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    Main » 2014 » December » 21

    the Penny Arkade ~ 1975 ~ Not The Freezegenre: beat
    state: us
    quality: lossless (flac tracks, covers, size: 276 mb)
    time: 1:16'41"

    Donald F. Glut:
    The Penny Arkade saga actually begins with two singers-songwriters-musicians -- Chris Ducey, then of California but originally from Brooklyn, New York, and Craig Smith of Studio City, California would become the very foundation of the yet-to-be group.
    In the summer of 1965, Chris, then a college student, and Craig met for the first time in California. The occasion was the fourth audition callback for The Happeners, a mostly serious TV pilot about the trials and triumphs of a three-person, Greenwich Village folk-rock band. Winning the callback after six separate auditions, then 19 year-old Chris and 20 year-old Craig, who had to sing and play guitars as well as act on the show, were promptly flown – along with lovely Sussanah Jordan, who had auditioned for the role of the third member of the group -- to New York where the threesome competed against the East Coast winners who were vying for the same roles. Again the West Coasters won.

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    Pell Mell ~ 1972 ~ Marburggenre: heavy sympho prog
    state: germany
    quality: lossless (flac tracks, cue, log, scans, size: 504 mb)
    time: 1:19'13"
    misc.: Cd1 excerpts from Entire Collection

    01. The Clown and the Queen 8:51
    02. Moldau 5:30
    03. Friend 7:11
    04. City Monster 8:42
    05. Alone 9:26

    Jorg Gotzfried / bass, vocals 
    Andy Kirnberger / guitar 
    Bruno Kniesmeijer / percussion, drums 
    Hans Otto Pusch / keyboards 
    Thomas Schmitt / flute, violin, keyboards, vocals 
    Rudolph Schon / percussion, vocals

    Pell Mell ~ 1973 ~ From the New World'73:
    06. From The New World 16:03
    07. Toccata 4:04
    08. Suite I 8:02
    09. Suite II 11:24

    Jorg Gotzfried / bass, vocals 
    Bruno Kniesmeijer / percussion, drums 
    Dietrich Noll / keyboards 
    Hans Otto Pusch / keyboards 
    Thomas Schmitt / flute, violin, keyboards, vocals 
    Rudolph Schon / percussion, vocals 

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    David Peel & the Lower East Side ~ 1972 ~ The Pope Smokes Dopegenre: acid folk
    state: us
    quality: lossless (flac, cue, log, cover, size: 398 mb)
    time: 56'05"

    Formed to support David Peel in 1967, the Lower East Side Band originally consisted of Harold C. Black and Billy Joe White. They soon became popular enough in New York City's then thriving downtown counterculture that they were signed to Elektra Records in 1968. With the addition of Larry Adam and George Cori to the line-up, the band recorded with David Peel on the Have a Marijuana album conceptualized by Danny Fields as a collection of drinking songs for pot smokers.
    In 1970 The Lower East Side Band recorded their second album, The American Revolution. In 1971, after the record was released and the band toured in support of it, Harold C. Black and Billy Joe White left to form the glitter rock band Teenage Lust. Harold went on run New York City's after-hours nightclub the 210 Club. They were replaced by Tommy Doyle, Frank Lanci and Billy Minelli. In the mid-seventies, the Lower East Side band was produced by its long-time friend and admirer John Lennon for Apple Records. Lennon then produced David Peel's The Pope Smokes Dope, which was banned in several countries outside the United States and Canada.
    In the late 1970s, the Lower East Side Band included Eddie and his brother Moses from the Bronx, as well as Andi Anderson aka Andrew Stergiou. They regularly appeared with David Peel on Michael Luckman's Underground Tonight Show, an early cable TV program broadcast on Sterling Manhattan Cable TV public broadcast channels. Sterling Manhattan Cable was later to become part of HBO in the Times-Warner group.
    The Lower East Side band was part of the Plastic Ono Band that appeared on the David Frost Show with John Lennon and Yoko Ono. They also performed at the first Manhattan New York City smoke-in hosted by the Yippies, as well as the first Washington DC smoke-in, which was broadcast on both television and radio.

