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    Main » 2014 » August » 14

    the Hollies ~ 1965 ~ The Holliesgenre: beat
    country: uk
    audio: lossless (flac, cue, log, scans, size: 587 mb)
    time: 1:16'08" japan mono/stereo + bonus

    The Hollies' third LP for Parlophone. This is also referred to as Hollies '65 to differentiate it from the similarly titled 1974 album. It went to No. 8 in the UK album charts. Originally available in mono only, it was reissued in stereo under the title Reflection in 1969. 
    Of the twelve tracks on this album, only "So Lonely" was issued on 45 in Great Britain; even then, it was the B-side to the 1965 hit "Look Through Any Window", a song recorded concurrent with the rest of this album. On the original album, only four of the twelve songs are band originals with the rest being covers.
    The song "Put Yourself in My Place" (written by Clarke, Hicks and Nash) was also recorded by Episode Six and became their 1966 debut single.

    Side one    
    1. "Very Last Day" (Noel Stookey, Peter Yarrow) Clarke 2:58
    2. "You Must Believe Me" (Curtis Mayfield) Clarke 2:08
    3. "Put Yourself in My Place" (Ransford) Clarke and Nash 2:40
    4. "Down the Line" (Roy Orbison) Clarke 2:03
    5. "That's My Desire" (Carroll Loveday, Helmy Kresa) Clarke 2:27
    6. "Too Many People" (Ransford) Clarke 2:38

    Side two 
    7. "Lawdy Miss Clawdy" (Lloyd Price) Clarke 1:50
    8. "When I Come Home to You" (Ransford) Clarke 2:26
    9. "Fortune Teller" (Naomi Neville) Clarke 2:27
    10. "So Lonely" (Ransford) Clarke and Nash 2:36
    11. "I've Been Wrong" (Ransford) Clarke and Nash 1:56
    12. "Mickey's Monkey" (Holland-Dozier-Holland) Clarke 2:30 

    13.- 24. stereo
    25. I Can't Get Nowhere With You (Stereo Version) / Bonus Track 1:52
    26. She Gives Me Everything I Want (Stereo Version) / Bonus Track 2:24
    27. You In My Arms (Stereo Version) / Bonus Track 2:04
    28. Look Through Any Window (Alternative Stereo Version) / Bonus Track 2:20
    29. Little Bitty Pretty One (Mono Version) / Bonus Track 2:17
    30. Listen Here To Me (Mono Version) / Bonus Track 2:06
    31. So Lonely (Early Take / Mono Version) / Bonus Track 2:47
    32. Bring Back You Love To Me (Mono Version) / Bonus Track 1:42

    Note: All songs written by the bandmembers Allan Clarke, Tony Hicks and Graham Nash were attributed to the pseudonym "Ransford"

    GRAHAM NASH gtr, vcls
    TONY HICKS gtr

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    the Human Beast ~ 1970 ~ Volume Onegenre: psych
    country: uk
    audio: lossless (wv, cue, log, scans, size: 191 mb)
    time: 34'37"

    Although it was optimistically titled Volume One, this would turn out to be the sole album by this obscure, odd, Edinburgh early heavy rock trio. The tracks are dominated by the Jimi Hendrix/Cream-influenced guitar of Gillies Buchan, which leans heavily on devious wah-wah effects. Indebted to blues-rock and early heavy metal, but not quite in either bag, the sound is somewhat skeletal even as power trios go. The ethos of the hippie era are evident even in the song titles alone: "Appearance Is Everything, Style Is a Way of Living," "Brush with the Midnight Butterfly," "Reality Presented as an Alterative," and "Naked Breakfast." Where this falls short is in the department most often not measuring up to the others on records that are otherwise promising: the songwriting. The material is pretty sketchy and meandering, the brooding vocals projecting a devilish mood not supported by much in the way of memorable riffs or melodic evolutions and resolutions. It's no accident that the best track, "Maybe Someday," is the only non-original, and is an interestingly unusual cover of an Incredible String Band song. Fans of early hard rock may nonetheless find it worth checking out for the rawness and the idiosyncratic guitar work if nothing else, though on the whole it's on the bare side in too many respects.

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    Peter Hammill ~ 1979 ~ pH7genre: psych, prog
    country: uk
    audio: lossless (ape, cue, log, scans, size: 263 mb)
    time: 43'44"

    It was Hammill's 8th solo album and his last release on the Charisma label.
    The song "Porton Down" refers to the Porton Down military research facility in Wiltshire, England, while the lyrics of "Imperial Walls" are a translation of the first few lines of the Anglo-Saxon poem, "The Ruin".
    The song "Not For Keith" is a tribute to Keith Ellis, a former member of the band Van der Graaf Generator, who had then died just recently.

