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    Main » 2014 » August » 29

    the Hollies ~ 1965 ~ Would You Believegenre: beat
    country: uk
    audio: lossless (ape, cue, log, covers, 168 mb)
    time: 30'41"

    Would You Believe? is an album by the Hollies, released in 1966. It features a cover of Simon and Garfunkel's "I Am a Rock," which displayed progression for the band at the time – the rising folk-rock nascent was on the horizon. However, Would You Believe also features a cover of Chuck Berry's "Sweet Little Sixteen" — by 1966, R&B and blues covers were becoming passé.
    Another sign of growth for the band on Would You Believe includes the Evie Sands cover, "I Can't Let Go", a major hit for the band.
    The band-written songs (under the pseudonym, "Ransford") are also considered to be among the more progressive tunes on the album: "Hard Hard Year", "Oriental Sadness", "Fifi the Flea" and "I've Got a Way of my Own". "Fifi", covered by the Everly Brothers (see the 1966 Two Yanks in England album), had lyrics outside of the band's norm; "Oriental Sadness" featured distinctly Asian-sounding chords; and "Hard Hard Year" and "I've Got a Way of My Own" (which had previously appeared on the B-Side of "If I Needed Someone") are both folky-sounding waltzes.
    This was the Hollies' last album with original bass player Eric Haydock, who took a leave of absence from the group after the American tour that followed the last recording session for the album, missing the recording session for the follow-up single "Bus Stop", and then either quit or was fired shortly after returning.

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    Led Zeppelin ~ 1970 ~ Led Zeppelin IIIgenre:  heavy
    country: uk
    audio: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers, 272 mb)
    time: 43'07"

    It was recorded between January and August 1970 and released on 5 October by Atlantic Records. Composed largely at a remote cottage in Wales known as Bron-Yr-Aur, this work represented a maturing of the band's music towards a greater emphasis on folk and acoustic sounds. This surprised many fans and critics, and upon its release the album received rather indifferent reviews.
    Although it is not one of the highest sellers in Zeppelin's catalogue, Led Zeppelin III is now generally praised, and acknowledged as representing an important milestone in their history. Although acoustic songs are featured on its predecessors, it is this album which is widely acknowledged for showing that Led Zeppelin were more than just a conventional rock band and that they could branch out into wider musical territory.

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    Hackensack ~ 1974 ~ Up The Hard Waygenre: heavy
    country: uk
    audio: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers, 284 mb)
    time: 40'15"

    Formed by Nicky Moore in 1969 Hackensack were considered one of the heaviest live bands of their day. They only released one album (on Polydor) during their lifetime. Over more than 270 gigs they built up a small but loyal following but weren`t able to generate sufficient revenue to continue as a viable project. Their sound was a heavy blues/rock mix and Up the Hardway is highly regarded amongst collectors and very collectable.

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    Peter Hammill ~ 1986 ~ And Close As Thisgenre: rock
    country: uk
    audio: lossless (ape, cue, log, covers, 174 mb)
    time: 40'15"

    And Close As This is an album by Peter Hammill, released on Virgin Records in 1986. Each track is a song played and sung by Hammill solo at a keyboard, with the keyboard parts played in a single take. Two of the songs use a grand piano as the keyboard instrument; for the others, Hammill plays a MIDI master keyboard, using it to trigger a variety of MIDI sound modules, mainly electric piano and organ sounds.

    "Too Many of My Yesterdays" – 4:47
    "Faith" – 4:27
    "Empire of Delight" (Hammill, Keith Emerson) – 4:43
    "Silver" – 5:31
    "Beside the One You Love" – 5:12
    "Other Old Clichés" – 4:07
    "Confidence" – 6:37
    "Sleep Now" – 4:42

    All songs written by Hammill, except where indicated:

    Peter Hammill – vocals, keyboards

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    Views: 869 | Date: 29.08.2014 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

    Jethro Tull ~ 1974 ~ War Childgenre: prog
    country: uk
    audio: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers, 429 mb)
    time: 65'51"

    Originally meant to accompany a film project (the album was planned as a double-album set), it was reinstated as a ten-song, single-length rock album after failed attempts to find a major movie studio to finance the film.
    The "War Child" movie was written as a metaphysical black comedy concerning a teenage girl in the afterlife, meeting characters based on God, St. Peter and Lucifer portrayed as if shrewd businessmen. Notable British actor Leonard Rossiter was to have been featured, Margot Fonteyn was to have choreographed, while Monty Python veteran John Cleese was pencilled in as a "humour consultant".

