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    Main » 2010 » May » 01

    Rick Wakeman - 1974 - Journey To The Centre of The Earthgenre: prog
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)
    time: 40'10"
    size: 226 mb

    Lyrics in Wiki

    side A:
    The Journey/Recollection - 21:10
    side B:
    The Battle/The Forest - 18:57

    Rick Wakeman - Synthesizers
    Gary Pickford-Hopkins, Ashley Holt - vocals
    David Hemmings - Narrations
    Mike Egan - Guitar
    Roger Newell - Bass
    Barney James - drums
    London Symphony Orchestra
    The English Chamber Choir
    David Measham - Conductor

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    genre: rock
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)
    time: 1:18'47"
    size: 446 mb
    misc.: unreleased recorded '68/'69

    Review by Richie Unterberger
    Although it was recorded in 1969, this album was not released at the time (although a few were circulated in the US in 1971 before it was withdrawn due to contractual reasons). By the late 1960s the band were firmly under the creative direction of Ray Fenwick, who played lead guitar, sang lead vocals, and wrote all of the songs. Needless to say it was such a change from the Stevie Winwood days that it was in essence an entirely different group, playing competent but faceless period music that echoed trends in country-rock, Traffic-like soul-progressivism ("What a Way to Die"), and heavy blues. The CD reissue has ten bonus tracks from the same era, taken from TV and radio sessions, studio outtakes, and a live recording from the 1967-68 era. These have a slightly more interesting, though not very distinctive, psychedelic-pop air; all of them, however, were previously released on RPM's Taking Out Time compilation.

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    genre: heavy country
    country: us
    quality : lossless (flac, cue, log, scans)
    time: 1:06'51"
    size: 417 mb
    issue: 1999

    Tom Fogerty in Wiki

    "The Legend of Alcatraz" – 2:35
    "Lady of Fatima" – 4:27
    "Beauty is Under the Skin" – 2:29
    "Wondering" – 2:31
    "My Pretty Baby" – 2:24
    "Train to Nowhere" – 3:39
    "Everyman" – 2:11
    "The Me Song" – 2:26
    "Cast the First Stone" – 2:11
    "Here Stand the Clown" – 2:52

    Tom Fogerty - guitar, harmonica, vocals
    Rodger Collins - vocals ("Train To Nowhere")
    Russ Gary - guitar
    John Kahn - bass
    Billy Mundi - percussion
    Merl Saunders - keyboards, vocals
    Bill Vitt - drums, congas

    Excalibur :
    "Forty Years" – 3:40
    "Black Jack Jenny" – 2:30
    "Rocky Road Blues" – 3:56 (Bill Monroe)
    "Faces, Places, People" – 3:55
    "Get Funky" – 1:54
    "Sick And Tired" – 4:20 (Chris Kenner and Dave Bartholomew)
    "Sign Of The Devil" – 2:37
    "Straight And Narrow" – 3:48
    "Next In Line" – 2:16
    "(Hold On) Annie Mae" – 3:49

    Tom Fogerty - guitar, harmonica, vocals
    Jerry Garcia - guitar
    Merl Saunders - keyboards
    John Kahn - bass
    Bill Vitt - drums

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    Views: 2214 | Date: 01.05.2010 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (3)

    genre: psych
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (flac, cue, log, scans) & mp3 (320k, cover)
    time: 54'08"
    size: 363 mb

    01. introsuction 0:48
    02. Vampire club 3:44
    03. SAS 7:15
    04. Africa 6:05
    05. Maybe my soul 5:21
    06. In this love 4:36
    07. Confession 2:52
    08. Vampire love 5:58
    09. Completion 0:26
    10. Divers 3:43
    11. Re vamp your soul 4:05
    12. Isness is my business 2:30
    13. Stay 6:45

    - Arthur Brown / vocals
    - Mark Brzezicki / drums
    - Josh Philips / keyboards
    With :
    - Richard Studholme / bass
    - Roger Manning / guitar

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    Views: 2454 | Date: 01.05.2010 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (1)

    genre: fusion, canterbury
    country: belgium
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, covers)
    time: 56'41"
    size: 310 mb
    issue: 1996

    Excellent Canterbury-inspired Belgian band, led by guitarist/flutist Daniel Schell, which featured the unique vocal talents of Pascale Son (Schell's wife). Each of the two recordings I have by Cos have their own sound. The first, Postaeolian Train Robbery is a personal favorite. The extensive liner notes included in the Musea CD reissue make it very plain that Cos were admirers of French progressive bands such as Zao and Magma, and their muscial influence is obvious on Postaeolian Train Robbery. The music on this CD is weird jazzy fusion comparable to the first couple of Zao albums (esp. Z=7L and Osiris), only Cos had a whimsical, goofy edge that Zao (and Magma) lacked. The Musea reissue also includes 4 tracks by Schell's previous group Classroom, which had a similar sound to Cos, only more straight-ahead jazzy and less interesting. The second album, Viva Bomma is more overtly influenced by Canterbury bands such as Caravan, Hatfield and the North, and Gilgamesh. Pascale Son's sweet vocals are again prominent and, at times, give the music an almost pop sort of sensibility. Aside from that, the keyboards sound like Dave Stewart minus the fuzz organ (I wish that dreadful 'string synthesizer' sound could somehow be eliminated!), the drummer sounds very much like Pip Pyle, and there's even a Hugh Hopper-styled fuzz bass feature on one cut. Very good, but also very derivative. Several members of Cos went on to other interesting projects: keyboardist Marc Hollander formed the excellent 'Aksak Maboul', and guitarist Daniel Schell formed an interesting band named Karo (just like the corn syrup) which recorded two albums for Crammed Discs in the late 1980s. -- Dave Wayne

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    genre: psych, canterbury
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (WavPack, cue, log, booklet scans)
    time: 1:14'03"
    size: 361 mb
    issue: 2002 mono & stereo

    side A:
    "Place of my Own" – 4:00
    "Ride" – 3:41
    "Policeman" – 2:45
    "Love Song with Flute" – 4:09
    "Cecil Rons" – 4:05

    side B:
    "Magic Man" – 4:01
    "Grandma's Lawn" – 3:23
    "Where but for Caravan Would I?" (Sinclair, Hastings, Coughlan, Sinclair, Hopper) – 9:01

    2002 bonus:
    17. Hello Hello (Single Version) 3:14

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    Views: 2910 | Date: 01.05.2010 | Rating: 5.0 | Comments (1)

    genre: prog
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (WavPack, cue, log, booklet scans)
    time: 1:07'55"
    size: 387 mb
    issue: 2002

    Tapestry of Delights:
    Pete Bardens was actually a veteran R artist. He played with Them, Peter B's, Shotgun Express and Village before forming Camel in 1972. He also recorded several solo albums. The other three members had previously played together in a band called Brew and also worked with Philip Goodhand-Tait.
    It was the instrumental album, The Snow Goose, which really put the group into the big time. It was inspired by Paul Gallico's novel 'The Snow Goose' and was undoubtedly one of the finest classical-influenced albums of the seventies - beautifully soothing and relaxing in places. They also performed it live at the Albert Hall in October 1975, backed by the London Symphony Orchestra conducted by David Bedford.

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    Fuchsia - 1971 - Fuchsiagenre: prog, medieval
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)
    time: 41'43"
    size: 191 mb
    issue: russia

    Tapestry of Delights:
    Vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Tony Durant was the creative force behind their obscure progressive folk album. The lyrics were influenced by English novelist and poet Mervyn Peake and supplemented by a lush violin and cello backing. Worth investigation.

    1. Gone With The Mouse (4:59)
    2. A Tiny Book (8:03)
    3. Another Nail (6:57)
    4. Shoes And Ships (6:14)
    5. The Nothing Song (8:23)
    6. Me And My Kite (2:34)
    7. Just Anyone (3:33)

     - Tony Durant / acoustic & electric guitars, vocals
    - Michael Day / bass
    - Michael Gregory / drums, percussion
    - Janet Rogers / violin, backing vocals
    - Madeleine Bland / cello, piano, harmonium, backing vocals
    - Vanessa Hall-Smith / violin, backing vocals

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    Views: 2469 | Date: 01.05.2010 | Rating: 5.0 | Comments (2)

    Fotheringay - 1970 - Fotheringaygenre: folk
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (flac, cue, log, booklet scans)
    time: 48'00"
    size: 269 mb

    Tapestry Of Delights:
    This folk-rock group was formed by Australian Trevor Lucas when his previous group Eclection split. His then girlfriend, Sandy Denny, left Fairport Convention to set up the new band with him. However, despite Sandy being at the peak of her popularity - she was voted Britain's No 1 girl singer in a Melody Maker poll in 1970 - the band was relatively short-lived, lasting from March 1970 - January 1971, because it didn't enjoy the commercial success one might have expected. Sandy then embarked on a solo career before rejoining Fairport Convention in 1974. Donahue, Conway and Donaldson (who'd previously been with Zoot Money) became part of Mick Greenwood's backing group and Trevor Lucas became a producer for Island Records.
    The Fotheringay album is by now considered to capture Denny's vocals at their best. Trevor Lucas (her husband) also sings on a lot of the tracks and provides a distinct contrast to her vocals. Sandy is probably at her very best on the exquisite traditional song Banks Of The Nile.

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    genre: beat, garage
    country: canada
    quality : lossless (flac,cue, scans)
    time: 58'33" size: 382 mb

    Dreams Fantasies & Nightmares:

    Formerly known as The Shades Of Blonde, who put out one 45, All Your Love, they formed in Calgary, Alberta, in 1966. Line-up 'A' signed with Gaiety Records, an intriguing operation run by Don Grashey out of Hollywood, California and Thunder Bay, Ontario. Their first two 45s, which came out on RCA, are now sought-after. Both prime examples of Prairie garage-punk, they were minor hits in Canada. The follow-up, Blue Bonnie Blue, did little to advance their course, but the guy who wrote the song for them and the women he'd written it about later made the big time as Delaney and Bonnie! Around the same time, Dave Petch left the band and Dave Downey came in for Mick Woodhouse on bass. A second, previously unreleased, Delaney song, co-written by Bonnie and bassist Carl Radle, Up To No Good later figured as a bonus track on a CD reissue of their album.

    With success on the horizon they moved to Hollywood to record the album which has some strong songs and good guitar work. It's a diverse effort with soul, country, garage, rock and psychedelic influences. Close The Barn Door is the most immediate track but Twilight Woman is a very pleasant song, which just made the Canadian Top 50. Its success had lead to the recording of the album. The follow-up to Twilight Woman, another slice of melodic mild-psychedelia Now That I'm A Man, became their biggest hit. It climbed to No. 30 on 27th September 1969 and spent three weeks in the Top 40.

    After this, vocalist Denny Abbott was replaced by Dorian Beattie. Line-up "D" got as far as recording half an album with Grashey in Thunder Bay but only two cuts from these sessions, I Need You and Goodtime Baby ever emerged on a 1970 45.

    By the end of the year the group had evolved into Painter. By that time, Jack Velker had joined the prolific, L.A.-based, extended Mama Lion crew.

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    Forever Amber - 1969 - The Love Cyclegenre: psych
    country: uk
    quality : mp3 (256k, covers)
    time: 42'01"
    size: 81 mb
    issue: 1992 Background

    Tapestry of Delights:
    An absolute mega privately-pressed rarity - 99 copies were pressed originally and these change hands for around £800. Its value is entirely due to its rarity: the vinyl contains pleasant enough concept pop with taints of psychedelia but it's nothing to rave about.
    All the words and music on the album were written by John M. Hudson, who handled the vocal and instrumental arrangements with the group. Chris Parren later played piano on George Michael's Careless Whisper.
    The Swank reissues (only a little over 100 were pressed) weren't taken from the original master tapes, which can't be traced and inevitably the quality suffers as a result. These, too, are now rare, but beware this album is no lost psychedelic nugget. The sound quality on the Background CD release is better, however.

    The Meeting:
    01. Me oh My 1:12
    02. Silly Sunshine 2:45
    The Talking:
    03. Bits of your life, bits of your life 2:30
    04. For a very special Person 3:09
    05. The Dreamer flies back 3:21
    06. Misunderstood / Penny Whistle 1:52
    07. Better things are bound to come 3:28
    The Walk Home:
    08. On a night in winter 1:59
    The Joy:
    09. On top of my own special mountain 3:13
    10. Mary (the painter) 1:26
    11. All the colours of my book 2:52
    The Doubt:
    12. Going away again 3:23
    The Sorrow:
    13. A chance to be free 2:34
    The Scorn:
    14. I see you as you used to be 2:04
    The Grief:
    15. Letters from her 1:57
    16. My Friend 4:14

    All words & music written by John M. Hudson.
    Vocal & instrumental arrangements by John M. Hudson & Forever Amber.

    Michael Richardson - vocals
    Anthony Mumford - bass guitar, vocals
    Richard Lane - lead guitar, vocals
    Christopher Jones - rhythm guitar, vocals
    Christopher Parren - electric organ, piano & harpsichord, vocals
    Barry Broad - drums
    John M. Hudson - piano, electric harpsichord (on 6, 7, 10, 12, 13, 14, & 15).

    Views: 2618 | Date: 01.05.2010 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (1)

    genre: country, pop
    country: us
    quality : lossless (WavPack, cue, log, scans)
    time: 1:07'23"
    size: 389 mb

    01. She Belongs To Everyone But Me 3:43
    02. Somewhere Tonight 2:33
    03. Baby, How'd We Ever Get This Way 2:14
    04. Too Much Honky Tonkin' 3:04
    05. Midnight Magic Woman 3:31
    06. My Abandoned Heart 2:33
    07. She's a Friend of a Friend 2:48
    08. Louisiana 2:19
    09. Cheating Kind of Love 4:17
    10. Why Must the Ending Always Be So Sad 2:44
    11. That's When You Know It's Over 2:26
    12. You 1:59
    13. I Swear I Don't Miss Her Anymore 1:59
    14. She's a Hell of a Deal 2:35
    15. Another Shade of Grey 3:04
    16. Damned If I'll Be Lonely Tonight 4:19
    17. If Something Should Come Between Us 3:10
    18. When You're Giving Yourself To a Stranger 3:31
    19. Run To the Night 2:49
    20. Coast To Coast 3:18
    21. Closer To You 2:57
    22. True Love Never Runs Dry 2:13
    23. Tell Me It Ain't So 3:18

    Views: 1772 | Date: 01.05.2010 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

    Fleetwood Mac - 1969 - Blues Jam In Chicago Vol 1 & 2genre: blues
    country: uk/us
    quality : lossless (WavPack, cue, log, booklet scans) & mp3 320k
    time: 53'27" + 50'01"
    size: 576 mb
    issue: 1998 2cd

    Blues Jam In Chicago Vols. 1 & 2 was the result of a recording session in early 1969, at Chess Records in Chicago (home to Muddy Waters, Howling Wolf, et al.) with Fleetwood Mac, then a British (electric) blues band, and some of their Chicago blues mentors.
    Fleetwood Mac: Jeremy Spencer (vocals, guitar, slide guitar); Danny Kirwan (vocals, guitar); Peter Green (vocals, guitar); John McVie (bass guitar); Mick Fleetwood (drums).
    Mentors: Otis Spann (vocals, piano); David Honeyboy Edwards, Buddy Guy (guitar); Walter "Shakey" Horton (harmonica); J. T. Brown (tenor saxophone); Willie Dixon (acoustic bass guitar); S.P. Leary (drums)
    Views: 3157 | Date: 01.05.2010 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

    genre: kraut
    country: germany
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, covers)
    time: 56'07" size: 349 mb

    1. Eine Neuer Tag (4:17)
    2. Carousel #2 (2:44)
    3. Wir Brauchen Dich #6 (7:21)
    4. Four Plus Seven Means Eleven (7:06)
    5. Take Care (4:08)
    6. Spiel (0:40)
    7. Dr Hansl (1:30)
    8. Apokalypse (4:28)
    9. D.I.G (5:28)
    10. Du Weisst Schon (2:43)
    11. Livin' Tokyo (8:39)
    12. T-Electronique (6:51)

    Hans Joachim Irmler / organ, electronics
    Ulrike Helmholtz / vocals
    Lars Paukstat / percussion
    Michael Stoll / bass
    Steven Wray Lobdell / guitar
    Werner Diermeir / drums

    ... Read more »
    Views: 2262 | Date: 01.05.2010 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (1)

    genre: psych
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, booklet scans) & mp3 320k
    time: 53'35"
    size: 370 mb
    issue: 2004

    Tapestry Of Delights:

    This was Kaleidoscope recording under a new name, although in the interim they recorded a one-off disc - a theme tune for the 1970 Isle Of Wight Festival - using the name I Luv Wight. Indeed, Fairfield Parlour's involvement with the festival enabled them to appear as its opening act. They also recorded a live album whilst there but the tapes subsequently disappeared!

