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    Main » 2015 » January » 28

    the Move ~ 1992 ~ The Early Yearsgenre: psych pop
    state: uk
    quality: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers, 335 mb)
    time: 1:09'58"

    01. Night Of Fear 2:13
    02. Disturbance 2:47
    03. I Can Hear The Grass Grow 3:00
    04. Flowers In The Rain 2:28
    05. (Here We Go Round) The Lemon Tree 3:02
    06. Fire Brigade 2:24
    07. The Girl Outside 2:56
    08. Mist On A Monday Morning 2:33
    09. Cherry Blossom Clinic 7:42
    10. Wild Tiger Woman 2:40
    11. Omnibus 3:56
    12. Blackberry Way 3:36
    13. Something 3:31
    14. Curly 2:45
    15. This Time Tomorrow 3:41
    16. Beautiful Daughter 2:38
    17. Brontosaurus 4:28
    18. Lightning Never Strikes Twice 3:11
    19. When Alice Comes Back To The Farm 3:43
    20. What? 6:44

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    Mott The Hoople ~ 1971b ~ Brain Capersgenre: heavy booggie
    state: uk
    quality: lossless (flac, cue, log, 396 mb)
    time: 51'23"

    Brain Capers is the fourth album by the band Mott the Hoople.
    It was originally released in November 1971 in the UK by Island Records . It was released January 1972 in the US on Atlantic Records and on Island Records in Canada.
    The album marked a return to the harder, heavier style of Mott's first two albums, with several songs recorded live in the studio. (A close listen to "The Moon Upstairs," for example, will reveal two instances where Dale Griffin's drumsticks clatter to the floor upon his losing them.) The album was not initially a commercial success, and was the only Mott the Hoople album that failed to chart in either the UK or US.
    Its working title was "AC/DC" though this was abandoned in favour of either "Brain Damage" or "Bizarre Capers" before a compromise was settled on. Earlier sessions, self-produced by the band, were also abandoned when svengali Guy Stevens was called in to rescue the album but a number of these recordings have resurfaced on All the Young Dudes: The Anthology and as bonus material on Angel Air's re-issues of Mott the Hoople albums.
    The covers of the original UK and Canadian LPs do not feature the mask seen on the US version (and some later re-releases). There was an actual mask packaged inside with the UK version of the album, but not with the Canadian LP. The band name and line under it are in the centre of the cover where the mask would be and the title shifted upwards. The US and Canadian LPs do not have the inner sleeve picturing fighter planes that the original UK album had.
    The album is dedicated to James Dean, as stated below the band photo on the back cover.

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    the Moody Blues ~ 1971 ~ Every Good Boy Deserves Favourgenre: prog related, psych
    state: uk
    quality: lossless (flac tracks, cue, log, 241 mb)
    time: 40'13"

    Every Good Boy Deserves Favour is the seventh album by The Moody Blues, released in 1971. The album was the last to feature only the Mellotron, as it would be assisted by the Chamberlin (another device that uses recorded tape to generate sound) on the Moody Blues' next studio album, 1972's Seventh Sojourn.
    This album featured the only track to be written by all five members of the band. The opening "Procession" was a piece that was intended to describe the history of music from the beginning of time up until the album's recording. The only three words heard in this track – "desolation," "creation," and "communication" – were similarly used (along with many other "-ation" words) in "One More Time to Live."
    The album reached #1 on the British album charts, in addition to a three week stay at #2 in the United States, and produced one top-40 single, "The Story in Your Eyes." The track "Emily's Song" was written by John Lodge for his newborn daughter. Mike Pinder wrote and sang the album's concluding track "My Song", which showcased his abilities on the mellotron and piano.
    The title is taken from the student mnemonic for the lines of the treble clef: E-G-B-D-F. These notes are heard played on piano during "Procession."
    The album was mixed and released in both stereo and quadraphonic.

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    Views: 1033 | Date: 28.01.2015 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

    Monks ~ 1999 ~ Five Upstart Americansgenre: acid garage, psychrock'n'roll
    state: us
    quality: lossless (flac tracks, cue, log, cover, 241 mb)
    time: 36'06"
    misc.: comp. of '64-'67

    01. Monktime 2:22
    02. We Do Wie Du 2:42
    03. Boys Are Boys 1:51
    04. Pretty Suzanne 3:47
    05. Higgle Dy Piggle Dy 4:11
    06. Hushie Pushie 2:58
    07. Love Came Tumbling Down 3:01
    08. Oh How to Do Now 2:53
    09. Space Age 2:39
    10. I Hate You 3:59

    bonus: the Five Torquays:
    11. There She Walks 2:37
    12. Boys Are Boys 3:06

    oe: highly recommended

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    Views: 970 | Date: 28.01.2015 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

    the Monkees ~ 1970 ~ Changesgenre: pop, bubblegum
    state: us
    quality: lossless (ape, cue, log, 249 mb)

    wikipedia {line-up on tracks & more}:
    Changes is the ninth studio album by The Monkees. The album was issued after Michael Nesmith's exit from the band, leaving only Micky Dolenz and Davy Jones to fulfill the recording contract they signed in the mid-1960s. Changes was their last new album for Colgems Records and the last album by the group until 1987's Pool It.

    oe: weakiest Lp, only for comletiststs & fans.