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    Guru Guru ~ 1973 ~ Don't Call Us We Call Yougenre: heavy, kraut
    country: germany
    audio: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers, 654 mb)
    time: 42'40"+1:08'24"

    Over four phenomenal extended tracks this 1973 major label debut for the German Krautrock group is an essential ride through space rock territory for fans of early Kraftwerk, Can, and Faust. "Africa Steals the Show," "Round Dance," "200 Clinches," and "Das Zwickmashinchen" are mind-boggling forays into avant-rock territory -- recorded by the stripped-back Guru Guru incarnation. At this point in 1973, Guru Guru was a trio of Ax Genrich on guitar, Hans Hartmann replacing Uli Trepte on bass, and leader Mani Neumeier on drums and keyboards. Essential primitive guitar overload meets avant-rock experimentation results in a powerful album, to say the least.

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    Views: 1010 | Date: 29.08.2014 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

    Gunge ~ 1968 ~ Feel It!genre: heavy
    country: us
    audio: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers, 294 mb)
    time: 35'54" misc.: never released Lp

    Chico, California's raw-assed sons of sonic anarchy, GUNGE come on with the attitude of the Stooges and the ear-bleeding riffery of first-album Blue Cheer. That's GUNGE, not grunge, but fans of both those groups will find much to enjoy in the contents of Feel It!, which features a wild set of demos recorded in 1968 that have lain undisturbed until now. Featuring sundry illuminati from the North California Valley garage scene, had GUNGE gotten a release back in the day, they would now be celebrated as hard rocking pioneers. Their sound is a rough-hewn, brutally honest assault that - as the eye-popping artwork implies - literally pisses over most recent hard rock/psych reissues.

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    Views: 1000 | Date: 29.08.2014 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

    Gun ~ 1969 ~ Gunsightgenre: heavy, psych
    country: uk
    audio: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers, 294 mb)
    time: 36'56"

    01. Head In The Clouds  4:39
    02. Drown Yourself In The River  2:56
    03. Angeline  5:32
    04. Dreams And Screams  5:15
    05. Situation Vacant  4:07
    06. Hobo  3:37
    07. Lady Link Part One  0:52
    08. Oh Lady You  5:26
    09. Lady Link Part Two  0:39
    10. Long Hair Wildman  3:53

    Bass – Paul Gurvitz
    Guitar – Adrian Gurvitz
    Percussion – Louie Farrell

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    the Grateful Dead ~ 1967 ~ the Grateful Deadgenre: blues
    country: us
    audio: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers, 478 mb)
    time: 1:!9'18"


    "The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)" (Grateful Dead) – 2:09
    "Beat It on Down the Line" (Fuller) – 2:29
    "Good Morning Little School Girl" (Williamson) – 6:32 full-length version
    "Cold Rain and Snow" (Obray Ramsey) – 2:26
    "Sitting on Top of the World" (Chatmon and Vinson) – 2:43 full-length version
    "Cream Puff War" (Garcia) – 3:18 full-length version
    "Morning Dew" (Dobson and Rose) – 5:16
    "New, New Minglewood Blues" (Lewis) – 2:40 full-length version
    "Viola Lee Blues" (Lewis) – 10:09

    Bonus tracks:
    "Alice D. Millionaire" (Grateful Dead) – 2:22
    "Overseas Stomp (the Lindy)" (Jab Jones and Will Shade) – 2:24
    "Tastebud" (Ron McKernan) – 4:18
    "Death Don't Have No Mercy" (Reverend Gary Davis) – 5:20
    "Viola Lee Blues" (edited version) (Lewis) – 3:00
    "Viola Lee Blues" (live at Dance Hall, Rio Nido CA 9/3/67) (Lewis) – 23:13

    Jerry Garcia – lead guitar, vocals, arrangement
    Bill Kreutzmann – drums
    Phil Lesh – bass guitar, vocals
    Ron "Pigpen" McKernan – keyboards, harmonica, vocals
    Bob Weir – guitar, vocals

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    Views: 1044 | Date: 29.08.2014 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

    Gryphon ~ 1998 ~ Etheliongenre: prog folk
    country: uk
    audio: lossless (ape, cue, log, covers, 267 mb)
    time: 47'38" misc.: bootleg

    01. Ethelion (Live in Boston 11.12.74) 7:05
    02. Midnight Mushrumps (Live in Boston 11.12.74) 7:33
    03. Sailor's Jig (Live in Boston 11.12.74) 4:23
    04. Wallbanger (BBC Sessions 1975) 3:53
    05. The Last Flash of Gaberdine Tailor (BBC Sessions 1975) 4:08
    06. 'Le Cabrioleur Est Dans Le Mouchoir' (BBC Sessions 1975) 3:59
    07. (Ein Klein) Heldenleben (BBC Sessions 1975) 16:38

    Richard Harvey / keyboards, recorders, crumhorn 
    Brian Gulland / bassoon, crumhorns 
    David Oberlé / drums, timpani, percussion, 
    Graeme Taylor / guitars 
    Philip Nestor / bass guitar

    ... Read more »
    Views: 997 | Date: 29.08.2014 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

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