    The group also recorded the theme song for the 1970 film, 'Eyewitness', which starred Mark Lester, Lionel Jeffries and Susan George. A handful of acetates of the song were also made.

    Their first 45 as Fairfield Parlour, Bordeaux Rose, was an appealing ballad with a very commercial chorus. Despite considerable airplay the disc failed to chart. The band later reissued it in 1976 on their own label with a different flip side which was the product of a brief reunion in 1972.

    Their album, From Home To Home, was a pretty good amalgam of sixties-influenced pop (The Glorious House Of Arthur and In My Box) and sombre songs (Aries and The Drummer Boy Of Shiloh). It is now quite a significant collectable, particularly for Kaleidoscope fans.

    Views: 2713 | Date: 01.05.2010 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

    Episode Six - 2005 - Love, Hate, Revengegenre: beat
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (flac, cue, log, booklet scans)
    time: 58`31" + 56'46"
    size: 468 mb
    misc.: 2cd compil.

    Tapestry of Delights:
    The roots of this band lie in two Harrow County Grammar School bands, The Madisons (who included Glover, Lander and Shields in their personnel) and The Lightnings (who featured the Carter-Dimmocks and Andy Ross). As the members of both bands began to leave school and drift away from the bands the remaining members decided that their best chance was to merge, which they did in October 1963 as The Lightnings initially, although by July 1964 they had changed to the rather more hip name of Episode Six. They got plenty of live work including a four week assignment at a Frankfurt club. Their music was essentially melodic ballads with lavish harmonies, but after the Frankfurt trip they underwent their first line-up change when Andy Ross quit the music business to get married. His replacement was one Ian Gillan, who, of course would go on to find fame and fortune with Deep Purple and later form his own band.
    Their first 45, Put Yourself In My Place, was a Beatles-influenced song, although a catchy Roger Glover song was used on the flip. The follow-up, I Hear Trumpets Blow, was a cover of an old Tokens song and again a self-penned number, this time by drummer Harvey Shields, was used on the flip. Their third 45 was a very good cover of The Beatles' Here, There And Everywhere with another Roger Glover song on the flip. There is a very rare French EP which contains their second and third singles. This changes hands for a lot of money. Still the sad fact was that after three singles the band had made little impact and their manager, Gloria Bristow, decided to try something different - a pretty awful cover of Charles Aznavour's I Will Break Your Heart which was credited to Sheila Carter and Episode Six and did nothing to assist the band's cause.
    The band spent the Christmas of 1966 working in Beirut and some Eastern influence is evident on Love, Hate, Revenge, which was their next 45 release and one of their better offerings. After their next effort, a cover of Tim Rose's Morning Dew, Harvey Shields left the band to form a duo with a belly dancer he'd met during their spell in Beirut. He was replaced by John Kerrison. 
    Views: 2810 | Date: 01.05.2010 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (1)

    genre: prog
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, booklet scans)
    time: 50'16" size: 264 mb
    issue: 2004

    "Bulb" – 0:09
    "While Growing My Hair" – 4:02
    "I Will Be Absorbed" – 5:11
    "Fugue In D Minor" – 2:49
    "They Laughed When I Sat Down At The Piano…" – 1:21
    "The Song Of McGillicudie The Pusillanimous (or don't worry James, your socks are hanging in the coal cellar with Thomas)" – 5:07
    "Boilk" – 1:04

    "Symphony No. 2" – 23:58
    Movement 1
    Movement 2
    Movement 3
    Movement 4

    "Seven Is A Jolly Good Time" – 2:47
    "You Are All Princes" – 3:45

    Dave Stewart - organ, piano, tone generator
    Mont Campbell - bass, vocals
    Clive Brooks - drums

    ... Read more »
    Views: 2359 | Date: 01.05.2010 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

    genre: psych
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (flac, cue, log, scans)
    time: 40'17" size: 242 mb

    Tapestry of Delights:
    Managed by Rolling Stone, Bill Wyman, both Charlie Watts and Nicky Hopkins played on a track a piece on the Introspection album, which is very much a product of the psychedelic late sixties and is good. Dreamworld and Don't Take Me have sleepy harmonies, and other tracks like What Does It Feel Like? have some nice organ work. However, success eluded them and they eventually evolved into Tucky Buzzard who made three albums produced by Bill Wyman in the 1970's.
    Dave Brown and Colin Griffin formed The End in 1965 following the demise of The Innocents. Nicky Graham and John Horton were drafted in from Dickie Pride's backing group The Original Topics, and the line-up completed by former Tuxedos drummer Roger Groom. They set about recording at R.G. Jones' Morden studio, and Bill Wyman arranged for them to tour with The Rolling Stones to coincide with their first 45. They also appeared with Spencer Davis on ITV's 'Thank Your Lucky Stars' playing Hallelujah I Love Her So. Following the tour Roger Groom quit, to be replaced by Hugh Attwooll, a former schoolfriend of Nicky Graham. John Horton also quit although the split was amicable and he helped out on their second single Shades Of Orange. Cut by Bill Wyman during the sessions for The Rolling Stones' Their Satanic Majesties Request album, the song, has an almost hypnotic, dreamlike quality, and featured Charlie Watts on tabla.
    Views: 3203 | Date: 01.05.2010 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

    genre: prog
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (WavPack, cue, log, scans)
    time: 1:01'17"
    size: 380 mb
    issue: 2007 remaster

    side A:
    Jerusalem {Parry/Blake, arranged by Emerson/Lake/Palmer} (2:44)
    Toccata (An adaptation of Ginastera's 1st Piano Concerto, 4th Movement) {Ginastera, arranged by Emerson; percussion movement - Carl Palmer} (7:23)
    Still... You Turn Me On {Lake} (2:53)
    Benny The Bouncer {Emerson/Lake/Sinfield} (2:21)
    Karn Evil 9 (1st Impression - Part 1) {Lake} (8:44)

    side B:
    Karn Evil 9 (1st Impression - Part 2) {Emerson/Lake} (4:47)
    Karn Evil 9 (2nd Impression) {Emerson} (7:07)
    Karn Evil 9 (3rd Impression) {Emerson/Lake/Sinfield} (9:03)

    Bonus 2007 cd:
    Jerusalem (Alternate Mix) (2:47)
    Karn Evil 9 (Instrumental Mix) (13:26)

    Keith Emerson - organs, piano, harpsichord, accordion, custom-built Moog synthesizers, Moog Polyphonic Ensemble, vocals on "Karn Evil 9 (1st Impression - Part 1)"
    Greg Lake - vocals, bass, Zemaitis electric 6-string and 12-string guitars
    Carl Palmer - drums, percussion, percussion synthesizers

    Views: 1677 | Date: 01.05.2010 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

    genre: prog
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (WavPack, cue, log, booklet scans)
    time: 1:11'52"
    size: 531 mb

    01 -Karn Evil 9 5:26
    02 -Tiger In A Spotlight 3:34
    03 -Hoedown 4:57
    04 -Touch & Go 4:12
    05 -Knife Edge 6:12
    06 -Bitches Crystal 4:30
    07 -Honky Tonk Train Blues 3:42
    08 -Take A Pebble 7:10
    09 -Lucky Man 5:06
    10 -Fanfare For The Common Man/Blue Rondo A La Turk 22:11
    11 -21st Century Schizoid Man/America 4:52

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    genre: prog
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (WavPack, cue, log, scans)
    time: 43'52"
    size: 292 mb
    issue: 2005 japan, compil.

    Works Volume II is an album released in 1977 by Emerson, Lake & Palmer. Unlike Works Volume I (which consisted of three solo sides and one ensemble side), Volume II was a single album which seemingly was a compilation of leftover tracks from other album sessions that had not made those albums. While many derided the album for its apparent lack of focus, others felt it showed a different side of the band, with blues, bluegrass and jazz being very prominent as musical genres in this recording.
    "When The Apple Blossoms Bloom...", "Tiger In A Spotlight" and "Brain Salad Surgery" had been recorded at the 1973 sessions for the album Brain Salad Surgery but did not appear on it - rather strangely in the case of the latter. Volume II also included a stripped-down version of Greg Lake's "I Believe in Father Christmas". An orchestral version of the song had previously been released as a solo Lake single in the UK and became something of an annual Christmas standard there.

    ... Read more »
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    http://oldishpsychprog.ucoz.com/news/pink_fairies_1971_never_never_land/2010-05-01-1212genre: prog
    country: italy
    quality : lossless (flac, cue, log, booklet covers)
    time: 78'32"+77'18"+78'58"
    size: ~ 1,5 gb
    misc.: compilation

    THE classic Italian band, certainly the best-known. Their first three Italian albums are all must-haves. Storia di un Minuto is a very striking debut. Their music is very symphonic, mixing influences from King Crimson and Genesis mostly, but in the end arriving at something not like anything before, and providing the mould for many other Italian and other European bands. Guitarist Franco Mussida is most obviously classically trained, keyboardist/main vocalist Flavio Premoli's playing ranges from gentle piano etudes to wailing Moog. Adding a distinctively Italian flavour is flute/violin player Mauro Pagani. The mixture works best on tracks such as the beautiful "Impressioni di Settembre" and the exuberant "E' Festa". Per Un Amico is an equally fine album, neatly balancing between gentle contemplation and bouncy melodicism, never getting especially heavy, but consistently interesting and lovely. Photos Of Ghosts is a poorly remixed version of Per Un Amico, with English lyrics by Peter Sinfield, who obviously didn't know what the original Italian lyrics were, and didn't seem to care. Some of the songs are reedited and stuck elsewhere, vocals are added to the instrumental "Generale!" (retitled "Mister Nine-Till-Five"), and there's even a wimpy re-recording of "E' Festa" called "Celebration". PLEASE get Per Un Amico if you can, Photos Of Ghosts is NO substitute! L'Isola Di Niente features a minor personnel change, their original bass player is replaced by ex-Area (!) member Jan Patrick Djivas. It's certainly their finest hour, with the breathtaking title-track beginning the album with a BIG bang. The intricately multilevelled "Four Holes In The Ground" is a classic, and became a concert favourite (not hard to see why!). "Via Lumiere" is a fine fusion-y instrumental, while "Dolcissima Maria" is a beautiful ballad. Even the English-language (again with Sinfield lyrics) "Is My Face On Straight?" is excellent. If you're just starting out in Italian prog, this is one to get! The World Became The World is another English-language album, but this time with the same music, so it's not as bad as Photos Of Ghosts. Again there is a re-recording of a song from the first album: the title song is "Impressioni di Settembre" with English lyrics. Cook is a high-quality live album recorded in Canada and the US, and is the same as the erroneously titled Italian album: Live in U.S.A.. Marconi Bakery is a compilation of music from the first three Italian albums. Later albums feature ex-Acqua Fragile leader Bernardo Lanzetti on lead vocals. I haven't heard these, but from what I've heard of Lanzetti, I'd expect these to be less listenable than the early albums. -- Mike Ohman

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    genre: garage, beat
    country: us
    quality : lossless (flac, cue , log, covers)
    time: 42'02" size: 240 mb
    misc.: live

    Fuzz Acid & Players:
    The origins of this Portland, Oregon band go back to 1957 when Lynn Easton and some of his pals from David Douglas High School formed a band which played at local dances and fairs and was a little unusual for featuring a small church type organ in its act. This phase in their career lasted until about 1962 when they got one of their early breaks. Ken Chase, Musical Director for KISN spotted them playing at a Portland teen club called The Headless Horseman and offered them a residency at his own bigger club, The Chase. They remained the house band there for a whole year. Then in 1963 Ken Chase helped them cut some audition tapes at the Old Northwest Recording Studio. Among the cuts recorded was Louie, Louie. Recorded under extremely primitive conditions it gave them a No 2 in the U.S. and reached No 26 in the UK, although Paul Revere And The Raiders' version (recorded the same week in the same studio) actually faired better in the Northwest. Chase had originally persuaded Jerry Dennon to release the song on his own Jerden label but later the group were signed by Wand becoming the first white act on what had been an all black label.
    Louie, Louie sold over seven million copies legally and a few more were pirated. The Kingsmen were extremely successful enjoying eight singles in the Top 100 and five Top 100 albums in the Billboard charts, selling over 20 million records in all. Of their albums (1), (2), (3), (4) and (5) peaked at Nos 20,15, 22, 68 and 87 respectively. All five are now becoming mini-collectables.
    Lynn Easton left the group in July 1967, the remaining members soldiered on until September 1968. There was a reformation in 1972 (line-up D) - Freddie Dennis had previously played with The Liverpool Five - and later in 1982 (line-up E), although they played mostly for fun. Norm Sunholm set up the Sun Amplifier Company with his brother using The Kingsmen as a testing ground for their products. Jack Ely is still in the music business in Portland and, since leaving the band, Lynn Easton has hosted a teen dance show, worked in advertising and most recently as a printing salesman. The band's stature as America's premiere garage band shows no sign of diminishing. Don Gallucci, went on to fame by forming Don & The Goodtimes and later Touch.

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    Kangaroo - 1968 - Kangaroogenre: harmony psych
    country: us
    quality : mp3 320k, scans
    time: 38'50"
    size: 93 mb

    Fuzz Acid & Flowers:
    When Barbara Keith and N.D.Smart relocated from Boston to Washington DC, they teamed up with local heroes John Hall and Ted Spelios (ex British Walkers), who were based in the downtown area. Kangaroo played at the Peppermint Lounge during their short lifespan.
    Basically their album's a country-rock influenced collection with some rather over-enthusiastic lead guitar. It does have two outstanding tracks which feature the beautiful vocals of Barbara Keith (the only two that do). Certainly an album that's worth a listen. John Hall was later with Orleans whilst, prior to Kangaroo N.D. Smart II had played with several bands including The Mark V, The Knights, Thee Rubber Band, The Remains {1966}, The Bait Shop and Bo Grumpus before joining Kangaroo in 1968. Whilst with Kangaroo he met the performance troupe The Hello People at the Cafe Wha? and worked with both groups for a while. In 1969 he left to work with Leslie West and was in the initial Mountain line-up, before joining Great Speckled Bird {1969-72}, and it's Woodstock based spin-off Hungry Chuck {1971-72}. In 1972 he worked with The Hello People once again.
    Barbara Keith wrote Free The People, the Delaney and Bonnie hit and also released an excellent eponymous solo album in 1969 on Reprise, with one of the best versions of All Along The Watchtower and the participation of Lowell George and N.D. Smart II. Ted Spelios later played with Holy Moses.
    (Mike Warth / Clark Faville / Max Waller / Stephane Rebeschini / Jason Odd)
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    genre: psych
    country: uk
    quality : loss (flac, cue, log, scans)
    time: 1:01'06"
    size: 113 mb

    01 - The Game 13:43
    02 - The Spirit Lives 4:15
    03 - Grown ups Are just Silly Children 2:56
    04 - Referendum 3:49
    05 - Forget me not 2:25
    06 - Hallucinating Light 6:25
    07 - When an Old Cricketer Leaves the Crease 7:29
    Bonus tracks on 1995 CD reissue:
    08 - The Spirit Lives (early mix 23-3-75) 4:37
    09 - When an Old Cricketer Leaves the Crease (live Exeter 31-10-77) 7:52
    10 - Hallucinating Light (7" single v.) 7:34

    Roy Harper – vocals, guitar
    David Gilmour – guitar on "The Game"
    John Paul Jones – bass on "The Game"
    Steve Broughton – drums on "The Game"
    Chris Spedding – guitar
    Bill Bruford – drums
    Dave Cochran – bass
    The Grimethorpe Colliery Band – brass on "When an Old Cricketer Leaves the Crease"
    Recorded at EMI Studios, Abbey Road

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    genre: rock
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (flac, cue, log, scans)
    time: 43'37"
    size: 286 mb

    Tapestry Of Delights:
    A progressive hard rock outfit from Newcastle, most notable for including Bob Sargeant, who later played in several other outfits, including The Mick Abrahams Band and Everyone. The album is reputedly very powerful and enjoyable. It's also rare and elusive but not as rare and sought-after as the 45 they recorded five years earlier for Columbia. At that time they were a mod band.
    They've reformed several times and still gig today around Tyneside, but there's been no other recorded output. Charlie Harcourt was later in Jackson Heights and Lindisfarne.