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    Pearls Before Swine ~ 1967 ~ One Nation Undergroundgenre: psych folk
    state: us
    quality: lossless (flac, cue, log, cover, size: 369 mb)
    time: 35'54"

    This debut Lp was recorded at Impact Sound in New York City, between May 6-9, 1967, by the Florida-based group, which at that point comprised main songwriter and singer Tom Rapp, Wayne Harley, Lane Lederer, and Roger Crissinger. Percussion was by session musician Warren Smith.
    The album presents a mixture of styles - "psychedelic folk reminiscent of Donovan collides with Farfisa-driven punk and hard-to-categorize repetitive minimalism, all thrown together with the undisciplined, creative exuberance of youth".
    "Another Time" is an acoustic song, the first that Rapp ever wrote, based on his experience in a car crash where he walked away unscathed, and, with "Morning Song", represents the most characteristic example of Rapp's later writing style. In contrast, "Drop Out!" and "Uncle John" are youthful protest songs. "(Oh Dear) Miss Morse" spells out in Morse code the word F-U-C-K, accompanied by banjo and organ.
    The album became the most successful ESP release ever, estimated to have sold between 100,000 and 250,000 copies. Early vinyl copies came with a small poster of the Hell panel from Hieronymus Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights, a detail of which was used on the front of the album sleeve.

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    the Peanut Butter Conspiracy ~ 1969 ~ For Children Of All Agesgenre: psych, proto prog
    state: us
    quality: lossless (flac, cue, log, cover, size: 318 mb)
    time: 47'44"


    01. Gonna Get You Home 5:01
    02. Back In LA 3:14
    03. Have A Little Faith 2:42
    04. Good Feelin' 2:50
    05. Loudness Of Your Silence 2:50
    06. It's Alright 3:28
    07. Out In The Cold Again 2:34
    08. Now 3:13
    09. Simple Things 2:57
    10. Return Home 3:39
    11. Think 3:02
    12. Show You The Way 2:34
    13. Try Again 2:49
    14. Try 2:27
    15. You're Not Getting Into It 2:05
    16. What Did I Do Wrong? 2:17

    Barbara Robinson - vocals
    Alan Brackett - bass, vocals
    John Merrill  - guitar, vocals
    Ralph Shuckett  - keyboards
    Pete McQueen - drums
    Michael Ney - drums

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    Pax ~ 1970 ~ May God And Your Will Land You And Your Love Miles Away From Evilgenre: heavy psych
    state: peru
    quality: lossless (ape, cue, log, cover, size: 194 mb)
    time: 35'11"

    01. A Storyless Junkie 5:33
    02. Rock An' Ball 4:38
    03. Green Paper (Toilet) 4:06
    04. Sittin' On My Head 4:41
    05. Deep Death 5:38
    06. For Cecilia 4:58
    07. Pig Pen Boogie 4:27
    08. Shake Your Ass 1:10

    MARK AGUILAR    acoustic gtr, bs, piano
    ENRIQUE 'PICO' EGO AGUIRRE    gtrs, organ
    MIGUEL FLORES    drms, tumbas
    GERARDO MANUEL ROJAS    lead vcls

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    the Pandamonium ~ 1969 ~ The Unreleased Albumgenre: psych pop, beat
    state: uk
    quality: lossless (ape, cue, log, covers, size: 197 mb)
    time: 36'38"

    A little confusingly, the core duo of Pandamonium, singer/songwriter-guitarists Bob Ponton and Martin Curtis, recorded as the figureheads of two different groups in the late '60s and early '70s. At first, with a few other musicians, they did some mid- to late-'60s singles for CBS; then, as Thoughts & Words, they did a 1969 album for Liberty. After that obscure LP, they recorded a 1970 album that went unreleased at the time. That 1970 LP was belatedly released in 2004 in the form of this CD, titled The Unreleased Album, and credited to Pandamonium, though it's not clear whether it would have been billed to Pandamonium had it come out in 1970. Certainly Ponton and Curtis were supported by several notable figures on these sessions, including Gerry Conway, Jerry Donahue, and Pat Donaldson from Fotheringay; guitarist Albert Lee; bassist Chas Hodges, later part of hitmaking duo Chas & Dave; top British session drummer Clem Cattini (that is, assuming the "Clem Katiny" credited on this CD is the same guy); engineer John Wood, who worked on numerous major British folk-rock albums of the period by the likes of Fairport Convention and Nick Drake; and Shel Talmy, who's credited as co-producer. For all that, however, the failure of this material to gain release is no mystery. It's affable, diverse, but rather nondescript circa-1970 British rock that doesn't fit comfortably into either the folk-rock or pop/rock categories. Ponton and Curtis put together some fair minor-keyed, introspective numbers like "It's a Long Time" (which is very slightly reminiscent of the Moody Blues) and "I Am What I Am" (which is in turn very slightly reminiscent of the psychedelic Byrds), with touches of folk-rock, orchestrated pop/rock, and singer/songwriter influences, but the songs aren't exceptionally memorable. At other times, like "Sunrise" and the peppy "Sit and Watch the Sunshine," they seem to be gearing toward a more conventionally uplifting single, though the breezier "Waiting for Summer" is a more successful effort along those lines; the country-rock-influenced "Baby I'll Be Yours" is rather like the most lighthearted moments of late-'60s Fairport Convention with the Sandy Denny lineup. There's certainly no harm done that this album's finally available, of course, but it's only recommended to very deep collectors of British rock of the period, or specific fans of Ponton and Curtis. ~ Review by Richie Unterberger

