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    Main » 2015 » March » 11

    the Strawbs ~ 1969 ~ Strawbsgenre: art, folk
    quality: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers, 287 mb) 
    time: 43:18

    Debut studio album by English band Strawbs. (The Sandy Denny & The Strawbs LP All Our Own Work released in Denmark is generally not counted.)
    Not initially issued in the US, US A&M did issue two singles ("Oh How She's Changed" b/w "Or Am I Dreaming", and "The Man Who Called Himself Jesus" b/w "Poor Jimmy Wilson").
    Shigeru trained lots of younger musicians or enjoyed playing some gigs with his mates in his later years, and passed away in 2007.

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    Strawberry Path (Jimmy & Hiro) ~ 1971 ~ When The Raven Has Come To The Earthgenre: real psych
    quality: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers, 287 mb) 
    time: 43:18

    FLIED EGG / STRAWBERRY PATH was a series of Japanese progressive rock projects in early seventies carried out by two key players Shigeru NARUMO (guitars, keyboards) and Hiro TSUNODA (drums). In the late sixties, Shigeru has already been famous and charismatic on Japanese underground rock scene. Woodstock Festival could notify him of a need to hold Japanese rock festivals and let him give some reasonable concerts (called '10 yen concert') in Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall with great players ... Shinki Chen (ex-Food Brain, Speed Glue and Shinki), George Yanagi (ex-Power House), Hiro Yanagida (ex-Apryl Fool, Food Brain), or Hiro Tsunoda (ex-Sadao Watanabe Quartet, Food Brain). This experience might be the basis of a project named STRAWBERRY PATH.
    STRAWBERRY PATH shot only one album - 'When The Raven Has Come To The Earth' (1971). In this work, Shigeru could play multi-instruments at the same time (a keyboard by his left hand, a guitar by his right hand, a bass pedal by his feet!). Influenced of Jimi Hendrix or lots of British progressive artists, he tried to shoot the psychedelic and progressive style with Hiro's jazzy and freaky drumming. At an opening performance of the Pink Floyd Japan tour, Shigeru and Hiro persuaded Masayoshi TAKANAKA (bass) to join them...after a month, these three talented players changed their outfit name from STRAWBERRY PATH to FLIED EGG.
    FLIED EGG produced two album - 'Dr. Siegel's Fried Egg Shooting Machine' (1972) and 'Good Bye Flied Egg' (1972). (Anyway, Dr. Siegel is of course Shigeru NARUMO himself.) They turned up the colours and influences of British rock. Masayoshi, an only 17 year-old bassist, could evolve and dignify the works with his heavy and steady bass plays. The novel project could impress strongly Japanese rock fans and broke up in 1973.

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    Views: 1179 | Date: 11.03.2015 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (1)

    Jethro Tull ~ 1980 ~ Agenre: art, synthpopfolk
    quality: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers, 287 mb) 
    time: 42:52

    in my opinion the worst album of my favorite Ian, bought vinyl at the time, and I was disappointed

    13th studio album by Jethro Tull. It was released on 29 August 1980 in the UK and 1 September of the same year in the United States. The album was recorded in the summer of 1980 using Maison Rouge Mobile and Maison Rouge Studios in Fulham, London. Eddie Jobson guested on the album, playing keyboards and electric violin. The album was produced by Ian Anderson and Robin Black.
    A was recorded as an intended Ian Anderson solo album before Tull's record label, Chrysalis, asked that it become credited to the group to help the label get through overall slow record sales. This is the reason for the album's title, as the tapes were marked "A" for "Anderson". It is noted for its more synthesiser-based sound, a fact which creates controversy among many of the band's fans. On the other hand, it features a folk-influenced piece "The Pine Marten's Jig".
    A features a dramatically different line-up of Tull from the band's previous album, Stormwatch (1979). Former keyboardist John Evan and organist David Palmer were de facto fired from the group, and former bassist John Glascock died soon after the recording of Stormwatch, which caused drummer Barriemore Barlow to leave the band due to depression.