    01. Minotaur 4:27
    02. Fly Me High 4:46
    03. Change In Louise 3:53
    04. Black Widow 4:06
    05. Help Me 3:49
    06. Natural Thoughts 4:33
    07. Am I Blue 4:30
    08. Reprieve 3:51
    09. In The Morning 4:15
    10. Death By Fire 5:28

    BOB SARGEANT keyb'ds, vcls
    JOHN WOODS drms

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    genre: folk, psych
    country: uk
    quality : mp3 160k, cover
    time: 42'33"
    size: 51 mb
    issue: Holyground

    Tapestry of Delights:
    Another of these ultra rare privately-pressed albums, this was one of the rarest released on the Wakefield-based Holyground label but was recorded by a local college band. Only 99 copies were pressed and according to 'Record Collector', it begins with a couple of dull folk instrumentals before going through some wholly unexpected and bizarre changes; long before the end it becomes completely uncategorisable!

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    genre: prog
    country: uk
    quality : mp3 (320k, covers)
    time: 41'40" size: 142 mb

    Tapestry Of Delights:
    Something of a 'supergroup' since Jones came from Amen Corner and Bown and Spinetti from The Herd. Like most 'supergroups' they manifestly failed to live up to all the hype and only lasted for a couple of years. Their album was basically heavy progressive rock with lots of guitar, flute, sax and mellotrons.
    Bown later joined Storyteller before embarking on a solo career. He later joined Status Quo. Spinetti went into session work although he was later in several other bands.

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    genre: opera
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, covers)
    size: 533 mb
    issue: 1991 remaster 2cd

    Overture 3:59
    Heaven on their Minds 4:23
    What`s the Buzz /
    Strange Thing Mystifying 4:13
    Everything`s Alright 5:15
    This Jesus Must Die 3:36
    Total time: 21:26

    Hosanna 2:07
    Simon Zealotes / Poor Jerusalem 4:49
    Pilate`s Dream 1:28
    The Temple 4:43
    Everything`s Alright 0:34
    I Don`t Know How To Love Him 3:36
    Damned For All Time / Blood Money 5:11

    Total time: 22:28

    The Last Supper 7:10
    Gethsemane (! Only Want To Say) 5:33
    The Arrest 3:24
    Peter`s Denial 1:27
    Pilate And Christ 2:46
    King Herod`s Song 3:02

    Total time: 23:22

    Juda`s`Death 4:17
    Trial Before Pilate (Including the 39 lashes) 5:13
    Superstar 4:16
    Crucifixion 4:04
    John Nineteen: Forty-One 2:10

    Total time: 20:00

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    Style: rock
    Country: uk
    Audio: ape 877k
    Size: 273mb

    Tapestry of Delights:
    In 1972, whilst he was up North, Harvey spotted Scottish rock group Tear Gas playing. He joined forces with them and brought them down to London where they became known as The Sensational Alex Harvey Band. They signed to Vertigo and gradually developed an enthusiastic following as they evolved a theatrical stage act and some offbeat songs. They recorded several albums but are best remembered for their cover of Tom Jones' 1968 hit, Delilah.

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    Paul Kantner - 1983 - The Planet Earth Rock an Roll Orchestragenre: rock
    country: us
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)
    time: 41'50" size: 245 mb
    misc.: vinyl rip

    A side: (America)
    Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra (Kantner)
    (She Is A) Telepath (Kantner)
    Circle of Fire (Kantner)
    Mount Shasta (Kantner / Mathews / Nagle / Slick)
    Lilith's Song (Kantner / Slick / Sears)

    B side: (australia...Oz&Beyond)
    Transubstantiation Part 1: Esperanto (Kantner / Mathews / Nagle / Slick)
    Transubstantiation Part 2: Science Fiction (Kantner)
    Mountain Song (Kantner / Garcia)
    Declaration of Independence (Gibbs / Dougherty)
    Underground (The Laboratories) (Kantner / Mathews / Nagle)
    Sky Is No Limit (Kantner / Kantner)
    Let's Go (Kantner)

    Paul Kantner - guitar, synthesizer, banjo, glass harmonica, vocals
    John Blakeley - guitar
    Jack Casady - bass
    Craig Chaquico - guitar
    Aynsley Dunbar - drums
    David Freiberg - synthesizer, vocals
    Alexander Kantner - vocals
    China Kantner - vocals
    Scott Matthews - mandolin, piano, organ, harmonica, drums, synthesizer, saxophone, percussion, pedal steel guitar, vocoder, vocals
    Ronnie Montrose - guitar
    Ron Nagle - piano, vocals
    Pete Sears - piano
    Grace Slick - piano, vocals
    Mickey Thomas - vocals
    Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan (Flo and Eddie) - vocals
    The Durocs - sounds

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    Paul Kantner & Jefferson Starship - 1970 - Blows Against The Empiregenre: psych
    country: us
    quality : lossless (flac, cue, log, booklet scans)
    time: 1:10'04" size: 406 mb
    issue: 2005 remaster

    Side one
    1. "Mau Mau (Amerikon)" Paul Kantner, Grace Slick, Joey Covington 6:33
    2. "The Baby Tree" Rosalie Sorrels 1:42
    3. "Let's Go Together[n 1]" Kantner 4:11
    4. "A Child Is Coming" Kantner, Slick, David Crosby 6:15
    Side two: Blows Against the Empire
    1. "Sunrise" Slick 1:54
    2. "Hijack" Kantner, Slick, Marty Balin, Gary Blackman 8:18
    3. "Home" Kantner, Phil Sawyer, Graham Nash 0:37
    4. "Have You Seen the Stars Tonite?" Kantner, Crosby 3:42
    5. "XM" Kantner, Sawyer, Jerry Garcia, Mickey Hart 1:22
    6. "Starship" Kantner, Slick, Balin, Blackman 7:07
    Remastered CD bonus tracks
    11. "Let's Go Together[n 1]" (alternate lyrics) Kantner 4:22
    12. "Sunrise" (acoustic demo) Slick 1:21
    13. "Hijack" (acoustic demo) Kantner 7:02
    14. "SFX" (raw sound effects for XM) Kantner, Sawyer, Garcia, Hart 2:04
    15. "Starship" (Jefferson Airplane live, recorded September 14, 1970 at Fillmore West) Kantner, Slick, Balin, Blackman 10:07
    16. "Radio Spots" (hidden track) 2:57

    Paul Kantner – vocals, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, banjo, bass machine
    Grace Slick – piano, vocals
    Jerry Garcia – banjo on "Let's Go Together", pedal steel guitar on "Have You Seen the Stars Tonite", sound effects and vocals on "XM", lead guitar on "Starship"
    Bill Kreutzmann – drums on "Let's Go Together"
    Mickey Hart – percussion on "Have You Seen the Stars Tonite", sound effects and vocals on "XM"
    Joey Covington – drums and vocals on "Mau Mau", congas on "Hijack"
    Jack Casady – bass on "A Child Is Coming" and "Sunrise"
    David Crosby – vocals and guitar on "A Child Is Coming" and "Have You Seen the Stars Tonite", background vocals on "Starship"
    Graham Nash – congas on "Hijack", sound effects on "Home", background vocals on "Starship"
    David Freiberg – background vocals on "Starship"
    Harvey Brooks – bass on "Starship"
    Peter Kaukonen – lead guitar on "Mau Mau"
    Phil Sawyer – sound effects on "Home" and "XM"

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    genre: psych
    country: us
    quality : lossless (flac, cue, log, booklet scans)
    time: 53'18"
    size: 339 mb
    misc.: 2006 remaster, compil.

    Side one
    1. "It's No Secret" (from Jefferson Airplane Takes Off) Marty Balin 2:37
    2. "Blues From an Airplane" (from Jefferson Airplane Takes Off) Balin, Skip Spence 2:10
    3. "Somebody to Love" (from Surrealistic Pillow) Darby Slick 2:54
    4. "Today" (from Surrealistic Pillow) Balin, Paul Kantner 2:57
    5. "White Rabbit" (from Surrealistic Pillow) Grace Slick 2:27
    6. "Embryonic Journey" (from Surrealistic Pillow) Jorma Kaukonen 1:51
    7. "Martha" (from After Bathing at Baxter's) Kantner 3:21
    8. "The Ballad of You & Me & Pooneil" (from After Bathing at Baxter's) Kantner 4:30
    Side two
    1. "Crown of Creation" (from Crown of Creation) Kantner 2:53
    2. "Chushingura" (from Crown of Creation) Spencer Dryden 1:17
    3. "Lather" (from Crown of Creation) G. Slick 2:55
    4. "Plastic Fantastic Lover" (live; from Bless Its Pointed Little Head) Balin 3:39
    5. "Good Shepherd" (from Volunteers) traditional, arranged by Kaukonen 4:22
    6. "We Can Be Together" (from Volunteers) Kantner 5:50
    7. "Volunteers" (from Volunteers) Balin, Kantner 2:03
    2006 CD bonus tracks
    9. "Watch Her Ride" (from After Bathing at Baxter's) Kantner 3:16
    10. "Greasy Heart" (from Crown of Creation) G. Slick 3:27

    Marty Balin – vocals, rhythm guitar
    Grace Slick – vocals, piano, organ, recorder on all tracks except "It's No Secret" and "Blues from an Airplane"
    Paul Kantner – vocals, rhythm guitar
    Jorma Kaukonen – lead guitar, vocals
    Jack Casady – bass
    Spencer Dryden – drums, percussion on all tracks except "It's No Secret" and "Blues from an Airplane"
    Signe Anderson – vocals on "It's No Secret" and "Blues from an Airplane"
    Skip Spence – drums on "It's No Secret" and "Blues from an Airplane"
    Additional personnel:
    Gary Blackman - nose solo on "Lather"
    Gene Twombly - sound effects on "Lather"
    Nicky Hopkins - piano on "We Can Be Together" and "Volunteers"

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    genre: psych
    country: us
    quality : lossless (WavPack, cue, log, booklet scans)
    time: 1:10'46" size: 317 mb
    misc.: recorded live may '69

    "The Other Side of This Life" (Fred Neil) – 6:37
    "Somebody to Love" (Darby Slick) – 4:17
    "The Farm" (Paul Kantner, Gary Blackman) – 3:20
    "Greasy Heart" (Grace Slick) – 3:44
    "Good Shepard" (traditional, arranged by Jorma Kaukonen) – 5:35
    "Plastic Fantastic Lover" (Marty Balin) – 3:45
    "Uncle Sam Blues" (traditional, arranged by Kaukonen, Jack Casady) – 8:38
    "Volunteers" (Balin, Kantner) – 4:23
    "White Rabbit" (Slick) – 2:27
    "Won't You Try/Saturday Afternoon" (Kantner) – 5:09
    "Jam" (Kantner, Kaukonen, Casady, Dryden) – 10:09 (bonus track)
    "We Can Be Together" (Kantner) – 6:57 (bonus track)
    "3/5ths Of A Mile In 10 Seconds" (Balin) – 5:40 (bonus track)

    Marty Balin – vocals
    Grace Slick – vocals
    Paul Kantner – vocals, rhythm guitar
    Jorma Kaukonen – lead guitar, vocals
    Jack Casady – bass
    Spencer Dryden – drums, percussion

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    genre: psych
    country: us
    quality : lossless (flac, cue, log, scans)
    time: 58'38" size: 366 mb
    issue: japan, lyrics booklet

    PsychedelicShark :
    Jorma Kaukonen, lead guitarist, apparently came up with the band’s name, due to his interest in the arcane names chosen by old blues singers. In 1967 this was a hip album to have in your collection but it sounds slightly dated now. The mystery to UK pop fans was that White Rabbit was missing from the UK release of the album.
    Thank you RCA, I’m sure you had your reasons!
    It is a folky, dreamy record. Apart from the ‘anti drug’ White Rabbit, and caustic social comment from Balin on 3/5ths of a Mile in 10 Seconds and Plastic Fantastic Lover, the songs are romantic ballads. What has to be asserted, though, is how far the band had come on from earlier efforts. The earlier 'Takes Off' album showed the charming Signe Toly Anderson, not quite up to Slick's brilliance, and the Great Society live album demonstrated the roots of Indian psychedelia meets pop and folk.
    'Pillow,' though, is much better produced. Slick, Balin and Kantner weave mellow harmonies. Jorma plays a fine acoustic solo on ‘Embryonic Journey’ and powerful, understated lead on everything else.
    This is an album to get into over repeated listenings. It isn’t an in-your-face psychedelic freak out, but the melodies, voices, harmonies and sheer gentleness will get to you in the end.

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    Iron Butterfly - 1970 - Iron Butterfly Live

    genre: heavy psych
    country: us
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)
    time: 38'52"
    size: 218 mb
    Iron Butterfly photo

    Fuzz Acid & Flowers:

    This band originated in San Diego and evolved out of Gerry and The Gerritones and The Palace Pages in mid-1966. Their line-up went through a number of changes with Pinney and Willis leaving in the summer 1966, being replaced briefly by Penrod and Morris. After their first album Danny Weiss left in August 1967, to form Nirvana, which never got off the ground. He then auditioned for Electra's Project Supergroup. Penrod and DeLoach left the following month, with Penrod re-joining Weiss in Project Supergroup and DeLoach recording a solo 45. 'Project Supergroup' became Rhinoceros in February 1968.

    Their second and most successful album, In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, was recorded by Braunn, Dorman, Bushey (ex-Voxxmen) and Ingle. This remained near the top of the U.S. album charts for over two years and is generally thought to be the first album to go platinum. The title track, a seventeen minute composition of Doug Ingle's, comprised the whole of one side. Although the lyrics of the remaining tracks like Flowers and Beads and Termination sound dated today, they also accounted for the album's enormous popularity in the flower power era. Ingle's organ work (his father had been a church organist which accounted for the classical influence in his writing), is always to the fore. This gave the group a similar sound to The Doors and his classical influence is particularly evident in My Mirage.

    The album's phenomenal success proved too much for the group to live up to. In late 1969 Braunn was replaced by twin guitarists Mike Pinera (ex-Blues Image) and Larry Reinhardt (a former associate of Duane Allman). This new line-up recorded the live album and Metamorphosis but was unable to arrest the group's decline. They eventually dissolved on a farewell tour in 1971. Like so many other West Coast groups, they were to reform to cut two unsuccessful albums in 1975.

    Mike Pinera went on to Ramatam, New Cactus Band and Thee Image.
    (Vernon Joynson/Nick Warburton)
    In the Time of our Lives (Ingle/Bushy) 4:23
    Filled with Fear(Ingle) 3:27
    Soul Experience (Ingle/Bushy/Brann/Dorman) 3:55
    You Can`t Win (Weis/DeLoach) 2:48

    Are You Happy 4:03

    In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (Ingle) 19:00

    Eric Brann - guitar, vocals;
    Ron Bushy - drums;
    Lee Dorman - bass;
    Doug Ingle - vocals, keyboards.

    Producer: Richard Podolor, A Greene & Stone Production for York/Pala.
    Mixed at American Recording Company, Studio City, California.
    Mixing Engineer: Bill Cooper.

