

    The Monkees Present (also known as The Monkees Present Micky, David, Michael) is The Monkees' eighth album.
    By the time recording had begun in earnest for this album, the Monkees had passed their popularity peak, and as Screen Gems cared less and less about the Monkees' activities, the members were given more control over the creation of this, the second album released after the departure of Peter Tork, and the last to feature Michael Nesmith until 1996's Justus. Unlike Instant Replay, all but two of the songs were brand new, and the album was accompanied by a strong advertising push (including a cross promotion with Kool-Aid) and a tour with 'Sam & The Goodtimers' - a seven-piece R&B backing band. This was their last attempt at commercial viability, reaching only #100 on Billboard weekly. Shortly after the album's release, Nesmith announced that he was leaving the Monkees to form his own group called The First National Band.

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    Views: 1054 | Date: 10.11.2014 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

    Moloch ~ 1969 ~ Molochgenre: heavy
    state: us
    quality: lossless (ape, cue, log, covers, size: 273 mb)
    time: 46'25"

    Fuzz Acid & Flowers:
    Formed in Memphis in 1968 by Baker, who'd fronted local faves The Blazers, the initial line-up evolved to include drummer Durham, who'd been with The Group and The Rapscallions. Produced, written and arranged by Don Nix (ex-Mar-Keys and Paris Pilot) in Memphis, Moloch is an excellent blues rock album with some sound effects, noises and superb acid guitar solos by Lee Baker. Their single was recorded after the album with a later line-up and is extremely rare.
    A close friend of Jim Dickinson, Lee Baker would later work with Big Star and Alex Chilton and various other Memphis acts, before forming Mud Boy and The Neutrons. He was tragically murdered in the late nineties.
    Their last bassist, Busta Jones, would later front White Lightnin'. ~ (Stephane Rebeschini/Max Waller/Ron Hall)

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    Views: 1189 | Date: 10.11.2014 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

    Moby Grape ~ 1968 ~ Wow / Grape Jamgenre: rock
    state: us
    quality: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers, size: 296 mb)
    time: 38'14"

    Wow/Grape Jam is the second album by the rock band Moby Grape, released in 1968. It is different from most double album releases in that it was released as two different albums in separate covers, but packaged together and sold for the price of a single LP. Grape Jam was originally intended to be given away as a free bonus album with Wow.

    Side one
    "The Place and the Time" (Miller, Stevenson) - 2:07
    "Murder in My Heart for the Judge" (Miller, Stevenson) - 2:58
    "Bitter Wind" (Mosley) - 3:09
    "Can't Be So Bad" (Miller, Stevenson) - 3:41

    Side two
    "He" (Lewis) - 3:36
    "Motorcycle Irene" (Spence) - 2:24
    "Three-Four" (Miller, Spence) - 5:01
    "Funky-Tunk" (Spence) - 2:11
    "Rose Colored Eyes" (Mosley) - 4:00
    "Miller's Blues" (Miller) - 5:22
    "Naked, If I Want To" (Miller) - 0:52

    Side one
    "Never" (Mosley) - 6:16
    "Boysenberry Jam" - 6:03
    "Black Currant Jam" - 7:11

    Side two
    "Marmalade" - 14:05

    Peter Lewis – rhythm guitar, vocals
    Bob Mosley – bass, vocals
    Jerry Miller – lead guitar, vocals
    Skip Spence – rhythm guitar, piano, vocals
    Don Stevenson – drums, vocals

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    Views: 1134 | Date: 10.11.2014 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

    Middle Of The Road ~ 1974 ~ Postcard

    genre: rock, pop
    state: uk
    quality: lossless (ape, cue, log, covers, size: 215 mb)
    time: 38'14"

     01-Jitter Buggin' Jildy 2:47
     02-Bad Girl 2:40
     03-One For The Road 2:52
     04-Do You Wanna Be With Me 2:47
     05-It's Alright 2:41
     06-Dry Guld Clarlie 3:30
     07-Bonjour Ca Va 3:07
     08-Hang Ups 4:02
     09-Picture Machine 3:20
     10-Writing On The Wall 3:27
     11-Whisky And Freedom 3:27
     12-Thank You Lord 3:34

    Ken - prcssn, vcls
    Sally - vcls
    Neil - gtr, vcls
    Eric - bss, kdrds
    Ian - gtr, vibes, vcls

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    Views: 1176 | Date: 10.11.2014 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

    Merrell Fankhauser & H.M.S. Bounty ~ 1967 ~ Thingsgenre: beat, funk
    state: us
    quality: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers, size: 207 mb)
    time: 38'12"

    After cutting some fine folk-rock and psychedelia on ultra-rare records with his group the Exiles, guitarist, singer, and songwriter Merrell Fankhauser moved to Los Angeles, retitled his backing group H.M.S. Bounty, and recorded a fine, if obscure, slice of pop-psychedelia in 1968, Things. The diverse offerings on the group's sole LP recalled such fellow Californian heavyweights as the Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, Moby Grape, and even Captain Beefheart. They weren't quite in the same league as those legends, but the album has a light and enigmatic air all its own, and is well worth investigation by fans of late-'60s West Coast psychedelia. The group evolved into the interesting mystical avant-garde/blues/progressive rock group Mu in the early '70s.

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    Views: 1004 | Date: 10.11.2014 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

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