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    Views: 1126 | Date: 11.03.2015 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

    the Stowaways ~ 1967 ~ In Our Timegenre: тупой симпатишный beat
    quality: lossless (ape, cue, log, covers, 113 mb) 
    time: 30:12

    Fuzz Acid & Flowers:
    From Charlotte in North Carolina. Apart from their original Just A Toy we have competent beat and Brit Invasion covers that don't quite take off. Slightly more inspiring than label-mates The Starliters, this outfit do engage in some charming garagey folk-rock with a decent version of The Byrds' It Won't Be Long. They tackle C.C. Rider with verve but they also dabble in soul and ballads where their vocal shortcomings are revealed. This is still one of the better Justice offerings - just don't expect a goldpan of nuggets.  ~ (Max Waller)

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    Views: 964 | Date: 11.03.2015 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

    High Tide ~ 1990 ~ Ancient Gatesgenre: heavy prog
    quality: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers, 431 mb) 
    time: 69:56

    oe: I think it is not necessary to present this outstanding group, highly recommended

    01. Resonance 5:30
    02. Golden Space 16:57
    03. Raga Kanda 15:30
    04. Aht Variant 15:09
    05. Ancient Gates - Starless Skylines 16:50

    Tony Hill / guitar, vocals
    Peter Pavli / bass
    Dave Tomlin / violin
    Sushi Krishnamurthi / vocals
    Drachen Theaker / drum

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    Views: 1131 | Date: 11.03.2015 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (1)

    Stories ~ 1972 ~ Stories + 1973 ~ About Usgenre: soft
    quality: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers, 460 mb) 
    time: 75:58

    Stories was an early 1970s rock and pop music band based in New York. The band consisted of keyboardist Michael Brown, bassist/vocalist Ian Lloyd, guitarist Steve Love, and drummer Bryan Madey, and had a Number 1 hit with a cover of Hot Chocolate's "Brother Louie.
    Lloyd (b. Lloyd Buonconsiglio, 1947, Seattle) and Brown (b. Michael Lookofsky, April 25, 1949, Brooklyn) were introduced by their fathers, Peter Buonconsiglio and Harry Lookofsky, two old friends who had worked together for years as session violinists. Lloyd had been singing for years and had attracted local notice recording as Lloyd London. Brown had led, wrote and played with his group The Left Banke, which had made the U.S. charts with "Walk Away Renee" (#5, 1966) and "Pretty Ballerina" (#15, 1967).
    The two set about becoming a Beatlesque band. They recruited New Yorkers Love and Madey and located an interested record label in Kama Sutra. A self-titled album and a single – "I'm Coming Home" (#42, 1972) – followed.
    Afterward, the band started work on their second LP with producer Eddie Kramer, About Us (1973). After the album's release, Brown left the band to pursue another project.
    About Us did relatively well, but it did not initially include the group's new single, "Brother Louie." The song about a black girl and her white boyfriend had been a UK hit for Hot Chocolate earlier that year. (The group's new bassist, Kenny Aaronson, was responsible for the Motown-like bass line that helped give the song its funky character.) Once issued as the Stories' fifth single, it became a big hit, reaching No. 1 in the United States. It spent two weeks at No. 1 and remained in the Billboard chart for 18 weeks, with an R.I.A.A. gold disc awarded on 22 August 1973.
    "All of a sudden," Lloyd explained to Triad's Russel Wiener, "we had a big hit with a song that did not represent our music and the direction we were trying to go in. I didn't think it would affect me that much, but it did. Consequently, I decided that I had to remove myself from that, so that I could come back and show what I really can do."
    A new version of the LP was issued which did include the hit single, and the album proceeded to sell well. In some cases old copies of the LP which did not include the single were shipped inside album covers that did list the single.

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    If ~ 1972 ~ 4genre: jazz
    quality: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers, 273 mb) 
    time: 37:01

    Fourth album released by the English jazz rock band If. It was first issued in 1972 and the last album to feature the original recording line-up. Capitol Records, the band's U.S. label, declined to issue this fourth album. Most of the tracks on this album were issued in the U.S. on Waterfall, in a slightly different form (and new line-up), by Metromedia Records.

    Side one
    "Sector 17" (Quincy) – 10:34
    "The Light Still Shines" (Quincy/Humphrey) – 5:06
    "You in Your Small Corner" (Quincy/Humphrey) – 3:49

    Side two
    "Waterfall" (D. Morrissey/B. Morrissey) – 5:27
    "Throw Myself to the Wind" (D. Morrissey/B. Morrissey) – 4:51
    "Svenska Soma" (Jonsson-Smith) – 7:09

    Dennis Elliott – drums
    J.W. Hodgkinson – vocals, percussion
    John Mealing – keyboards
    Dick Morrissey – saxophones, flute
    Dave Quincy – saxophones
    Jim Richardson – bass
    Terry Smith – guitar

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    Views: 952 | Date: 11.03.2015 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

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