    Photos: Non Jenkins, Ron Bushy.
    Album Art: John Kress.

    oe: My beloved band & their Worldwide Excelent Live lp forever, highly recommended !!!
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    genre: jazz
    country: italy
    quality : lossless (flac, cue, log, scans)
    time: 38`37"
    size: 241 mb

    01 - Tailor Made 5:09
    02 - Something Inside Keeps You Down 6:11
    03 - Nova 7:10
    04 - Used To Be Easy 5:12
    05 - Toy 4:21
    06 - Stroll On 10:34

    Corrado Rustici (guitar)
    Danilo Rustici (guitar)
    Elio D'Anna (sax, flute)
    Franco Lo Previte (drums)
    Luciano Milanese (bass)

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    style: prog
    country: italy
    audio: lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)
    size: 212 mb
    issue: Mellow Records MMP 139

    Apoteosi is one of those Italian bands that one would tend to gloss over in light of the slew of excellent releases from that country, and understandably so. The band plays symphonic progressive rock with many of the usual characteristics; piano, flute, beautiful melodies, and a tendency to sound like PFM at times. Add that to the fact that the album came out in progressive rocks downswing, 1975, and is really not as highly touted as, say the Quella Vecchia Locanda or PFM albums, a conclusion could be drawn that a certain wannabe connoisseur of Italian prog (read: me) might have clean overlooked this album until just recently. Not surprisingly, it's actually really damn good. Thankfully, this Italian one shot has enough distinguishing qualities to make it a necessary purchase for any serious collector. Most obviously, Apoteosi features a full time female vocalist, who is quite nice, though her vocals certainly don't make or break the album. More importantly, the band has a slight hard rock/psych sound at times, with fuzzed out electric guitar solos, plenty of organ and moog, as well as thick, consistently intriguing basslines that tie the proceedings together nicely. Of course, these portions are always set against other, quieter segments that are more typically Italian, for better or worse. Piano and flute melodies create beautiful backdrops for the female vocalist, who generally chimes in when things settle down, allowing the instruments to carry the melodies when the band chooses to crank up the intensity.
    The best cut on here is probably the 14 minute two part second piece "Prima Realta/Frammentaria Rivolta", which features some absolutely sizzling moog lines over a driving rhythm section that will stick in your head for days. I remember back when I had only heard the album a few times, having the main theme from this piece in my head and being maddeningly unable to place it. The other highlight is the three part third track, which again exhibits some absolutely extraordinary melodies and powerful playing, especially with regard to the hard rockish guitar riffs. "Dimensione da Sogno" is uninteresting, basically a ballad over which the female vocals actually sound pretty cheesy. Still, its only about four minutes long, so no biggie. The album closes with what is perhaps the most atypical track on here, "Apoteosi" sounds vaguely improvised, build up around a repetitive bass groove as other instruments fall into place around it, building and releasing tension cyclically. Very cool. Essential at some point for fans of Italian symphonic for sure. - Greg Northrup
    Add Apoteosi to the list of great bands who sadly only did one or two albums in the '70s, then vanished into obscurity, only to become more famous than ever due to the prog revival of the '90s. The music on Apoteosi's one and only album is very energetic and vibrant at one time, then very mellow, melodic and beautiful at others. I think they sound a little like an Italian Camel with a female vocalist and more sophisticated compositions. This album has five tracks ranging from two minutes to nearly 15 minutes in length. They all flow pretty well together, so the album tends to sound as if it is one piece of music and passes by quickly. There are plenty of great analog synth and guitar solos to keep it interesting. This is a must for fans of Itaprog. - Scott Hamrick

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    If - 1971 - Waterfall
    genre: jazz
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, booklet scans)
    time: 47'52" size: 320 mb issue: 2003

    the Tapestry of Delights:
    A jazz-rock outfit who were originally formed in the late sixties by Morrisey and Smith. They toured relentlessly, particularly in the US, but never made much of a breakthrough here, although they attained considerable popularity in Europe. Their highly improvised, laid-back jazz-rock albums made good late night listening with red wine and a smoke.
    Elliot, Mealing and Richardson all left in 1972. Elliot was later in Foreigner. Dick Morrisey put together an entirely new line-up to record their two albums for Gull. After If's demise, saxophonist Morrisey linked up with guitarist Jim Mullen in quite a successful and enduring partnership. Terry Smith had earlier recorded a solo album, and together with Dave Quincy later formed Zzebra. Geoff Whitehorn later played on the reformed Fantasy album. Dave Quincey and Terry Smith (who also had a solo album) were also in Zzebra.

    "Waterfall" (D. Morrissey/B. Morrissey) – 5:42
    "The Light Still Shines" (Quincy/Humphrey) – 5:06
    "Sector 17" (Quincy) – 8:00
    "Paint Your Pictures" (D. Morrissey/B. Morrissey) – 5:18
    "Cast No Shadows" (Davies) – 7:30
    "Throw Myself to the Wind" (D. Morrissey/B. Morrissey) – 4:42
    Bonus tracks on CD release from 2003:
    "You in Your Small Corner" (Humphries, Quincy) – 3:28
    "Waterfall" (Morrissey, Morrissey) single version – 4:02
    "Waterfall" (Morrissey, Morrissey) mono version – 4:00

    Cliff Davies – drums
    Dennis Elliott – drums
    J.W. Hodgkinson – vocals, percussion
    John Mealing – piano, organ
    Dick Morrissey – saxophones, flute, vocals
    Dave Quincy – saxophones
    Jim Richardson – bass
    Terry Smith – guitar
    Dave Wintour – electric guitar & acoustic guitar, bass, vocals

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    genre: prog, fusion
    country: spain
    quality : lossless (flac, cue, log, scans)
    time: 40'16" size: 250 mb
    issue: 1997

    1. El caminant nocturn (8:21)
    2. Càntics de la carn (11:18)
    3. Riu d'agost (7:41)
    4. Embrujo (6:14)
    5. Crisàlide (6:30)

    - Jordi Colomer / drums, percussion
    - Josep "Kitflus" Mas / pianos, synthesizers
    - Primitivo Sancho / bass
    - Joaquim "Max" Suñe / guitars

    ... Read more »
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    Iceberg - 1976 - Coses nostres
    genre: prog, fusion
    country: spain
    quality : lossless (flac, scans)
    time: 48'42" size: 295 mb
    issue: 1997

    1. Preludi I record (2:14)
    2. Nova (musica de la Llum) (8:56)
    3. L'acustica (referencia d'un canvi interior) (9:10)
    4. La d'en Kitflus (6:49)
    5. La flamenca electrica (5:56)
    6. A Valencia (8:45)
    7. 11/8 (Manifest de la follia) (6:54)

    - Jordi Colomer / drums
    - Joseph "Kitflus" Mas / pianos, synthesizers
    - Primitivo Sancho / bass
    - Joaquim "Max" Suñe / guitars

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    genre: psych
    country: us
    quality : lossless (flac, cue, log, scans)
    time: 44'03" size: 256 mb

    01 - If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody 4:33
    02 - Calypso 3:51
    03 - Frank 'n' Curt Incensed 3:29
    04 - Turtledove 3:28
    05 - Mojo Hannah 3:30
    06 - Niartaes Hornpipe 2:12
    07 - Endless Sleep 3:58
    08 - She Raised Her Hand 3:42
    09 - Dakota Recollecti 12:40
    10 - Gentle Dreams 2:39

    Bass - Andy Kulberg , Donald Kretmar
    Drums - Roy Blumenfeld
    Flute - Andy Kulberg
    Guitar - John Gregory (2)
    Piano - Andy Kulberg
    Saxophone - Donald Kretmar
    Violin - Richard Greene
    Vocals - John Gregory (2)

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    genre: prog
    country: spain
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, booklet scans)
    time: 45'56" size: 307 mb
    issue: 2003

    The Spanish Progressive Rock Encyclopedia (review):
    Iceberg were easily one of *the* best Progressive bands to come from Spain, or anywhere else for that matter. Their music is a shifting, complex mixture of fusion guitar and symphonic keyboards. "Coses Nostres" is most similar to Return to Forever's "Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy". Anyone who like's that RTF album will flip over Iceberg. Guaranteed! The scorching guitar dueling it out with the sizzling synthesizer will make you drop your jaw. The rhythm section are mind-blowing, riffing non-stop and enjoining battle with the guitar and keyboards. Vocals are too scared to get hear this hotbed so it's instrumental all the way. The subsequent albums reveal a more unique voice for Iceberg though still a very fusionesque form of symphonic progressive. Well worth searching out but the Try for "Coses Nostres" or "Sentiments" as they're a bit better than "En Directe" or "Arc En Ciel" though any of these are fantastic. ~ Mike Taylor.

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    genre: funk, beat
    country: denmark
    quality : lossless (WavPack, cue, log, booklet scans)
    time: 39'12"
    size: 272 mb

    Ibrahim Electric is a Danish band situated primarily in Copenhagen, Denmark. Ibrahim Electric are widely famous in Denmark for their experimental music, many genres, including jazz, funk, afro-beat, surf and many more. The band members are Niclas Knudsen (guitar), Stefan Pasborg (drums) and Jeppe Tuxen (Hammond B-3) In 2005 they recorded a live CD with trombonist Ray Anderson at Copenhagen Jazzhouse, and repeated the success in 2007 with the CD "Ibrahim Electric Meets Ray Anderson - Again!"

    ... Read more »
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    genre: rock
    country: us
    quality : lossless (WavPack, cue, log, booklet scans)
    time: 33'28"
    size: 201 mb

    Wiki about band

    "Snakes on Everything" (Payne) – 3:04
    "Strawberry Flats" (Payne, George) – 2:20
    "Truck Stop Girl" (Payne, George) – 2:32
    "Brides of Jesus" (Payne, George) – 3:20
    "Willin'" (George) – 2:24
    "Hamburger Midnight" (George, Estrada) – 2:30
    "Forty-Four Blues / How Many More Years" (Chester Burnett) – 6:25
    "Crack in Your Door" (George) – 2:16
    "I've Been the One" (George) – 2:20
    "Takin' My Time" (Payne) – 3:45
    "Crazy Captain Gunboat Willie" (Payne, George) – 1:55

    Lowell George - vocals, lead, rhythm and slide guitars, harmonica
    Richard Hayward - drums, backing vocals
    Bill Payne - piano, keyboards, vocals
    Roy Estrada - bass, backing vocals

    Additional personnel:
    Russ Titelman - percussion, backing vocals, piano on "I've Been The One"
    Ry Cooder - slide guitar on "Willin'" and "Forty Four Blues / How Many More Years"
    Sneaky Pete Kleinow - pedal steel on "I've Been The One"
    Kirby Johnson - string and horn arrangements

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    genre: psych
    country: us
    quality : lossless (flac, cue, log, scans)
    time: 1:08'55" size: 112 mb
    misc.: compil. 67'-68'

    Fuzz Acid & Flowers:
    This band formed in the Chicago, Illinois suburb of McHenry in 1966. Despite its repetitive lyrics the band's only 45 I Live In The Springtime, has a strong enough melody to suggest that better things could have laid ahead.... but as it turned out, none of their other 1967-68 recording sessions were released on record until the mid-eighties.
    Ricky Erickson (ex-The Nuchez) was brought in to do guitar on the 45 after the band's original guitarist (George Sorenson) had quit prior to the recording and I Live ln The Springtime did get some airplay in New York. Consequently the Lemon Drops recorded a second 45, the hard rockin' It Happens Everyday backed by a Ricky Erickson composition Alone, at the RCA Studios in Chicago, but it was never released. They then recruited a new 17 year old singer Dick Sidman and working on an ambitious new project with tablas, flowery harmonies and numerous special effects ran up a studio bill of $1,200 that Reggie Weiss, the owner of Rembrandt Records couldn't pay. Only in 1985 were the master tapes from this session released as Crystal Pure.

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    the Leaves - 1966 - Hey Joegenre: beat
    country: us
    quality : lossless '93 (flac, cue, log, scans)
    time: 45'07" size: 270 mb


    01. Dr. Stone 2:20
    02. Just a Memory 2:17
    03. Get Out of My Life Woman 2:46
    04. Girl From the East 2:56
    05. He Was a Friend of Mine 3:23
    06. Hey Joe 2:48
    07. Words 2:31
    08. Back on the Avenue 3:05
    09. War of Distortion 2:08
    10. Tobacco Road 2:09
    11. Goodbye My Love 3:10
    12. Too Many People 3:15

    bonus on '93:
    13. "Be With You* (Bonus Track)" 2:08
    14. "You Better Move On * (Bonus Track)" 2:29
    15. "That's A Different Story* (Bonus Track)" 2:33
    16. "Love Minus Zero* (Bonus Track)" 2:33
    17. "Funny Little World* (Bonus Track)" 2:06
    Bass - Jim Pons
    Drums - Tom "Ambrose" Ray
    Guitar - Bobby Arlin , Robert Lee Reiner
    Producer - Norm Ratner
    Vocals - John Beck (4)
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    genre: prog
    country: italy
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)
    time: 34'06"
    size: 201 mb

    Based in Rome, L'Uovo di Colombo was another of those bands that just made an album without their record company support, so the band disappeared soon after the album release. Enzo Volpini and Ruggero Stefani had previously played together in I Fholks with future members of Reale Accademia di Musica, while Elio Volpini had been a member of Flea (on the Honey).
    L'Uovo di Colombo is a great album, with the very good voice of Toni Gionta (his real surname was Tartarini and he was later the singer with Cherry Five) backed by a keyboard/bass/drums trio in perfect Le Orme style with occasional use of acoustic and electric guitar. The solid rhythm section and competent keyboard playing give the album a very high quality and the eight tracks are all perfectly enjoyable.
    Two album tracks were also released as a single, the opening track, L'indecisione and the instrumental guitar-driven Turba, but with no success. Among the other album tracks, a mention for Consiglio, with keyboards in evidence and a very good vocal part.
    After the band's demise, drummer Ruggero Stefani joined Samadhi, then Mediterraneo and Gli Alunni del Sole.
    Elio Volpini went back to his old cohorts of Flea to form the jazz-rock outfit Etna.
    As said before, singer Gionta changed his name to Tony Tartarini and was briefly involved in Cherry Five.

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    genre: prog
    country: sweden
    quality : lossless (flac, cue, log, booklet scans)
    time: 1:01'18 + 21'10"
    size: 562 mb
    issue: 2007 remaster expanded w/bonus cd 2006 Waiting Paths

    KULTIVATOR is a Swedish band as unique as unclassifiable. This was formed in 1978 by the nucleus of TUNNELBANAN (Stefan Carlsson, Johan Svärd and Johan Hedrén), symphonic prog rock band highly influenced by YES and GENESIS, the guitarist Jonas Linge whose playing is reminiscent of Phil Miller and the soprano Ingemo Rylander. The band split just after the release of their first and unique album, due to the apparition of Punk-Rock and New-wave that appealed more to people at that time. The LP named "Barndomens Stigar" recorded in 1981 was reedited on CD by the APM label in 1992. On that occasion, the band reformed in order to release two bonus tracks. Today, the members of KULTIVATOR follow various artistic solo careers (music, theater and teaching).
    KULTIVATOR's music : a vast field of investigations ! It seems impossible in a first approximation to classify them in a musical category rather than in another. Indeed, the facets of their music are so numerous, and one can notice the same about their influences, and their originality taken from their folkloric Swedish roots. The band itself recognized the following influences : MAGMA, KING CRIMSON, HATFIELD & THE NORTH, HENRY COW, ART BEARS, GENTLE GIANT, ART ZOYD and UNIVERS ZERO. A true hybrid to sum up that blends influences from Zeuhl, Art Rock, Canterbury, RIO and symphonic prog rock.
    Some famous "journalistic shortcuts" place them halfway between Zeuhl and Canterbury ('Halfway between heaven and earth' sang Richard Sinclair...). Reality, in the light of their music and their influences, is much more complex and it needs a better definition of what Zeuhl is; much more than what commonly defines it on the base of powerful, hypnotic and repetitive themes, achieved by the rhythm section and the piano or on the base of incantatory chants with melodies at times dissonant but above all simple in terms of harmony.
    So ? The question is not "To be Zeuhl or not to be". The answer would have been given by the following albums once KULTIVATOR would have found its musical maturity and would have gone farther than its original influences. Anyway, "Barndomens Sigar" is a must-have for any prog lover."
    Tauhd Zaïa, FRANCE
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    genre: rock
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, booklet scans)
    time: 1:16'16"
    size: 575 mb

    "Opening" – 0:38
    "Wall of Fire" – 5:01
    "Drift Away" – 5:05
    "Still Searching" – 4:52
    "Phobia" – 5:16
    "Only a Dream" – 5:04
    "Don't" – 4:36
    "Babies" – 4:47
    "Over the Edge" – 4:20
    "Surviving" – 6:00
    "It's Alright (Don't Think About It)" (Dave Davies) – 3:34
    "Informer" – 4:03
    "Hatred (A Duet)" – 6:06
    "Somebody Stole My Car" – 4:04
    "Close to the Wire" (Dave Davies) – 4:01
    "Scattered" – 4:11
    "Did Ya" (bonus track - Japan only) – 4:32

