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    Main » 2014 » December » 07

    La Pentola di Papin ~ 1977 ~ Zero 7genre: prog
    state: italy
    quality: lossless (ape, cue, log, covers, size: 248 mb)
    time: 35'55"

    Scented Gardens of Mind:
    A minor league progressive band who attracted little attention in the late seventies. Their album didn't contain many ideas beyond the average, and was dominated by string synthesizers, piano and a remarkably strange, almost psychedelic, distorted guitar sound. Apart from that, the album is comparable to Corte Dei Miracoli and the keyboard work of Hugh Banton in Van Der Graaf Generator. The track "Introduzione" (9:43) contains some fine instrumental work, but the rest of the album was largely song-based.

    01. Introduzione 9:46
    02. Stacco I 4:09
    03. Cieli Aperti 4:05
    04. Una Vecchia Storia 6:00
    05. 45/I 2:37
    06. 45/II 5:09
    07. Conclusioni 4:08

    Ferry Bettini - keyboards, vocals
    Angelo Lenatti - guitar
    Dory Dorigatti - bass
    Bruno Stangoni - drums

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    the Peep Show ~ 1999 ~ Mazygenre: psych pop
    state: uk
    quality: mp3 (320k, covers, size: 100 mb)
    time: 43'11"
    misc: recorded '67-'68

    This obscure London-based four-piece group is best remembered for Mazy, a dreamy, rather haunting slice of flower power. Apparently, their 45s were jointly produced by Peter Meadon, who'd helped mould The Who in their early days as The High Numbers, and Norman Jopling, who worked at 'Record Mirror'. Your Servent, Steven was also recorded by The Blues Magoos.

    01. Your Servant Stephen 2:56
    02. Mazy 3:21
    03. Big giant man 2:55
    04. Lost my lover 2:30
    05. Lovey dovey feeling 2:27
    06. Silver queen of the screen 2:32
    07. When you're getting tired 1:59
    08. Rum sensation 2:09
    09. Called and chosen 2:11
    10. Esprit de corps 2:53
    11. The hovercraft song 2:22
    12. Goodbye child 2:28
    13. Morning 2:52
    14. Do not wait for better times 3:26
    15. Mazy (two-track original) 3:02
    16. My friends and I 3:08

    Stephen Stringer
    Patrick Burston
    David Cartwright
    Stephen Morris

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    Views: 1390 | Date: 07.12.2014 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

    Panna Fredda ~ 1972 ~ Unogenre: prog
    state: italy
    quality: lossless (ape, cue, log, covers, size: 206 mb)
    time: 33'44"

    With a great album, highly representative of the italian prog sound, Panna Fredda should have deserved some more success, but theirs is the typical story of a band having a record deal and not being able to produce an album. Uno was delayed for many months after its recording and even broadcast in radio programs before its release, but the record company, Vedette, didn't support  it at all and the band disappeared.
    Their first album, Panna Fredda Uno, was finally released in 1971, but as mentioned above, the group had already ceased to exist by the time of its release, as the various members had to join the army for their call-up.
    All the tracks on the album were composed by singer/guitarist Angelo Giardinelli, and the LP contains six long cuts, mostly based on a very effective guitar-keyboards interplay. Some english prog influences can be heard, like on Un re senza reame based on Heaven from Gracious' first album. Classical influences are evident, especially in the keyboard parts, but the music is convincing and impressive. The voice is good, the lyrics original and the album has no weak points. 
    Original keyboardist Giorgio Brandi entered i Cugini di Campagna with which he has had a long and successful career, until the mid 90's, and now owns a recording studio.
    Roberto Balocco was later with Capsicum Red.

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    Views: 995 | Date: 07.12.2014 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

    the Outlaws ~ 1976 ~ Lady In Waitinggenre: southern, country
    state: us
    quality: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers, size: 265 mb)
    time: 37'48"

     01 - Breaker-Breaker 3:01
     02 - South Carolina 3:07
     03 - Ain't So Bad 3:50
     04 - Freeborn Man 4:52
     05 - Girl From Ohio 5:04
     06 - Lover Boy 4:00
     07 - Just For You 3:17
     08 - Prisoner 3:59
     09 - Stick Around For Rock & Roll 6:39

    Billy Jones - guitar, vocals
    Joe Lala - percussion
    Frank O'Keefe - bass
    Henry Paul - electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals
    Hughie Thomasson - guitar, vocals
    Monte Yoho - drums

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    Views: 1296 | Date: 07.12.2014 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

    Osibisa ~ 1971 ~ Osibisagenre: afro pop
    state: ghana
    quality: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers, size: 272 mb)
    time: 41'19"


    01. The Dawn 7:08
    02. Music For Gong Gong 5:34
    03. Ayiko Bia 7:54
    04. Akwaaba 4:23
    05. Oranges 4:43
    06. Phallus C 7:16
    07. Think About The People 4:21