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    the Paupers ~ 1967 ~ Magic Peoplegenre: psych, beat
    state: canada
    quality: lossless (flac, cue, log, cover, size: 223 mb)
    time: 39'44"


    01. Magic People 2:46
    02. It's Your Mind 5:23
    03. Black Thank You Package 3:11
    04. Let Me Be 3:11
    05. Think I Care 3:58
    06. One Rainy Day 2:15
    07. Tudor Impressions 4:16
    08. Simple Deed 2:46
    09. My Love Hides Your View 3:21
    10. You And Me 2:40
    11. Like You, Like Me 3:00
    12. Sooner Than Soon 2:57

    CHUCK BEAL    lead gtr, mandolin
    RONN 'SKIP' PROKOP    drms, vcls
    ADAM MITCHELL    gtr, mandolin, vcls

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    Patto ~ 1972 ~ Roll 'em Smoke 'em Put Another Line Outgenre: heavy fusion
    state: uk
    quality: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers, size: 234 mb)
    time: 42'22"


    01. Flat Footed Woman 8:05
    02. Singing The Blues On Reds 4:59
    03. Mummy 2:22
    04. Loud Green Song 3:54
    05. Turn Turtle 6:09
    06. I Got Rhythm 4:48
    07. Peter Abraham 6:22
    08. Cap'n 'P' and the Atto's (Sea Biscuits Parts 1 & 2)  5:43

    Mike Patto / vocals 
    Ollie Halsall / guitar, piano, vibes, vocals
    John Halsey / drums, vocals), 
    Clive Griffiths / bass

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    Parish Hall ~ 1970 ~ Parish Hallgenre: heavy blues, hard
    state: us
    quality: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers, size: 224 mb)
    time: 31'28"

    Fuzz Acid & Flowers:
    This is an excellent, underrated local Bay Area hard rock/blues rock power trio. Their album is recently beginning to gain the recognition of some collectors in Europe. It's likely that Gary Wagner was connected to the Chosen Few, as he is credited as songwriter on their North Beach (1003) 45. ~ (Clark Faville / Max Waller)

    01. My Eyes Are Getting Heavy 5:15
    02. Dynaflow 3:06
    03. Ainґt Feeling Too Bad 2:50
    04. Silver Ghost 2:53
    05. Skid Row Runner 3:21
    06. Lucanna 2:34
    07. Weґre Gonna Burn Together 2:38
    08. Somebody Got The Blues 3:03
    09. How Can You Win 2:53
    10. Take Me With You When You Go 2:54

    Gary Wagner -Vocals, Guitar, Piano
    Steve Adams - Drums
    John Haden - Bass

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    Paper Lace ~ 1974 ~ And Other Bits Of Material + 1972 ~ First Editiongenre: pop rock
    state: uk
    quality: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers, size: 737 mb)
    time: 57'36"+46'49"

    Paper Lace are a Nottingham-based pop group who rose to sudden (but brief) success in 1974. They are known to Americans as a one-hit wonder; however, in the UK they were a "classic two-and-a-half-hit wonder". Their best known songs are "Billy Don't Be a Hero" and "The Night Chicago Died".
    The core of the band originally formed in 1967 as Music Box, but changed their name to Paper Lace. In 1969 Paper Lace was one of hundreds of pop bands in England looking for the big time while slogging their way through small club gigs and brief television appearances.
    Thanks to that show, songwriters/producers, Mitch Murray and Peter Callender quickly signed them. The smash hit "Billy Don't Be a Hero" spent three weeks at Number 1 on the UK Singles Chart in March 1974. It was followed by the story song "The Night Chicago Died" which reached Number 3. Another release, "The Black-Eyed Boys", took Paper Lace to number 11 in late 1974.
    The group released two albums, First Edition (1972) and Paper Lace and Other Bits of Material (1974) however, they quickly faded from the public eye as the band's popularity waned. Philip Wright and Cliff Fish carried on as Paper Lace, with other musicians filling in for the missing band members. In 1978, they surfaced briefly with a sing-along version of "We've Got the Whole World in Our Hands" with their local football team, Nottingham Forest F.C. (Sendra, 2006). The 7" single, with "The Nottingham Forest March" as the B-side, reached Number 24 in the UK chart.
    In 1997, Wright joined Sons and Lovers, but he has occasional gigs billed as Philip Wright's Paper Lace

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    Pandora ~ 1974 ~ Measures of Timegenre: prog
    state: sweden
    quality: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers, size: 288 mb)
    time: 45'48"