    All songs by Ray Davies, except as noted

    Ray Davies - guitar, keyboards, vocals
    Dave Davies - guitar, vocals
    Jim Rodford - bass, background vocals
    Bob Henrit - drums

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    country: uk
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, booklet scans)
    time: 52'10" size: 350 mb

    "Aggravation" – 6:10
    "How Do I Get Close?" – 5:07
    "UK Jive" – 3:49
    "Now and Then" – 3:32
    "What Are We Doing?" – 3:38
    "Entertainment" – 4:19
    "War Is Over" – 3:41
    "Down All the Days (To 1992)& ... Read more »
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    genre: prog
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (flac, cue, log, booklet scans)
    time: 1:03'55" + 53'52"
    size: 781 mb
    misc.: live '71 - '72 2cd
    issue: 2007 private

    Volume One: Ladies of the Road [unabridged]
    01. Pictures of a City [from Live at Summit Studios] (8:46)
    02. The Letters [from Live at Plymouth] (4:42)
    03. Formentera Lady [from Live in Detroit] (9:15)
    04. The Sailors Tale [unknown origin] (5:35)
    05. Cirkus [from Live in Detroit] (7:58)
    06. Groon [from Live at Summit Studios] (6:52)
    07. Get Thy Bearings [unknown origin] (8:33)
    08. 21st Century Schizoid Man [from Live at Summit Studios] (8:57)
    09. In the Court of the Crimson King [from Live in Detroit] (3:17)

    Volume Two: Schizoid Men [gently ending]
    01 - 11. Schizoid Men [plus a hidden "Schizoid Men" track]

    - Robert Fripp (guitar, mellotron)
    - Boz Burrell (bass, vocals)
    - Mel Collins (saxes, flute, mellotron)
    - Ian Wallace (drums)
    - Peter Sinfield (FOH sound & VCS3 on Volume One)

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    genre: neo prog
    country: us
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, booklet scans)
    time: 1:08'14"
    size: 488 mb

    "Icarus II" – 7:17
    "When the World Was Young" – 5:50
    "Grand Fun Alley" – 4:38
    "The Coming Dawn (Thanatopsis)" – 5:44
    "Myriad" – 8:55
    "Look at the Time" – 5:37
    "Disappearing Skin Tight Blues" – 7:02
    "Distant Vision" – 8:48
    "Byzantium" – 4:15
    "Not Man Big" – 8:39
    "Geodesic Dome" [hidden track] – 1:24

    Phil Ehart - drums
    Billy Greer - bass, lead vocals (track 6), background vocals
    Dave Hope - bass (tracks 2 & 6)
    Kerry Livgren - guitar, keyboard
    Robby Steinhardt - violin, viola, lead vocals (tracks 3, 7, 8), background vocals
    Steve Walsh - lead vocals (tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10), background vocals
    Rich Williams - guitar

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    Kansas - 1976 - Leftoverture
    genre: prog
    country: us
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, booklet scans)
    time: 55'22" size: 352 mb
    issue: 2001 remaster

    side A:
    1. "Carry On Wayward Son" 5:25
    2. "The Wall" Livgren, Steve Walsh 4:51
    3. "What's on My Mind" 3:28
    4. "Miracles Out of Nowhere" 6:28
    side B:
    5. "Opus Insert" Livgren, Walsh 4:28
    6. "Questions of My Childhood" Livgren, Walsh 3:40
    7. "Cheyenne Anthem" 6:55
    8. "Magnum Opus (Father Padilla Meets the Perfect Gnat / Howling at the Moon / Man Overboard / Industry on Parade / Release the Beavers / Gnat Attack)" Livgren, Walsh, Phil Ehart, Dave Hope, Rich Williams, Robby Steinhardt 8:35
     cd bonus:
    09. Carry On Wayward Son (Live - Previously Unreleased) 4:45
    10. Cheyenne Anthem (Live - Previously Unreleased)

    Phil Ehart - drums, percussions
    Dave Hope - bass
    Kerry Livgren - guitars, keyboards
    Robby Steinhardt - violin, viola, vocals, Lead Vocals On "Miracles Out Of Nowhere" and "Cheyenne Anthem"
    Steve Walsh - keyboards, Lead vocals
    Rich Williams - guitars
    Additional personnel:
    Toye LaRocca – vocals
    Cheryl Norman – vocals

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    genre: blues
    country: us
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, booklet scans)
    time: 38'03" size: 230 mb
    issue: 1998

    Side one
    1. "I See the Light" 4:15
    2. "Letter to the North Star" 2:31
    3. "Easy Now" 5:10
    4. "Corners Without Exits" 3:37
    5. "Day to Day Out the Window Blues" 3:26
    Side two
    1. "In the Kingdom" 5:26
    2. "Seeweed Strut" 3:25
    3. "Living Just for You" 3:18
    4. "Soliloquy for 2" 3:42
    5. "Sally, Where'd You Get Your Liquor From?" (Reverend Gary Davis) 2:56

    Jorma Kaukonen – vocals, guitars
    Jack Casady – electric bass, bass balalaika
    Sammy Piazza – drums, spoons, percussion
    Additional Personnel:
    Tom Salisbury – conductor of strings and woodwinds on "Corners Without Exits" and "Soliloquy for 2"
    Andrew Narell – steel drums on "Living Just for You"

    ... Read more »
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    genre: blues
    country: us
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)
    time: 47'28" size: 268 mb
    issue: remaster

    Side one
    1. "Hesitation Blues" traditional, arranged by Jorma Kaukonen, Jack Casady 5:05
    2. "How Long Blues" Leroy Carr 3:24
    3. "Uncle Sam Blues" traditional, arranged by Kaukonen, Casady 5:04
    4. "Don't You Leave Me Here" Jelly Roll Morton 2:50
    5. "Death Don't Have No Mercy" Rev. Gary Davis 6:10
    Side two
    1. "I Know You Rider" traditional, arranged by Kaukonen 3:59
    2. "Oh Lord, Search My Heart" Davis 3:47
    3. "Winin' Boy Blues" Morton 5:25
    4. "New Song (for the Morning)" Kaukonen 4:55
    5. "Mann's Fate" Kaukonen 5:20

    Jorma Kaukonen – acoustic guitar, vocals
    Jack Casady – bass
    Will Scarlett – harmonica

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    Hawkwind - 1997 - Live & Rare: Onward Flies the Birdgenre: heavy psych
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)
    time: 1:16'21"
    size: 479 mb
    misc.: compil.

    01. Earth Calling 2:12
    02. Born To Go 5:02
    03. Space Is Deep 8:31
    04. Silver Machine 4:01
    05. Motorhead 3:06
    06. Angels of Death 1:43
    07. Magnu 2:49
    08. Hash Cake '77 4:44
    09. High Rise 5:41
    10. Douglas in the Jungle 6:45
    11. Urban Guerilla 6:29
    12. Who's Gonna Win the War 4:52
    13. Masters of the Universe 3:28
    14. You Shouldn't Do That 8:55
    15. Spirit of the Age

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    genre: heavy psych
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)
    time: 1:12'24" size: 444 mb
    misc.: compil. '80, '85

    01. Master of the Universe 3:31
    02. Earth Calling 2:14
    03. Psychosis 2:23
    04. Space Chase 3:10
    05. Angels of Death 4:18
    06. Motorway City 6:48
    07. Born to Go 5:06
    08. Brainstorm (Live) 8:41
    09. Spirit of the Age 7:56
    10. Motorhead 3:08
    11. Dealing with the Devil 2:10
    12. World of Tiers 3:18
    13. The Fifth Second of Forever 3:30
    14. Dust of Time 6:22
    15. Levitation 5:50
    16. Silver Machine (Live)

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    genre: heavy psych
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)
    time: 37'40"
    size: 217 mb

    1. Levitation
    2. Motorway City
    3. Psychosis
    4. World of Tiers
    5. Prelude
    6. Who's Gonna Win the War
    7. Space Chase
    8. The 5th Second of Forever
    9. Dust of Time

    - Harvey Bainbridge / bass, backing vocals
    - Ginger Baker / drums
    - Tim Blake / keyboards
    - Dave Brock / vocals, guitars, synthesizers
    - Huw Lloyd-Langton / lead guitars

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    Hawkwind - 1992 - The Friday Rock Show Sessions

    genre: heavy psych
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)
    time: 1:01'21"
    size: 437 mb
    misc.: live '86

    - Harvey Bainbridge / keyboards, vocals
    - Dave Brock / guitar, keyboards, vocals
    - Alan Davey / bass, vocals
    - Huw Lloyd Langton / guitar, vocals
    - Danny Thompson / drums

    Recorded live for BBC Radio 1's Friday Rock Show at The Reading Festival on 24 August 1986.

    01. Magnu / Angels Of Death 8:25
    02. Pulsing Cavern 3:19
    03. Assault And Battery 4:40
    04. Needle Gun 4:46
    05. Master Of The Universe 4:45
    06. Utopia 4:36
    07. Dream Worker 12:47
    08. Assassins Of Allah (Hassan I Sahba) 6:32
    09. Silver Machine

    ... Read more »
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    genre: heavy psych
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)
    time: 34'08" size: 220 mb
    issue: 1990

    01. Ten Seconds Of Forever 2:11
    02. Brainstorm 12:15
    03. Seven By Seven 9:04
    04. Master Of The Universe 7:46
    05. Welcome To The Future

    - Dave Brock / guitar, vocals
    - Lemmy / bass, vocals
    - Nik Turner / sax, flute, vocals
    - Bob Calvert / poet, swazzle
    - Simon King / drums
    - Dik Mik / audio generator
    - Del Dettmar / audio generator

    ... Read more »
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    genre: hard
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (Wav, cue, log, scans)
    time: 35'56"
    size: 376 mb

    Ian Gillan - vocals and harmonica
    Roger Glover - synthesizer, kalimba and vocals
    John Gustafson - bass and vocals
    Ray Fenwick - guitars and vocals
    Mark Nauseef - drums and percussion
    Mike Moran - keyboards

    Side 1
    "Lay Me Down" (Ian Gillan, Ray Fenwick, Mark Nauseef, John Gustafson)—2:55
    "You Make Me Feel So Good" (Gillan, Mike Moran, Dave Wintour, Bernie Holland, Andy Steele)—3:41
    "Shame" (Gillan, Fenwick, Nauseef, Gustafson)—2:47
    "My Baby Loves Me" (Gillan, Fenwick, Nauseef, Roger Glover)—3:35
    "Down The Road" (Gillan, Fenwick, Nauseef, Gustafson, Glover)—3:27
    Side 2
    "Child In Time" (Ritchie Blackmore, Gillan, Glover, Jon Lord, Ian Paice)—7:23
    "Let It Slide" (Gillan, Fenwick, Nauseef, Gustafson, Moran)—11:41

    ... Read more »
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    Genesis - 1998 - Archive 1967-75
    genre: prog
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)
    time: 50'35" + 52'29" + 1:15'02" + 1:12'36"
    size: 1,4 gb

    This retrospective set covers the band's classic years when Peter Gabriel was lead singer. The first two of the four discs consist of a previously unreleased live recording of The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway from 1975. Some of Peter Gabriel's vocals on the live recordings of this box set were re-recorded by the singer in 1995 due to technical problems with the recording as well as elaborate costumes that often muffled his voice.[1] Guitarist Steve Hackett re-recorded some guitar parts as well.
    In addition, Genesis Archive 1967–75 includes some performances from an unreleased live concert from London's Rainbow Theatre in 1973, demos, rare B-sides and BBC Sessions in 1970. All 52 tracks (besides the last 3 on disc 3) had been previously unreleased. The entire set is arranged in reverse chronological order.
    A well-received package, Genesis Archive 1967–75 reached #35 in the UK.

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    Style: sympho prog
    Country: mexico
    Audio: ape 818k
    Size: 477 mb

    from Gibraltar :
    Absolutely superb symphonic instrumental band. Imagine the very best of Tony Banks and Steve Hackett (in particular, Trick of the Tail and Wind and Wuthering) and combine it with the power and majesty of Yes ("Awaken," Tales From Topographic Oceans) and you only begin to understand what this band is about. A must. A steaming hot band with ALMOST enough chops to pull it off. "Cuentos De Arquicia" is a blistering, energetic, complex instrumental built on a tritone chord progression. The players make a fair number of mistakes, mostly in timing. But given the complexity and speed of the music, one can ignore the sloppiness. This tune cooks! The second tune, "Manantial," is a slow, floating, dreamlike instrumental with nice bass work and a melodic guitar part. Not bad. Iconoclasta sounds like a band with great potential. This was their first album, and you can tell. Iconoclasta is part of the "new generation" of progressive music still being produced, and one of the few progressive bands from Mexico. While Mexico is not an obvious hot bed of progressive coals, Iconoclasta makes a worthy attempt at creating quality progressive music. Iconoclasta have several albums and one EP, which have recently become available on CD. Iconoclasta's 1983 self-titled first release represents a developing band that is still trying to find a style. Progressive doesn't come naturally from this band. It seems obvious that the band members have a passion for prog rock, but their overall style still sounds like a smattering of other bands rather than a cohesive whole. I keep getting the feeling that I've heard it all before. "Cuentos De Arquicia," the first cut, sounds almost popish, with a bouncy keyboard line. But Iconoclasta's sound develops in the second cut, and improves with each tune. The main instrument is the electric guitars, with the keyboards secondary, though frequently used. Ricardo Ortegon is a capable guitarist, but needs to find a few more tones for his guitar. It seems that Ortegon's first exposure to electric guitar was the "two slightly distorted guitars" from Mike Oldfields Tubular Bells. That tone is predominant throughout the album, though Ortegon breaks out from that tone somewhat in Reminiscencias. By "Memorias De Un Hechicero," I was tapping my foot and bouncing my head, despite myself. That is a good sign. "Estudio VI" is a guitar study over a progressive keyboard rhythm. Flamenco and other Mexican styles really surface in this tune, though other Mexican rhythms can be detected throughout. But fortunately, this album isn't JUST flamenco guitar and progressive rhythm. Reminiscencias is a far better conceived thematic work than Iconoclasta, addressing the band's pacifist anti-nuclear stance and their criticism of the arms race. However, I couldn't detect this by listening to the new singer, since the lyrics are falsetto Spanish. Fortunately, the focus is on the instruments and not the voice. The music is thoughtful and introspective, progressing toward a unified whole rather than a slapped together amalgamation. The 16'40 opus, "Reminiscencias De Un Mundo Sin Futuro" (Reminiscences Of A World Without A Future), is the centerpiece of this album. Though I think this epic cut starts out a little slow, the tune develops rather nicely, again showing Mexican influences throughout. This tune is a very good piece that definitely has its moments. I really would like to hear some of the later Iconoclasta. After listening to their first two attempts, I can definitely see a decent band in development, one that could become excellent with maturity. If Iconoclasta continues in the same direction, they may forge a unique, quality style of their own that pays homage to the best of the Italian progressive stylings and the band's Mexican origin. I haven't heard the others, but Soliloquio is supposed to have a fusion tinge, while remaining symphonic, and Adolescencia is supposed to be squarely in the rock-jazz vein. -- Mike Taylor Mexican progressive group. Largely instrumental, but the occasional Spanish vocals are very good. With the exception of intentional use of Mexical folk instruments, there is no trace of Mexican music (e.g., mariachi), the sound is much more like the Mahavishnu Orchestra or one of the Italian progressive groups. The best-known Mexican progressive, and for good reason! Their first two albums are true classics, with intricate arrangements for double guitar (electric and acoustic) and virtuosic keyboards. The first album emphasizes the guitar, and quite well. The second one features some great keyboard playing by Rosa Flor Moreno, especially on "Era De Metabolismos Tecnologicos", in which she plays some stunningly complex synth parts. The 18-minute "Remeniscencias de un Mundo sin Futur" features some uncredited vocals. Both highly recommended. -- Mike Ohman 
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    Anthony Phillips - 1998 - The Archive Collection Vol. 1Style: prog
    Country: uk
    Audio: lossless (ape)
    Size: 452 mb
    Issue: Cd. Blueprint BP 279 (The first 1000 copies included a bonus CD EP - Volume Two)