    Teddy Osei – tenor saxophone, flute, African drums, percussion, vocals
    Sol Amarfio – drums, percussion, vocals
    Mac Tontoh – trumpet, flugelhorn, kabasa, percussion, vocals
    Spartacus R (Roy Bedeau) – bass guitar, assorted percussion
    Wendell Richardson – lead guitar, vocals
    Robert Bailey – organ, piano, timbales, percussion, vocals
    Loughty Lasisi Amao – tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, congas, percussion

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    Views: 1018 | Date: 07.12.2014 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

    Orphan Egg ~ 1969 ~ Orphan Egggenre: psych
    state: us
    quality: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers, size: 223 mb)
    time: 35'18"

    Fuzz Acid & Flowers:
    A San Jose band who formed at Saratoga high school. They played at local dances and won a battle of the bands contest at their school, which led to the above album. Produced by Guy Hemric and Jerry Styner, it is quickly becoming a significant collectors' item. Probably the two most promising tracks on a rather disappointing LP are Falling and It's Wrong. Circumstance is also notable for some wild, early Blue Cheer-style guitar pyrotechnics. ~ (Vernon Joynson/Stephane Rebeschini/Doug Creager)

    01. Falling 3:38
    02. That's The Way Love Is 2:38
    03. Mourning Electra 2:23
    04. Bird Dog 2:49
    05. It's Wrong 2:24
    06. Ain't That Loving You Baby 3:00
    07. Look At Me 2:59
    08. Deep In The Heart Of Nebraska 2:22
    09. Don't Go To Him 2:12
    10. Circumstance 2:58
    11. Unusual State Of Mind 1:59
    12. Rock Me Baby 5:56

    JIM BATES    vcls
    GEORGE C. BRIX    drms
    PAT GALLAGHER    ld gtr, vcls
    DAVE MONLEY    keyb'ds, gtr
    BARRY SMITH    bs

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    Oriental Sunshine ~ 1970 ~ Dedicated To The Bird We Lovegenre: psych, raga, folk
    state: norway
    quality: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers, size: 174 mb)
    time: 30'30"

    Supremely mellow, tender Eastern psyche from Norway circa 1970, Oriental Sunshine bombed hard on the initial release of Dedicated To The Bird We Love – perhaps Norway wasn't hip to the sound of sitar psyche back then? 
    There's really no good reason for this not to have become a classic album in its time – it's truly beautiful, high-quality psychedelic rock amongst the best of its generation. Thankfully, the fine folks at Sunbeam have shown great generosity in bringing Oriental Sunshine back to the surface again. 
    Comparisons to the softer psyche sounds of Magic Carpet, Mellow Candle, Linda Perhacs, Vashti Bunyan, Velvet Underground and H.P. Lovecraft are warranted. The music is so sophisticated that at times I even think of the early albums by Return To Forever with Flora Purim. 
    Singer Nina Johansen has a gorgeous flowing, airy voice with a very nice vibrato that soars elegantly over freely dancing forest flutes and masterful sitar voyages. Percussion is of the soft and ethnic variety. Pianos round out the sound. 
    Fans on incense-heavy, flower power Eastern-tinged psyche will find nothing finer than the smooth sound of Oriental Sunshine. This is probably the best psyche album I have heard in years, and considering how many lost classics are seeing the light of day lately – and then finding their way onto the Left Hip stereo, that's no small compliment. Very highly recommended.  ~ Gordon B. Isnor

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    Views: 963 | Date: 07.12.2014 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

    Orange Bicycle ~ 1970 ~ Orange Bicyclegenre: psych pop
    state: uk
    quality: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers, size: 351 mb)
    time: 59'34"


    01. Lady Samantha 3:34
    02. Country Comforts 3:15
    03. The Sweet Thing Is 2:17
    04. Make It Rain 4:07
    05. Say You Don't Mind 2:58
    06. Hallelujah Moon 3:29
    07. Jelly On The Bread 3:52
    08. Take Me To The Pilot 3:05
    09. Come To Tomorrow Morning 4:12
    10. Back 3:37
    11. Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You 4:32
    12. Hyacinth Threads (Bonus Track) 2:56
    13. Amy Peate (Bonus Track) 2:09
    14. Laura's Garden (Bonus Track) 3:17
    15. Lavender Girl (Bonus Track) 2:22
    16. Jenskadajaka (Bonus Track) 3:33
    17. Sing This Song All Together (Bonus Track) 2:42
    18. Trip On An Orange Bicycle (Bonus Track) 3:37

    Robert F Scales lead singer (under his stage name Robb Storm)
    John Bachini (Bass, guitar, vocals)
    Kevin Curry (Drums)
    Bernie Lee (Guitar, vocals)
    Wilson Malone (Keyboards, Drums, vocals)

    ... Read more »
    Views: 944 | Date: 07.12.2014 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

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