    Pandora was founded 1971 in Norrkoping Sweden by drummer Bertil Jonsson and on guitar Urban Gotling. Later joinded by the singer Peter Hjelm and on keyboard Janne ”Flojda” Dockner. Gotling was replaced by Åke Rolf (fd H2O) and Leif Hellqvist. This line up recorded Measures of Time.
    1976 Hellqvist quit. At the same time also Bjorn Malmqvist guit. He started study music. New members came: On keyboard Uffe Stern and on base Gunnar Hermelin (fd Madeira). This line up where 1978 on swedish radio "Tonkraft" and recorded the single ”Makten och Harligheten”.
    From the start Pandora played harder rock but went over to more jazz-symfonirock when Stern och Hermelin joined.
    Janne and Uffe and later Åke Rolf and Gunnar Hermelin continuied to play in ”Flojd & The Boys” that was in 75.

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    Panama Limited Jug Band ~ 1970 ~ Panama Limited Jug Bandgenre: psych folk
    state: uk
    quality: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers, size: 288 mb)
    time: 45'48"

    Tapestry of Delights:
    A progressive outfit whose first album was produced by John Peel.
    They shortened their name to Panama Ltd. for a second album by which time Liz Hann, their vocalist, had left and been replaced by Anne Matthews. On this better second album their early jugband sound is replaced by a brand of Beefheart - influenced rock.

    01. 38 Plug 2:25
    02. Goint to Germany 2:55
    03. Canned Heat 3:23
    04. Viola Lee 3:53
    05. Alabamy Bound 2:41
    06. Overseas Stomp 1:22
    07. Round & Round 3:15
    08. Cocaine Habit 2:44
    09. Wildcat Squall 2:49
    10. Don't You Ease Me In 3:13
    11. Rich Girl 3:07
    12. Sundown 2:48
    13. Jailhouse 2:49
    14. Guitar King 2:47
    15. Railroad 5:35

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    the Oxford Circle ~ 1997 ~ Live at the Avalon 1966genre: psych, garage
    state: us
    quality: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers, size: 434 mb)
    time: 1:15'11"

    Fuzz Acid & Flowers:
    An historically significant outfit from Sacramento, California. They included Gary Yoder (later of Kak and Blue Cheer) and gigged regularly as support to bands like The Grateful Dead. Jim Keylor was in some groups with Bob Segarini after Family Tree and in the embryonic Roxy. He was also involved in assembling Blue Cheer for their Oh! Pleasant Hope album and in 1978 started BSU studios whose products included Dead Kennedys, Suspects and True West. Patten also went on to play for Kak.
    What of their music? The recent Big Beat retrospective shows a band that was pushing back the barriers of psychedelia in much the same way as The Yardbirds were, and who should have gone on to better and bigger things in their own right. It includes fourteen live tracks, plus four studio cuts including both sides of their exceptional 45. Also included are a detailed history of the band. Donnie Jupiter of the cult seventies psych/punk band The Twinkeyz recalls: "The first time I saw them I was blown away - they looked cooler than hell with their long hair, hippie beads and somewhat surly attitude. Their drummer, Paul Whaley, nailed his kit to the floor with screwdrivers and flailed away like a madman through the whole set. When they were finished playing his hands were bleeding." The Big Beat CD is probably the next best thing to having been there and comes highly recommended.
    World United Records was owned by fellow Sacramento-based band The New Breed who had set up the label when they were dropped by Mercury. ~ (Ben Sandstrom/Vernon Joynson/Max Waller)

    ... Read more »
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    the Overlanders ~ 1966 ~ Michellegenre: beat
    state: uk
    quality: lossless (ape, cue, log, covers, size: 255 mb)
    time: 42'05"

    Tapestry of Delights:
    The Overlanders formed in 1963 as a folky trio recording several singles for Pye which made little impact except that Yesterday's Gone (an old Chad and Jeremy number) was a minor US hit (No 75) in 1964. In 1965 they were expanded to a quintet with the addition of Walsh and Widlake. Along Came Jones was a Coasters' oldie, but it didn't chart for them. Their big break came in December 1965, when under guidance from Tony Hatch (their producer), they cut an unsolicited cover version of Lennon/McCartney's Michelle, which promptly shot to No. 1 here. This led to the release of their album but Michelle proved to be their only success and they've become a classic case of 'one hit wonders'. By the end of the year they'd split with Ian Griffiths replacing Arnold, who went solo, in their final weeks. Of their later singles My Life was worthy of some success.
    Ex-Sherwoods member Terry Widlake was later in Cuppa T along with Vic Lythgoe, who was also in The Overlanders at some point. David Walsh went on to play for Second City Sound.

    ... Read more »
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