    01. Back To Pluto (1987) 0:30
    02. Promenade (alternate version, 1986) 3:44
    03. Take This Heart (demo, 1972) 4:19
    04. Beside The Waters Edge (demo, 1977) 3:45
    05. The Geese & The Ghost (kiddies mix, 1975) 2:00
    06. Which Way The Wind Blows (alternate version, 1974) 2:36
    07. Rowey Song (1972) 4:11
    08. Lucy Will (demo, 1978) 3:05
    09. God If I Saw Her Now (demo, 1970) 3:34
    10. In Memoriam Ad( demo, 1970) 3:23
    11. Hunt Song (demo, 1977) 6:54
    12. Rule Britannia Closing Theme (1981) 1:10
    13. Exocet (instrumental mix, 1983) 3:10
    14. Study In G (1978) 3:51
    15. Holy Deadlock (vocal mix, 1978) 0:53
    16. Catch You When You Fall (1978) 3:15
    17. F Sharp (demo, 1969) 2:48
    18. The Geese And The Ghost (demo, 1969) 6:38
    19. F Sharp 2 (demo, 1969) 4:44
    20. Rowey Reprise (1972) 1:20
    21. Slow Dance (single demo, 1990) 2:41
    22. The Brunt-Out Cattle Truck Hits The Road (1990) 0:18
    23. The Women Were Watching (instrumental mix, 1983)

    Anthony Phillips - 1998 - The Archive Collection Vol. 2
    01. Kip PJ (1978) 0:32
    02. Queen Bettine (demo, 1972) 4:16
    03. What Is The Meaninig? (demo, 1969); Farewell (demo, 1969) 5:58
    04. Cradle Song (1979)

    Anthony Phillips / guitars, piano, guitar, synthesizers, vocals, Mellotron, drums, bass, amondocello
    Jeff Dunne / drums
    Michael Giles / drums, percussion
    John Hackett / oboe
    Richard MacPhail / tambourine
    Dale Newman / vocals
    Dan Owen / vocals
    John G. Perry / Wal bass
    Rob Phillips / oboe
    Paul Robinson / drums
    Mike Rutheford / 12 string guitar, bass, glockenspiel
    Richard Scott / Roland 808, Scamp
    Jonathan Snowden / piccolo

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    the Byrds - 1966 - Fifth Dimension
    genre: beat, psych
    country: us
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, booklet covers)
    time: 1:02'21"
    size: 342 mb
    issue: 1996

    Original album tracks:
    "5D (Fifth Dimension)": Jim McGuinn Rec. date: May 25, 1966
    "Wild Mountain Thyme": Traditional, arranged by Jim McGuinn, Chris Hillman, Michael Clarke, and David Crosby Rec. date: May 25, 1966
    "Mr. Spaceman": Jim McGuinn Rec. date: April 29, 1966
    "I See You": Jim McGuinn and David Crosby Rec. date: May 19, 1966
    "What's Happening?!?!": David Crosby Rec. date: April 29, 1966
    "I Come and Stand At Every Door": Music traditional, lyrics adapted from a poem by Nazim Hikmet Rec. date: May 16, 1966
    "Eight Miles High": Gene Clark, Jim McGuinn and David Crosby Rec. date: January 25, 1966
    "Hey Joe (Where You Gonna Go)": Billy Roberts Rec. date: May 17, 1966
    "Captain Soul": Chris Hillman, David Crosby, Michael Clarke and Jim McGuinn Rec. date: May 18, 1966
    "John Riley": Bob Gibson and R. Neff Rec. date: May 25, 1966
    "2-4-2 Fox Trot (The Lear Jet Song)": Jim McGuinn Rec. date: May 3, 1966

    1996 Bonus Tracks:
    "Why" (single version): Jim McGuinn and David Crosby Rec. date: January 24, 1966 Also appears on single and on Boxed Set
    "I Know My Rider" aka "I Know You, Rider": Traditional, arranged by David Crosby, Jim McGuinn & Chris Hillman. Rec. date: July 28, 1966 Also appears on Boxed Set
    "Psychodrama City": David Crosby Rec. date: July 28, 1966 Also appears on Boxed Set
    "Eight Miles High": (RCA version) Rec. date: December 22, 1965 Also appears on Never Before
    "Why": (RCA version) Rec. date: December 22, 1965 Also appears on Never Before
    "John Riley" (instrumental version 1): Rec. date: May 4, 1966 Previously unreleased version.

    On "Eight Miles High," "Why" (single and alt. 2 versions): The Byrds v. 1.0:
    Jim McGuinn: vocals, 12 string lead guitar, 6 string guitar
    Gene Clark: vocals, tambourine
    David Crosby: vocals, 6 string guitar, some 12 string guitar
    Chris Hillman: bass, mandolin
    Michael Clarke: drums, percussion

    On all other songs from album sessions: The Byrds v. 2.0:
    Jim McGuinn: vocals, 12 string lead guitar, 6 string guitar
    David Crosby: vocals, 6 string guitar, some 12 string guitar
    Chris Hillman: vocals, bass, mandolin
    Michael Clarke: drums, percussion

    On "5D (Fifth Dimension)" Add Van Dyke Parks on organ and electric piano
    On "I See You" Add clavia
    On "Hey Joe" Add cowbell
    On "Captain Soul" Gene Clark: add harmonica
    On "John Riley" Add banjo, strings
    On "2-4-2 Fox Trot (The Lear Jet Song)" Add Lear Jet sound effects

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    genre: beat
    country: us
    quality : lossless (flac, cue, log, booklet scans)
    time: 1:00'29" size: 339 mb

    Fuzz Acid & Flowers:

    While they only had two big hits, The Beau Brummels were one of the most important and underrated American groups of the '60s. They were the first U.S. unit of any sort to successfully respond to the British Invasion. They were arguably the first folk-rock group, even predating The Byrds, and also anticipated some key elements of the San Francisco psychedelic sound with their soaring harmonies and exuberant melodies. Before they finally reached the end of the string, they were also among the first bands to record country-rock in the late sixties.

    The key axis of the band was formed by guitarist/songwriter Ron Elliott, who penned most of the Brummels' moody and melodious material, and singer Sal Valentino, owner of one of the finest voices in mid-sixties rock. Spotted by local DJ Tom Donahue in a club in San Mateo (just south of San Francisco), the group were signed to Donahue's small San Francisco-based label Autumn Records in 1964. With Sly Stewart (later Sly Stone) in the producer's chair, they made the Top 20 right off the bat with Laugh, Laugh. The melancholy, minor-key original sounded so much like the British bands inundating the airwaves that many listeners initially mistook the Brummels for an English act. The follow-up single, Just A Little, was another excellent, melancholy number that became their biggest hit, making the Top Ten.
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    genre: psych
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (flac, cue, log, booklet scans)
    time: 1:18'55"
    size: 505 mb
    issue: 2002 Emi remaster

    tapestry of delights:
    The roots of this band lie in the Oldham-based mid-sixties R&B groups, The Blues Keepers, and Heart and Soul and The Wickeds. These merged into a six-piece Blues Keepers which in 1966 became a four-piece. Then after John Crowther, a local businessman, became their manager they were installed in an 18th century farmhouse in Saddleworth Moor, adopting the new name of Barclay James Harvest.

    Their first single, Early Morning, was crisp, clear and harmonious. It got quite a lot of airplay from John Peel at the time but didn't sell in any quantities and is now quite hard to find. The follow-up, Brother Thrush, was similar but had a fuller sound and a wider appeal. However, in terms of sales, it fared no better than its predecessor. Shortly after its release they met Robert John Godfrey, who helped them assemble The Barclay James Harvest Orchestra. This basically consisted of a loose knit group of classical music students who accompanied the band at live concerts and on recordings.

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    genre: beat
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (ape separate, scans, no log & cue)
    time: 1:00'50" size: 307 mb

    01 Lady Madonna 3:23
    02 Across The Universe 3:48
    03 Brian Epstein Blues 1:05
    04 Hey Jude , Las Vegas Tune 5:21
    05 I Hate To See The Evening Sun Go Down 1:01
    06 Back In The U.S.S.R. 2:49
    07 Rocky Racoon 3:50
    08 Wild Honey Pie 1:09
    09 Mother Nature's Son 2:50
    10 Sexy Sadie 3:55
    11 Don't Pass Me By 5:05
    12 Yer Blues 4:35
    13 Good Night 3:06
    14 Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me 2:28
    15 Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da 3:18
    16 Blackbird 2:23
    17 Not Guilty 4:12
    18 What's The New Mary Jane (take 4) 6:33

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    genre: beat
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (WavPack, cue, log, scans)
    time: 33'03" size: 218 mb

    01. I Saw Her Standing There 2:56
    02. Misery 1:52
    03. Anna (Go To Him) 2:59
    04. Chains 2:28
    05. Boys 2:28
    06. Ask Me Why 2:29
    07. Please Please Me 2:04
    08. Love Me Do 2:24
    09. P.S. I Love You 2:07
    10. Baby It's You 2:44
    11. Do You Want To Know A Secret 2:00
    12. A Taste Of Honey 2:06
    13. There's A Place 1:53
    14. Twist And Shout 2:33


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    genre: surf
    country: us
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, covers)
    time: 1:00'59"
    size: 416 mb
    issue: 1991 remaster

    01. Surfer Girl 2:29
    02. Catch A Wave 2:10
    03. The Surfer Moon 2:14
    04. South Bay Surfer 1:48
    05. The Rocking Surfer 2:03
    06. Little Deuce Coupe 1:41
    07. In My Room 2:14
    08. Hawaii 2:02
    09. Surfer's Rule 1:56
    10. Our Car Club 2:25
    11. Your Summer Dream 2:29
    12. Boogie Woodie 2:00
    13. Fun, Fun, Fun 2:05
    14. Don't Worry Baby 2:50
    15. In The Parkin' Lot 2:04
    16. 'Cassius' Love Vs. 'Sonny' Wilson 3:32
    17. The Warmth of the Sun 2:54
    18. This Car of Mine 1:37
    19. Why Do Fools Fall In Love 2:09
    20. Pom Pom Play Girl 1:33
    21. Keep An Eye On Summer 2:24
    22. Shut Down, Part II 2:10
    23. Louie Louie 2:20
    24. Denny's Drums 1:59

    25. Fun, Fun, Fun - (mono, bonus track, single version) 2:22
    26. In My Room - (bonus track, German version) 2:20
    27. I Do - (bonus track)

    Al Jardine - guitar, vocals, bass;
    Mike Love - vocals, saxophone;
    Brian Wilson - vocals, guitar, keyboards, percussion;
    Carl Wilson - guitar, keyboards, vocals;
    Dennis Wilson - drums, vocals.
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    genre: heavy prog
    country: netherlands
    quality : lossless (flac, cue, log, scans)
    time: 1:11'17" size: 469 mb

    1. Prologue (3:17):
    A The time telepathy experiment
    B Overture
    C Ayreon's quest Act I 'The dawning'
    2. The awareness (6:36):
    A The premonition
    B Dreamtime (words become a song)
    C The awakening
    3. Eyes of time (5:06):
    A Eyes of time
    B Brainwaves
    4. The banishment (11:08):
    A A new dawn
    B The gathering
    C The accusation
    D The banishment E Oblivion
    Act II 'King Arthur's court'
    5. Ye courtyard minstrel boy (2:46)
    6. Sail away to Avalon (4:02)
    7. Nature's dance (2:28)
    Act III 'Visual echoes'
    8. Computer-reign (game over) (3:25)
    9. Waracle (6:44)
    10. Listen to the waves (4:59)
    11. Magic ride (3:36)
    Act IV 'Merlin's will and Ayreon's fate'
    12. Merlin's will (3:20)
    13. The charm of the seer (4:12)
    14. Swan song (2:44)
    15. Ayreon's fate (6:56):
    A Ayreon's fate
    B Merlin's prophecy
    C Epilogue

    Arjen Lucassen - All guitars, keyboards and bass on Dreamtime (Words Become a Song), Waracle, Listen to the Waves, Merlin's Will, The Charm of the Seer
    Cleem Determeijer - Hammond, minimoog, mellotron, vocoder, oberheim, juno, harpsichord, piano and keyboards
    Ernst van Ee - All drums
    Jolanda Verduijn - Bass on The Gathering, The Accusation, Sail Away to Avalon, Ayreon's Fate, Merlin's Prophecy
    Peter Vink - Bass on Eyes of Time, Brainwaves, The Banishment, Oblivion, Computer-reign (Game Over)
    Barry Hay Alto flute on Sail Away to Avalon

    Yet more info read in Wiki
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    Style: prog
    Country: italy
    Audio: mp3 320k
    Size: 80 mb

    In 1969 a couple of musicians from Viareggio band Gli Eremiti (Luciano Casa and Jimmy Santerini) joined a band from Livorno (I Rangers), and the resulting five-piece was called Capitolo 6. Two drummers were included in this line-up, though Luciano Casa mostly played 12-string acoustic guitar and sang backing vocals.

    The group obtained a record deal with RCA subsidiary It (thanks to RCA producer Roberto Tessandori, who was also from Viareggio), a label that was much interested in singer-songwriters than in rock groups, and the first single appeared in 1971, the group being by now based in Rome.

    They had a promising live activity, playing at Viareggio festival in 1971, and even supported Led Zeppelin in Rome, but 1972 saw a line-up change, with original members Casa and Santerini leaving.
    New keyboardist Antonio Favilla and sax/flute player Loriano "Fischio" Berti were taken in; Berti left after not long (he's credited on the LP among the composers), and the remaining quartet released their first and only album in the same year.

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    genre: heavy psych
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)
    time: 51'43" size: 309 mb

    Time Take My Life (Crane) (6’02)
    Stand By Me (Crane) (3’45)
    Little Bit Of Inner Air (Parnell) (2’39)
    Don’t Know What Went Wrong (Crane) (3’59)
    Never To Lose (Bolton) (3’16)

    Introduction (Crane) (0’26)
    Breathless (instrumental) (Crane) (4’49)
    Space Cowboy (Bolton) (3’20)
    People You Can’t Trust (Crane) (3’52)
    All In Satan’s Name (Parnell) (4’43)
    Close Your Eyes (Crane) (3’48)

    Goodbye Planet Earth (Mandala) (4’12) (bonus track on CD)
    Satan’s Wheel (Crane) (6’44) (bonus track on CD)

    Chris Farlowe - vocals.
    Vincent Crane - Hammond organ, piano, electric pianos, A.R.P. Synthesizer.
    Steve Bolton - electric guitars, 12-string guitar.
    Rick Parnell - drums, congas, timbales and additional percussion, vocals on «Little Bit Of Inner Air».
    Bill Smith - electric bass on «Stand By Me».
    Doris Troy and Liza Strike - backing vocals on «Stand By Me» and «People You Can’t Trust».
    Violins, violas, celli, string bass on «Time Take My Life» arranged and directed by Vincent Crane.
    Trumpets, French horns on «Time Take My Life» and «Stand By Me» arranged and directed by Vincent Crane.

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    genre: rio
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, booklet scans) & mp3 (mqvbr, covers)
    time: 31'46"
    size: 534 or 48 mb


    Side 1
    "The Song of Investment Capital Overseas" (Frith, Cutler) – 2:38
    "Truth" (Frith, Cutler) – 2:56
    "Freedom" (Frith, Cutler) – 3:25
    "(Armed) Peace" (Frith, Cutler) – 2:30
    "Civilisation" (Frith, Cutler) – 4:52

    Side 2
    "Democracy" (Frith, Cutler) – 2:22
    "The Song of the Martyrs" (Frith, Cutler) – 4:09
    "Law" (Frith, Cutler) – 0:51
    "The Song of the Monopolists" (Frith, Cutler) – 1:48
    "The Song of the Dignity of Labour Under Capital" (Frith, Cutler) – 2:27
    "Albion, Awake!" (Frith, Cutler) – 4:08

    Fred Frith – guitars, keyboards, viola, violin, xylophone
    Chris Cutler – drums, electric drums, noise
    Dagmar Krause – vocals

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    genre: bubblegum
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)
    time: 1:02'45" size: 413 mb

    Tapestry of Delights:
    Forming in Cardiff in 1967 Amen Corner enjoyed a hit with the slow, bluesy Gin House Blues the following year. They employed a brass section which gave them a different sound from most of their contemporary beat groups. They also had a distinctive vocalist in Andy Fairweather-Low. A string of hits followed of which Bend Me, Shape Me (recorded by The American Breed in the US), High In The Sky and (If Paradise Is) Half As Nice were the most memorable. By the time of the last one, they'd switched to Andrew Oldham's new Immediate label. When the label collapsed in 1969 the group splintered with the brass section forming Judas Jump and the remainder becoming Fairweather.
    Andy Fairweather-Low later had a patchy solo career and Blue Weaver became a sessionman for a number of acts including The Strawbs and Mott The Hoople.
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    genre: medieval folk
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (flac, cue, log, covers) & mp3 (192k, covers)
    size: 191 or 44 mb

    the Tapestry of Delights:
    Amazing Blondel were notable for the use of several medieval instruments on their handful of albums for Island and DJM. Their very rare debut effort for Bell was an amalgam of folk and psychedelia on which Saxon Lady was the standout track.