    01. My Favourite 2:52
    02. Careering 4:06
    03. Porton Down 3:42
    04. Mirror Images 3:51
    05. Handicap and Equality 3:56
    06. Not for Keith 2:25
    07. The Old School Tie 5:08
    08. Time for a Change 3:15
    09. Imperial Walls 4:16
    10. Mr. X (gets tense) 5:14
    11. Faculty X 4:58

    Peter Hammill - voice, guitar, keyboards, percussion
    Graham Smith - violin (1,3,10,11)
    David Jackson - saxophone, flute (2,3,11)

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    Mary Hopkin ~ 1971 ~ Earth Song. Ocean Songgenre: folk
    country: uk
    audio: lossless (flac, cue, log, scans, size: 227 mb)
    time: 39'59"

    More folk-oriented than her first effort, Mary Hopkin's lilting voice soothes the listener like hot tea with honey. Included in this set, which was produced by Tony Visconti, are her interpretations of Ralph McTell's "Streets of London," Cat Stevens' "The Wind," and Gallagher & Lyle's "International."

    01. International 3:38
    02. There's Got To Be More 3:58
    03. Silver Birch 2:50
    04. How Come the Sun 5:46
    05. Earth Song 3:57
    06. Martha 4:55
    07. Streets of London 4:31
    08. The Wind 2:09
    09. Water, Paper & Clay 4:12
    10. Ocean Song 4:03

    Ralph McTell - 6 & 12 str gtrs
    Dave Cousins - gtr, bnjo
    Danny Thompson - bss
    Terry Weil & Clive Antree - cellos
    Classical gtr on International - Kevin Peek, Brian Daly

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    Brian Auger's Oblivion Express ~ 1973 ~ Closer To Itgenre: fusion, jazz
    country: uk
    audio: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers, size: 220 mb)
    time: 36'31"

    01. Whenerver You're Ready 6:23
    02. Happiness Is Just Around The Bend 6:35
    03. Light On The Path 4:57
    04. Compared To What 8:01
    05. Inner City Blues 4:35
    06. Voices Of Other Times 6:01

    Brian Auger/ organ, piano, electric piano, Moog, Mellotron, vocals
    Jack Mills /guitar
    Barry Dean / bass 
    Godfrey MacLean/ drums, cowbell
    Lennox Laington / congas

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    Gordon Haskell ~ 1971 ~ It Is And It Isn'tgenre: soft
    country: uk
    audio: lossless (ape, cue, log, scans, size: 208 mb)
    time: 38'14"

    The album has guest appearances from top session musicians, notably John Wetton, who would join King Crimson in late 1972. Again, the album was not a commercial success. As the 1970s progressed, Haskell found himself playing supporting stints with Cliff Richard and Tim Hardin. For a short time in 1974 he rehearsed with the group Stackridge. Though Haskell decided not to join the group, Stackridge did record a song from It Is and It Isn’t. Originally called "Worms", the version on the 1975 album Extravaganza was re-titled, "No One's More Important Than the Earthworm".

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    Hallelujah ~ 1971 ~ Hallelujah Babegenre: heavy prog
    country: uk
    audio: lossless (flac, cue, log, scans, size: 224 mb)
    time: 38'14"

    HALLELUJAH are sometimes thought of as a German band but although they were based in Germany they were in fact British. The band centred around the duo of Paul Vincent Gunia (guitar and vocals) and Keith Forsay (drums). They returned to England to record and release their one and only album, "Hallelujah Babe" in 1971 with the help of session musicians Pete Wood (keyboards) and Rick Kemp (bass). Kemp may be known to folk fans for later becoming a member of STEELEYE SPAN. To add to the confusion the album was to receive its original release only in Germany.
    Musically the band played heavy rock with a progressive edge with psychedelic and folk touches. Forsay later went on to become an in demand session drummer as well as producer in Germany

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    Views: 1132 | Date: 14.08.2014 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (2)

    Agnes Strange ~ 2000 ~ Theme for a Dreamgenre: heavy psych
    country: uk
    audio: lossless (flac tracks, cue, log, scans, size: 516 mb)
    time: 1:12'58"
    misc.: "Unreleased masters & Original demos", 1972-1974

    01. Theme For A Dream 5:40
    02. Messin' Around 4:32
    03. Graveyard 5:24
    04. Rockin' In 'E' 4:43
    05. Dust In The Sunlight 3:59
    06. The Day Dreamer. 3:52
    07. Book With No Cover 5:59
    08. Failure- Demo (Bonus) 5:55
    09. Motorway Rebel - Demo (Bonus) 3:52
    10. Children Of The Absurd - Demo (Bonus) 7:22
    11. Clever Fool - Demo (Bonus) 3:38
    12. Strange Flavour - Demo (Bonus) 4:21
    13. Odd Man Out - Demo (Bonus) 3:59
    14. Highway Blues - Demo (Bonus) 9:43

    On all titles except Dust in Sunlight:
    John Westwood - l gtr, vcls
    Alan Green - bss, vcls
    Dave Rodwell - drms, vcls
    Dave Travis - vcl on 13

    on Dust in Sunlight:
    John Westwood - l gtr, vcls
    Terry Nicholson - bss
    'Spider' Kemmedy - drms
    Dave Travis - vcl, fc gtr
    Sunny - harmony vcl, was half of the duo Sue and Sunny 

    ... Read more »
    Views: 1039 | Date: 14.08.2014 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

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