    Side 1
    "Oh My My" (Jeff Barry, Andy Kim) - 3:02
    "Ticket on a Ferry Ride" (Barry, Bobby Bloom) - 3:30
    "You're So Good to Me" (Barry, Bloom) - 2:34
    "It's Got to Be Love" (Neil Goldberg) - 2:25
    "Acapulco Sun" (Ned Albright, Steven Soles) - 2:54
    "99 Pounds" (Barry) - 2:29

    Side 2
    "Tell Me Love" (Barry) - 2:38
    "Do You Feel It Too?" (Barry, Kim) - 2:37
    "I Love You Better" (Barry, Kim) - 2:28
    "All Alone in the Dark" (Albright, Soles) - 2:52
    "Midnight Train" (Micky Dolenz) - 2:07
    "I Never Thought It Peculiar" (Tommy Boyce, Bobby Hart) - 2:29

    "Time and Time Again" (Davy Jones, Bill Chadwick) - 2:40
    "Do It in the Name of Love" (Bloom, Goldberg) - 2:08
    "Lady Jane" (Bloom, Goldberg) - 2:45

    Peter Lewis – rhythm guitar, vocals
    Bob Mosley – bass, vocals
    Jerry Miller – lead guitar, vocals
    Don Stevenson – drums, vocals
    Skip Spence - vocals and unknown instruments, "Seeing".

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    Views: 970 | Date: 28.01.2015 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

    Moby Grape ~ 1969 ~ Moby Grape '69genre: rock
    state: us
    quality: lossless (flac, cue, log, 290 mb)

    It is the first album after the departure of co-founder Skip Spence. Spence nonetheless is heard on one song, "Seeing", presumably from the Wow/Grape Jam sessions, and positioned as the final song on Moby Grape '69. As Peter Lewis describes the album, "We made Moby Grape '69, in an attempt to rebound from the Wow album, which was over-produced. And it's a cool album. Although we could have rehearsed it a little more, we still believed in it. But I think we were waiting for Skippy to come back, and he never did."
    The album peaked at a disappointing number 113 on the Billboard chart. While it did not sell well at the time of its release, in a recent (2008) review, it is pointed out that the album would be particularly appreciated by persons who like the music of Poco and The Eagles. For Moby Grape fans at the time, the album was perhaps too country in musical orientation. In some respects, the album was ahead of its time, predating the more popular first country rock releases by Poco and The Eagles.

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    Views: 1209 | Date: 28.01.2015 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

    Medicine Head ~ 1976b ~ Two Man Bandgenre: rock, blues
    state: uk
    quality: lossless (flac, cue, log, 430 mb)
    time: 53'00"


    01. It's Natural 3:59
    02. Wishin' And Wishin' 3:53
    03. Give It Away 2:48
    04. Si Belle 3:29
    05. Mother Love 4:16
    06. I'm Your Man 3:46
    07. Sun's Sinkin' Low 3:34
    08. Over You 3:15
    09. River Of Tears 4:54
    10. Shake Me 3:30
    11. Too Much Love 4:02

    12. Me And Suzie (Hit The Floor) 3:32
    13. Moon Child 4:07
    14. Midnight 3:56

    Peter Hope-Evans - yarmonica, jews harp, mouth bow, prcssn
    John Fiddler - gtr, pno, drms, prcssn, harmonica, l vcls, b vcls

    guest musicians:
    Tony Ashton - kbrds
    Charlie McCracken - bss
    Roger Saunders - gtr, b vcls
    Morgan Fisher - kbrds
    B.J. Cole - pedal steel gtr

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    Views: 1092 | Date: 28.01.2015 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

    McKenna Mendelson Mainline ~ 1969b ~ Bluesgenre: rhythm'n'blues
    state: canada
    quality: lossless (ape, cue, log, 236 mb)
    time: 40'17"


    01. Drive You 3:04
    02. Ramblinґ On My Mind 3:42
    03. Toilet Bowl Blues 2:05
    04. Bad Woman Are Killing Me 11:23
    05. Pretty Woman 3:40
    06. Born Under Bad Sign 5:56
    07. Help Me 10:27

    Mike McKenna - gtr
    Joe Mendelson - vcls, yfrmonica, sl gtr
    Dennis Gerrard - bss
    Tony Nolasco - drms

    ... Read more »
    Views: 957 | Date: 28.01.2015 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

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