    Side one
    "Pavan" (3:20)
    "St. Crispin's Day" (2:28)
    "Spring Season" (3:38)
    "Willowood" (3:22)
    "Evensong" (3:10)
    "Queen of Scots" (Baird) (1:40)

    Side two
    "Ploughman" (3:05)
    "Old Moot Hall" (2:38)
    "Lady Marion's Galliard" (3:44)
    "Under the Greenwood Tree" (3:15)
    "Anthem" (2:52)

    John David Gladwin - lead vocals, lute, theorboe, cittern, double bass
    Terence Alan Wincott - crumhorn, recorders, pipe-organ, vocals (and occasional lead vocals), tabor pipe, tabor, flute, harmonium, lute, harpsichord
    Edward Baird - lute, cittern, vocals (and very occasional lead vocals)
    Chris Karan - percussion
    Adam Skeaping - viola da gamba, violone

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    Uriah Heep - 1970 - Very 'eavy Very 'umble

    genre: heavy psych
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (flac, cue, log, scans)
    time: 39'26"
    size: 274 mb
    issue: US version (only track 4 another from  uk original: Wiki)
    original cover:

    Alex Napier (drums)
    David Byron (vocals)
    Ken Hensley (keyboards)
    Mick Box (guitars)
    Paul Newton (bass)

    side A:
    01. Gypsy 6:40
    02. Walking In Your Shadow 4:33
    03. Come Away Melinda 3:50
    04. Bird Of Prey 4:08
    side B:
    05. Dreammare 4:42
    06. Real Turned On 3:41
    07. I'll Keep On Trying 5:28
    08. Wake Up (Set Your Sights) 6:23

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    genre: psych, kraut
    country: germany
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)
    time: 40'06"
    size: 213 mb
    issue: 1992

    Cosmic Dreams:

    In 1967 two beat groups from Berlin were on the verge of splitting up. The leading forces behind these groups were Lutz 'Luul' Ulbrich and Michael 'Fame' Gunther. They decided to join forces, and with some other remaining musicians they took the name Agitation Free. Agitation Free were probably the first German group to use slide projectors and a multi-media show during their live appearances. For this reason they were engaged as the household band at the Zodiac, Berlin's answer to London's U.F.O., where the psychedelic underground was literally flowering. Such later famous groups as Tangerine Dream and Curly Curve (well, not so very famous in this case...) also appeared at the Zodiac regularly. In early 1968 Agitation Flee were expanded by John L. on lead vocals. Not exactly a gifted vocalist, he sometimes entertained the audience by walking around naked with a painted penis on stage! He was fired about a year later, apparently the rest of the group had grown tired of this particular (peculiar) Stage Show. His voice was luckily preserved for later generations when he "sang" on Ash Ra Tempel's brilliant Schwingungen album in 1972.

    1970 was a very erratic year for Agitation Free. Lutz Kramer quit, and was temporary replaced by Ax Genrich, soon to be a member of Guru Guru. Agitation Free shared a practice room at the Wilmersdorf music academy with Ash Ra Tempel and Tangerine Dream at (his time, and many experiences and ideas were swapped. There was also quite an exchange of members between these groups. Agitation Free's instructor was Thomas Kessler, a German avant-garde composer. He taught them to play with notations, composition and harmony learning. When Genrich joined Guru Guru, he was replaced with Jorg Schwenke. Chris Franke then accepted Edgar Froese's offer to be the new drummer in Tangerine Dream after Klaus Schulze quit. Gerd Klemke stepped in as Agitation Free's drummer for some months of the last half of 1970. Finally a quintet was stabilised in 1971. At the beginning of 1972 the group went on an expanded tour to Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Greece, sponsored by The Goethe Institute. Michael Gunther recorded local musicians they met and jammed with on the tour. Extracts of these recordings were included on Malesch (released Summer 1972), which collected the impressions from their eastern travels. This excellent album revealed a very talented and competent young group, and it was dedicated to their teacher Kessler. "You Play For Us Today" opened with a short dialogue, before a deep, majestic organ tone created a trance-like mood. Gunther came in with a great, steady bass riff, flavoured with eastern rhythms (Uli Popp guested here on bongos). "Sahara City" started with a long and floating guitar glissando, but had a fast, heavy finale. "Ala Tul" and some other tracks featured the leader of Between, Peter Michael Hamel, on hammond organ. "Pulse" was an early experiment with electronic sequencing. "Khan El Khalai", "Malesch" and the short 'Ruckzuck" gave plenty of time for Schwenke and Ulbrich to show off on guitar. An immaculate record!

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    the Who - Live At The Isle Of Wight Festival 1970
    Style: rock
    Country: uk
    Audio: lossless (ape, log, cue, scans)
    time: 54`17" + 58'04"
    Size: 642 mb
    Michael Heatley, liner notes from 1996 CD release:
    Live At The Isle Of Wight Festival 1970 is an official live album by The Who, recorded at the Isle of Wight Festival on August 29, 1970 and released by Sony in 1996. The DVD is very different from the CD. Differences include very significant cuts in the Tommy part of the show and in "My Generation", and, in addition, the video at many parts of the concert is not in sync with the audio.
    The Who were one year and three months into their Tommy tour when they played their second engagement at the Isle of Wight Festival. As in 1969, they played most of their famous rock opera, which by this time was quite familiar to the festival crowd. Their extraordinary rendition of "We're Not Gonna Take It/See Me Feel Me" was a highlight of the concert. Huge spotlights bathed the audience of some 600,000 attendees, and as The Who's tour manager John Woolf recalls, attracted "every moth and flying nocturnal animal on the island."
    By August 1970, Pete Townshend was already introducing new songs to the setlist including "Water", "I Don't Even Know Myself", and "Naked Eye." These songs, which were being recorded at the time of the festival, were intended for an upcoming project known as Lifehouse. Although Lifehouse was eventually abandoned, the sessions paved the way to the Who's classic album Who's Next.
    The Who also performed some live staples such as "Heaven and Hell", "Substitute", "My Generation", "Magic Bus", "I Can't Explain", and the perennial covers of "Shakin' All Over" and "Summertime Blues".

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    genre: psych
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, booklet scans)
    time: 43'57" size: 231 mb
    originally: Vertigo

    oe: great Woman from great band Affinity

    01 - Backlash Blues 5:56
    02 - Paper Tulips 3:35
    03 - Black Crow 3:18
    04 - For My Darling 3:58
    05 - Pieces Of Me 4:07
    06 - Lonely Women 4:07
    07 - Hymn To Valerie Solanas 4:03
    08 - The Ballad Of Marty Mole 4:32
    09 - Journey's End 3:16
    10 - Morning For One 4:24
    11 - Barrel House Music 2:42

    Chris Spedding (Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Guitar (Electric)
    Linda Hoyle (Vocals), Liner Notes, Bass, Bass (Electric)
    Jeff Clyne (Guitar (Bass), Double Bass)
    Karl Jenkins (Piano, Conductor, Keyboards, Oboe, Piano (Electric), Orchestral Arrangements)
    John Marshall (Percussion, Drums)
    Colin Purbrook (Piano)
    Pete King & His Orchestra & Chorus

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    genre: heavy
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, booklet scans)
    time: 1:12'57"
    size: 477 mb
    issue: 2004 remaster

    "One Way or Another" (Ken Hensley) – 4:37
    "Weep in Silence" (Hensley, John Wetton) – 5:09
    "Misty Eyes" (Hensley) – 4:15
    "Midnight" (Hensley) – 5:40
    "Can't Keep a Good Band Down" (Hensley) – 3:40
    "Woman of the World" (Hensley) – 3:10
    "Footprints in the Snow" (Hensley,Wetton) – 3:56
    "Can't Stop Singing" (Hensley) – 3:15
    "Make a Little Love" (Hensley) – 3:24
    "Confession" (Hensley) – 2:14

    Bonus disc on expanded de-luxe edition from 2004
    "Name Of The Game" (out-take)
    "Sundown" (out-take)
    "Weep In Silence" (extended version)
    "Name Of The Game" (demo)
    "Woman Of The World" (demo)
    "I Close My Eyes" (demo)
    "Footprints In The Snow" (demo)
    "Can't Keep A Good Band Down" (edit)

    David Byron – vocals
    John Wetton – bass guitar, mellotron, electric piano, vocals
    Lee Kerslake – drums, percussion, vocals
    Mick Box – guitars
    Ken Hensley – organ, piano, Moog synthesizer, tubular bells, electric piano, guitars, vocals

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    genre: heavy
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (ape separate, no cue & log, booklet scans)
    time: 1:16'03"
    size: 493 mb
    issue: 2003 expanded de-luxe ed

    side A:
    01. Dreamer 3:42
    02. Stealin' 4:51
    03. One Day 2:47
    04. Sweet Freedom 6:30

    side B:
    05. If I Had The Time 5:38
    06. Seven Stars 3:49
    07. Circus 2:43
    08. Pilgrim 7:10

    cd bonus:
    09. Sunshine (Bonus Track) 4:48
    10. Seven Stars (Extended Version) (Bonus Track) 7:03
    11. Pilgrim (Extended Version - Previously Unreleased) (Bonus Track) 8:29
    12. If I Had The Time (Demo) (Bonus Track) 6:03
    13. Sweet Freedom (Alternative Live Version) (Bonus Track) 6:48
    14. Stealin' (Alternative Live Version) (Bonus Track) 5:41

    David Byron – vocals
    Ken Hensley – keyboards, guitars, Vocals
    Mick Box – Guitar
    Gary Thain – bass guitar
    Lee Kerslake – drums, percussion, vocals

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    the United States Of America - 1968 - The United States Of America
    genre: psych
    country: us
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)
    time: 1:07'00" size: 342 mb issue: 2004

    Fuzz Acid & Flowers:
    Joe Byrd, who master-minded this group of experimental Californian musicians, was born in Louisville, Kentucky. He is a descendant of the famous Byrd family of Virginia and he grew up in Tucson, Arizona. During high school years, he played in country-and-western and pop music bands, but by the time he entered the University of Arizona he had begun playing vibes with a jazz group.
    After graduation, Byrd received Stanford University's Sollnit Fellowship for graduate study composition. But Byrd chose to split for New York, where he had already begun listening to electronic music and meeting far-out Berkeley composers.. While there, he worked as a conductor, arranger, teacher and assistant to critic-composer Virgil Thompson. It was during this era that he developed his interest in experimental music and his works were often performed abroad.
    Influenced by events in California in the late sixties, he decided to quit New York and head for the University of California at Los Angeles. Here he worked as a teaching assistant, also finding time to study acoustics, psychology and Indian music. He eventually dropped out of UCLA to work full-time on his musical enterprises, putting together The United States Of America, whose other main asset was vocalist (and Byrd's ex-girlfriend) Dorothy Moskowitz, who possessed possibly one of the most attractive singing voices in rock. Other original members included political radical Michael Agnello and bassist Stu Brotman but both left before the band signed to Columbia with Brotman joining Kaleidoscope.
    The group's sole album was erratic but often brilliant, with Byrd and Moskowitz writing most of the music and lyrics between them. Opening track, The American Metaphysical Circus parodied Sergeant Pepper and the unusual, but commercial I Won't Leave My Wooden Wife For You, Sugar became well known here in England.

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    the Turtles - 1965 - It Ain't Me Babe
    genre: beat
    country: us
    quality : lossless (flac, cue, log, booklet scans)
    time: 1:00'17" size: 303 mb
    issue: 1993

    Fuzz Acid & Flowers:
    They formed at Westchester High School in Los Angeles in 1961. Their key founder members were Mark Volman, a native of LA (he'd been born there on 19 April 1947 and Howard Kaylan (real name Howard Kaplan), a New Yorker, he'd been born there back in June 1947. They were originally known as The Nightriders, then The Crossfires, until in 1965 their name change to The Turtles was a condition of their contract with White Whale. In their early days they were very much part of the LA folk-rock boom. Their first 45 was a Dylan song and the next two were P.F. Sloan compositions. All three achieved considerable commercial success. Their first album, which climbed to No. 98 in the U.S. Charts, contained two other Dylan compositions:- Love Minus Zero and Like A Rolling Stone, in addition to the title track and P.F. Sloan's Eve Of Destruction. They had a few good originals, too:- Wanderin' Kind was a good folk-rocker and Let The Cold Wind Blow, a protest song. Their second album, too, was a similar blend of originals and Dylan and P.F. Sloan compositions.
    As 1967 came they underwent some personnel changes and Bonner and Gordon, formerly with The Magicians became their new songwriters. Inevitably there was a change of style and initially a more commercial pop sound. With Happy Together, a classic love song, they enjoyed a No. 1 U.S. hit (and it also made 12 in the UK). They issued an album of the same name which was in many respects a compromise between commercialism and their own progress. It made No. 25 in the U.S. Album Charts. They followed the 45 success of Happy Together with She'd Rather Be With Me, a bouncy pop song with pleasant harmonies which made No. 3 in the U.S. and No. 4 in the UK. Their next single Guide For A Married Man was written for a Walter Matthau film but withdrawn after just one week and replaced by You Know What I Mean which peaked at No. 12 in the US.
    Golden Hits, which contained most of their 45 releases and two previously unissued tracks, Is It Any Wonder? and So Goes Love, became what would be their best selling U.S. Album peaking at No. 7.
    They're also rumoured to have released an excellent pop-punk 45 in December 1967, under the pseudonym of The Odyssey. A year later they recorded a Christmas single with Linda Ronstadt as Christmas Spirit.
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    genre: heavy
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (flac, cue, log, scans)
    time: 31'09"
    size: 219 mb

    Tapestry Of Delights:
    This hard rock outfit was most famous for having been produced by Bill Wyman. Brown, Graham and Taylor had all previously been in The End. ...

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    Trapeze - 1970 - Trapeze
    genre: heavy
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (flac, cue, log, booklet scans)
    time: 40'19" size: 241 mb issue: 2004

    Tapestry of Delights:
    This hard/blues rock band is most significant for including Glenn Hughes before his spell with Deep Purple and Pete Goulby, who had been in Fable and later went on to Uriah Heep. They formed in Wolverhampton in 1968 and signed to that city's famous sons The Moody Blues' Threshold label. Indeed John Lodge was their producer. Jones and Rowley were forced out after the first album and rejoined their previous band The Montanas. Galley, Holland and Hughes recorded the next two albums as a three-piece. The two Warner Brothers albums were recorded by a new line-up (D) after Hughes had left the band. Holland was later in Judas Priest.

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    Traffic - 1967 - Mr. Fantasygenre: psych
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)
    time: 1:13'40 "
    size: 389 mb
    issue: 1999 remaster

    Tapestry of Delights:

    Traffic was originally formed in April 1967 by Stevie Winwood after he left the Spencer Davis Group. The four original members retreated for six months to a country cottage in Aston Tirrold in Berkshire to get themselves together. Mason and Capaldi had all previously played together in Birmingham-based group, Deep Feeling. Wood had previously played with Locomotive.

    Their debut single, Paper Sun, which featured some fine guitar runs of Mason's, was an ideal Summer single and climbed to No 5 in the UK chart. The follow-up, Hole In My Shoe, was arguably one of the classic UK psychedelic 45s. It was based on a dream of Mason's, and became one of the flower-power anthems of 1967.

    A further single, Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush, reached No 8 in November 1967 and the release of their debut album, in December, crowned what had been a highly successful year for the band. Mr. Fantasy contained many fine tracks like the melodic Dealer, the Eastern-influenced, mystical Utterly Simple, the jazzy Coloured Rain, and the more commercial tunes like Heaven Is In Your Mind and the title track.
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    genre: blues
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, booklet scans)
    time: 1:10'43"
    size: 448 mb
    issue: 2002 remaster

    Rock Your Mama - 3:46
    Spoonful - 6:23
    I May Be Wrong, But I Won't Be Wrong Always - 9:49
    Summertime / Shantung Cabbage - 5:44
    Spider In My Web - 7:43
    (At the) Woodchopper's Ball - 7:38
    Standing At The Crossroads - 4:10
    I Can't Keep From Crying, Sometimes / Extension On One Chord / I Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes - 17:04
    I'm Going Home - 6:24

    Alvin Lee - guitar, vocals
    Chick Churchill - organ
    Ric Lee - drums
    Leo Lyons - bass

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    Wishbone Ash - 1977 - Front Page News

    genre: rock
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)
    time: 42'42 " size: 242 mb

    1. Front Page News (5:10)
    2. Midnight Dancer (4:28)
    3. Goodbye Baby Hello Friend (3:50)
    4. Surface To Air (4:53)
    5. 714 (3:20)
    6. Come In From The Rain (4:47)
    7. Right Or Wrong (2:51)
    8. Heart Beat (4:21)
    9. The Day I Found Your Love (4:31)
    10. Diamond Jack (4:23)

    Martin Turner / bass, vocals
    Laurie Wisefield / lead, 12 string & rhythm guitars, vocals
    Andy Powell / lead, rhythym & acoustic guitars, vocals
    Steve Upton / drums

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    Wishbone Ash - 1974 - There's the Rubgenre: rock
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)
    time: 39'01" size: 200 mb

    1. Silver Shoes (6:38)
    2. Don't Come Back (5:10)
    3. Persephone (6:58)
    4. Hometown (4:48)
    5. Lady Jay (5:56)
    6. F.U.B.B. (9:27)

    Martin Turner/ Lead Vocals, Bass
    Andy Powell/ Guitars, Mandolin, Vocals
    Laurie Wisefield/ Guitars, Banjo, Steel Guitar, Vocals
    Steve Upton/ Drums

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    Wishbone Ash - 1971 - Pilgrimagegenre: rock
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)
    time: 45'14" size: 245 mb

    Side one
    "Vas Dis" (Jack McDuff) – 4:41
    "The Pilgrim" – 8:30
    "Jail Bait" – 4:41
    "Alone" – 2:20
    Side two
    "Lullaby" – 2:59
    "Valediction" – 6:17
    "Where Were You Tomorrow" – 10:23

    08. Jail Bait

    Martin Turner – bass, vocals
    Andy Powell – guitar, vocals
    Ted Turner – guitar, vocals
    Steve Upton – drums

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    Windchase - 1977 - Symphinity
    genre: prog
    country: australia
    quality : lossless (flac, cue, log, covers)
    time: 57'46" size: 411 mb

    Windchase was founded by guitarist/vocalist Mario Millo and keyboard player Toivo Pilt, both survivors of the recently dissolved Sebastian Hardie. Symphinity continues along the same symphonic and highly melodic trail that Sebastian Hardie, blazed through the Australian music scene: Millo's Latimer-influenced guitar leads splatter against Pilt's grandiose keyboard walls while the rhythm section keeps things cooking nicely, propelling rather than leading things. Interestingly, Millo and Pilt write separately, both writing four tracks, and both taking a short solo piece, on piano and acoustic guitar, respectively. Though Camel is the obvious role model for these blokes, they play across the spectrum, with "Horsemen to Symphinity" being a primarily instrumental symphonic stretch (and an excellent one at that), while at the other end "Flight Call" is a poppy, though still lavishly-arranged number like the mellower parts of Breathless. "Glad to Be Alive" has a string arrangement that coats the vocal sections with too much syrup, but the main melody is gripping and the instrumental sections are delightfully bouncy with chiming tuned percussion used for a good effect. On the stately "Gypsy" Millo's guitar reaches perhaps its most emotionally wrenching orbit, while Pilt gradually layers keyboards behind his soloing, adding harmonic and textural complexity to a relatively straightforward composition (I especially like the way he occasionally "shadows" Millo's guitar with subtle harmony lines on a synth). "No Scruples" is an up-tempo number with very Genesis-like organ work and a middle section where Pilt gets to coax a few wild solo licks out of his synth. In contrast to the more song-oriented material, the album's longest track "Lamb's Fry" is essentially a jam-piece where Millo goes for a fuzzier and more psychedelic solo style when not providing wah-tinged comping for Pilt's explorations on synthesizer and Fender Rhodes; it also sounds rather fragmented and dated, and is the album's weakest link. Throughout the album the power of this music is in thoughtful, colourful arrangements and inspired performances that transcend the deceptively-simple structures and accessible melodies, and when all these elements click, the music is nothing short of magnificent; however, this is not everywhere, and some pieces could have been developed further. Overall not as good an album as Sebastian Hardie's Four Moments, but still a minor jewel in the crown of melodic, accessible symphonic prog that especially Camel fans should find compelling. -- Kai Karmanheimo

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    Style: psych, kraut
    Country: germany
    Audio: lossless (flac, booklet scans)
    Size: ~ 1,5 gb

    Cosmic Dreams:
    Many people consider Faust the most important and innovative of all early seventies German rock groups. The music journalist Uwe Nettelbeck was in 1970 given a large cash advance from Polydor to form a group and produce 'an epoch-making record'! As a result, the group Faust saw the light of day in the beginning of 1971. Meifert quit in September 1971, before the recordings of the studio part of the first album. His replacement was Richard Diermayer. An old school hall near Wumme (outside Hamburg) was converted to a studio (the house engineer here was Kurt Graupner). For several months, the band rehearsed their innovative repertoire, which they performed live for the first time at Musik Halle, Hamburg, in September 1971. Parts of a subsequent live performance in Wumme 21 Sept, were included on Faust's debut album, edited down to a 20 minute track named "Miss Fortune". This was one of the first German albums (along with Can's Tago Mago) to use studio wizardry, like editing tapes in cut and paste techniques, as a form of musical expression in itself. Indeed, Holger Czukay compiled many of Can's album tracks in this way. The good old Beatles used a similar, but more primitive, technique when they made Sgt. Pepper and Frank Zappa frequently used massive studio manipulation on his recordings from the late sixties onwards. The revolutionary music of The Mothers Of Invention was also a main source of inspiration for Faust. The album's first piece "Why Don't You Eat Carrots" opened with a weird, eerie sound collage with edits from "All You Need Is Love" and "Satisfaction". A spooky, manipulated organ tone then gradually increased in strength. A somewhat permanent rhythm is at last established (although torn apart several times). Truly a perverse and insane piece of music, sounding much like a speeded up soundtrack to a charade of Syd Barrett's favourite nightmares! "Meadow Meal" was equally strange, particularly the nonsensical and humorous lyrics (also a result from cut and paste technique?):
    "You are a fruity fork
    And the money you look up
    and the Madame you look up
    and the middle you look up a wonderful wooden reason
    to stand in line keep in line
    line up
    crash the sound
    you loose your hand
    to understand
    the accident is red"
    (From "Meadow Meal")
    As mentioned above, side two contained the live recorded "Miss Fortune", almost a direct cross between Velvet Underground and early Pink Floyd. However, to use the term "live" is to mislead - the tapes were manipulated with just as much studio wizardry as the other recordings. Overall, the album was a true musical manifestation of post-modernism: it was undeniably a peculiar album, but it is also evident that all this weirdness was carefully constructed! For every strange effect and strange happening, Nettelbeck certainly thought: 'I'm sure everyone will find this one here really outrageous! Needless to say, Faust fans everywhere are delighted with the results and I still think it is a great and unique album! Buy it and judge yourself! The sleeve concept, an x-ray image of a fist, printed on transparent plastic, was a full-blown use of the original idea for Second Hand's first album Reality. Indeed, their Death May Be Your Santa Claus displayed some ideas quite similar to the content of the first Faust album! In addition the insert, with liner notes and general information by producer and director Nettelbeck, and the vinyl itself, was clear. Even so, the album was hardly noticed in Germany at the time of its release, in fact it actually sold better in the UK! The packaging of the second album So Far (recorded March 1972) was even more outrageous. Enclosed were TEN inserts - one lithography each for the nine "songs" plus a general info sheet. The sleeve itself was plain black, as were both of the record labels! Musically, the album was more "together", i.e. not being much dominated by as many rapid edit changes as its predecessor. Still, the material was unconventional to say the, least, combining many different styles. Among the great triumphs were: "It's A Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl" (so go the lyrics all the way through, over a silly, rapid drum beat), "No, Harm" (this time featuring another repeating hook line) "Daddy, take the banana, tomorrow is Sunday", (a more angst ridden amphetamine blow out with deranged treated guitars), "So Far" (an ever repeating pseudo western beat with early Floyd-like, sound effects added) and "Mamie Is Blue" (dense, rhythmic nightmare noises recalling the atmosphere of their first album). The five shorter tracks were humorous pastiches on jazz, pop, etc. An improvement on their first album in my opinion. In fact, this album wasn't too distant from what Can did at the same time either.
    In October 1972, Faust recorded a collaboration with the American minimalist music composer Tony Conrad. He had also been member of an early Velvet Underground formation and the group La Monte Young. The British record company Virgin released their joint effort in 1973 on their Caroline subsidiary Outside The Dream Syndicate contained two very long pieces of) serious avant-garde and rock minimalism that crossed certain) pieces of So Far with Terry Riley's In C, performed by Conrad, Diermaier, Peron and Sossna. If 60 minutes of extremely minimalistic music made up of repetitive sounds seem tempting, this is the album for you! However, it's hard to get hold of nowadays, as it never has been re-released. Expect to pay 50 DEM for a original copy. Faust Tapes (1973) was indeed a collection of Faust tapes from 1971 to 1973, and a return to the common cut and pastel techniques. The music of Faust Tapes ran continuously, a bizarre, but highly rewarding experience. Issued at the same price as a single, it sold so well in Britain that it entered the charts! However, many dissatisfied (and horrified) customers promptly went back to the stores to exchange the record after one hearing! German experimental rock fanatics have nevertheless had a long lasting passion for it and many people regard it as Faust's best. The group performed live in London on the day of release on 19 May 1973.
    Their last album, Faust IV, was recorded at the Manor, Oxfordshire, England in June 1973 (but Kurt Graupner was as usual present as engineer). Then Faust returned to Germany. The album marked a downward turn, but the profound "Jennifer" and "Krautrock" (12 minutes of just that!) again captured an inventive group in action. Disagreements about their future musical direction led Faust to disintegration in August 1973, but various re-incarnations, among others involving Uli Trepte (ex-Guru Guru) and Peter Blegvad of Slapp Happy fame, centring around Diermaier, performed live until Spring 1974. Then Uwe Nettelbeck found it impossible to keep the involved musicians together as a productive unit, and consequently withdrew from the project. This was the end for Faust.
    The British record company Recommended recognised Faust as true pioneers of the Rock-In-Opposition movement and re-released their 1st, 2nd and 4th albums (numbered as below!) in 1979 and 1980. Some years later, some previously unreleased material cropped up on two 7 inch EPs. These, in addition to three alternative takes, were all collected on Last Album in 1988, released in 1988 numbered copies! Munich And Elsewhere (1986) was a second collection of great Faust tapes, both studio out-takes and live. A fine, posthumous sequel to the 1973 album. Ever since 1974, there have been some obscure Faust reformations from time to time, but no further recordings are known.
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    the Who - 1970 - Live at Leedsgenre: rock
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (flac separate, cue, log, scans)
    time: 1:17'07" size: 510 mb
    issue: 1999

    01 Heaven And Hell 4:50
    02 I Can't Explain 2:59
    03 Fortune Teller 2:35
    04 Tattoo 3:42
    05 Young Man Blues 5:52
    06 Substitute 2:07
    07 Happy Jack 2:14
    08 I'm A Boy 4:42
    09 A Quick One, While He's Away 8:41
    10 Amazing Journey-Sparks 7:55
    11 Summertime Blues 3:22
    12 Shakin' All Over 4:34
    13 My Generation 15:47
    14 Magic Bus 7:47

    Pete Townshend - vocals, guitar;
    Roger Daltrey - vocals, harmonica;
    John Entwistle - vocals, bass;
    Keith Moon - drums.

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    the Velvet Underground - 1970 - Loadedgenre: psych
    country: us
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, booket scans)
    time: 1:02'14"+1:07'58"
    size: 792 mb
    issue: 1997 2cd

    Read Wiki

    Disc One (Original album)
    "Who Loves the Sun" – 2:45
    "Sweet Jane" (full-length version) – 4:06
    "Rock & Roll" – 4: ... Read more »
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    Renaissance - 1973 October - Ashes Are Burninggenre: sympho prog
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, scans)
    time: 40`51" size: 230 mb

    From Prognosis :
    How do you critique a voice like Annie Haslam? I have two Renaissance concert posters from the 70’s here on my office wall, so to say I am a fan would be an understatement. Still, Renaissance has had a spotty history among some progressive fans, especially the 80’s albums on the IRS label, when they went maybe just a tad too far into pop music, but there is no denying that Ashes Are Burning must be considered the groups finest achievement.
    From the stunning opening Can You Understand? With deep resonating percussion ornate keyboard work and Russian classical influence to the poignant The Harbour to the soaring and ever popular Carpet of the Sun, this is an album I went through two copies of on Vinyl back in the day, wore them both out before CD’s and I still listen to this album three or four times a year. It’s that good. If you need to own (and you do!) at least one Renaissance album, Ashes Are Burning should top the list.

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    Roger Waters - 2002 - Flickering Flamegenre: rock
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, booklet covers)
    time: 1:10'28" size: 357 mb
    misc.: compilation

    Read in Wiki

    "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" – 4:06 (from the film The Dybbuk of The Holy Apple Field 1998)
    "Too Much Rope" – 5:12 (from Amused to Death 1992)
    "The Tide Is Turning" – 5:24 (from Radio K.A.O.S 1987)
    "Perfect Sense, part I & II" [live] – 7:22 (from In the Flesh - Live 2000)
    "Three Wishes" – 6:49 (from Amused to Death 1992)
    "5:06 AM (Every Stranger's Eyes)" – 4:47 (from The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking 1984)
    "Who Needs Information" – 5:55 (from Radio K.A.O.S 1987)
    "Each Small Candle" [live] – 8:34 (from In The Flesh 2000)
    "Flickering Flame [new demo]" – 6:45 (2001)
    "Towers of Faith" – 6:52 (from When the Wind Blows (soundtrack) 1986)
    "Radio Waves" – 4:31 (from Radio K.A.O.S 1987)
    "Lost Boys Calling [original demo]" – 4:06 (finished version appears in the film The Legend of 1900 1999)

    ... Read more »
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    Warhorse - 1971 - Red Sea

    genre: heavy
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)
    time: 1:09'02", size: 402 mb

    01 - Red Sea 4:20
    02 - Back In Time 7:50
    03 - Confident But Wrong 4:46
    04 - Feeling Better 5:33
    05 - Sybilla 5:34
    06 - Mouthpiece 8:44
    07 - I (Who Have Nothing) 5:17
    08 - Ritual (Live) 4:20
    09 - Bad Time (Demo) 4:41
    10 - She Was My Friend (Demo) 4:55
    11 - Gypsy Dancer (Demo) 4:09
    12 - House Of The Dolls (Demo) 4:19
    13 - Standing Right Behind You 4:36

    Ashley Holt / vocals
    Ged Peck / guitar
    Mac Poole / drums
    Nick Simper / bass
    Frank Wilson / keyboards, piano
    Peter Parker / guitar

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    Il Volo - 1974 - Il Vologenre: prog
    country: italy
    quality : lossless (apr, cue, log, booklet scans)
    time: 33'05" size: 221 mb
    issue: japan

    1. Come una zanzara (4:21)
    2. La mia rivoluzione (3:58)
    3. Il calore umano (4:43)
    4. Il canto della preistoria (4:34)
    5. I primi respiri (3:52)
    6. La canzone del nostro tempo (4:14)
    7. Sonno (4:08)
    8. Sinfonia delle scarpe da tennis (2:56)

    Vince Tempera / piano, electric piano, clavinet
    Alberto Radius / electric guitar, acoustic guitar, electtric sitar, vocals
    Roberto Callero / bass
    Mario Lavezzi / acoustic guitar, 12 string guitar, electric guitar, electric mandolin, vocals
    Gabrile Lorenzi / organ, moog
    Gianni Dall'Aglio / drums, pecussion, vocals

    ... Read more »
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