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    Main » 2010 » April » 29

    Nicosia & C Industria Musicale - 1972 - Una Favola Veragenre: jazzy prog
    country: italy
    quality : lossless (flac tracks, cue, log, booklet scans)
    time: 44'35"
    size: 293 mb

    Named after their leader, guitarist Nuccio Nicosia, Industria Musicale were formed in 1972 with an unusual 12-piece line-up including a full horn section. 
    Based in Piemonte (Piedmont, northern Italy) though some of the musicians came from other areas, their sound was a mixture of melodic pop, rock, prog and jazz, strongly characterized by the heavy use of brass instruments.
    Their only album Una favola vera, released by Fonit in 1973, is a unique example of orchestral prog rock in the Italian scene, and though the horn arrangements are a bit intrusive at times, is an interesting listen. It includes eight tracks, four of which are instrumental.
    Some similarities with Showmen (or their later incarnation Napoli Centrale) can be heard in the melodic vocal parts and the use of horns, but the sound is very rich and definitely jazz-styled in the solo interludes, much in the same direction as some foreign groups like Blood Sweat and Tears or even Chicago in their lighter side.
    The name Nicosia & C. Industria Musicale was seen again on two commercial-styled singles issued in 1975 and 1976, then it disappeared forever.
    Many of the group members remained in the music scene after the album, some of them were mostly in the jazz field.
    Trombonist Johnny Capriuolo played with Arti e Mestieri in their 1985 Children's Blues album (along with Pierluigi Mucciolo), he was a trained player and a music teacher and died in 2000.
    Horn player Pierluigi "Gigi" Mucciolo appeared as session musician on some Ivan Graziani and Lucio Battisti albums, like Umanamente uomo: il sogno, Il mio canto libero and Anima latina, assisted in the last one by Colucci and Bogliano. The latter has long played in the Gianni Basso Big Band.
    Trumpet player Mariannini has collaborated with various jazz and ethnic groups in the Florence area.
    Drummer Luciano Alì has played as session musician and still plays now with the folk group Tendachent, born from the ashes of La Ciapa Rusa, one of the most important northern Italy folk revival groups.
    Singer Nereo Villa, now a psycho-astrologist, also had a long experience as composer and still has interest in music.

    ... Read more »
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    genre: fusion
    quality :
    lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)
    483 mb
    2004 remaster

    01. Wolanie O Brzek Szkla 19:10
    02. Odejscie 19:47
    03. Bitwy Na Obrazach 3:48
    04. Uscisk W Dolku 3:38
    05. Muzykowanie Latem 16:50
    06. Fikolek 14:54

    Views: 2005 | Date: 29.04.2010 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

    genre: prog
    quality :
    lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)
    262 mb


    Another band coming from a 60's long career, The Showmen from Naples had some hits in 1968 and 1969 with their original blend of soul, rhythm & blues and italian pop, releasing only an LP and a bunch of singles on RCA.
    The band had been formed by bassist/singer Mario Musella and sax player James Senese in 1966, and their first single came in 1968. They had a great hit with Un'ora sola ti vorrei, that won the 1968 Cantagiro.
    The original group split at the turn of the 70's, with Musella embarking in an unsuccessful solo career (he sadly died in 1979), and Elio D'Anna going to form Osanna.

    After a short time Senese and Del Prete, aided by the guitarist Botta (now on bass), reformed the group with a new line-up, and more influenced by the current italian rock tendences released a single and an album simply called Showmen 2 (it's not clear whether Showmen 2 is the album title or the name of the band, but the liner notes refer to the group as simply Showmen) on the small local label B.B.B. with little promotion.

    Views: 2404 | Date: 29.04.2010 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

    genre: garage
    quality : mp3
    192k vinyl rip, scans
    48 mb

    Dreams Fantasies & Nightmares:

    A Peruvian garage-punk combo. Originally known as Los Sadicos (The Sadistics) they were forced to change their name to get a recording contract! They cut six singles in all between 1964-67 and two of these - Come On and Demolicion recently resurfaced on Sons Of YMA. Both are pretty raw and good. Even better however, is a 10" vinyl retrospective, Los Saicos - Wild Teen-Punk From Peru 1965 (Electro Harmonix REF 05 1999) 1999, which compiles all their singles.

    Views: 2367 | Date: 29.04.2010 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

    quality :
    lossless (flac, cue, log, scans)
    289 mb
    2004 japan


    An unusual duo of keyboards and drums that released a little known and incredibly good album in 1973 before disappearing.
    Paolo Rustichelli and Carlo Bordini had played with Cammello Buck, along with guitarist Pino Belardinelli and bass player Mauro Morlacchi, and they even appeared at 1972 first edition of the Villa Pamphili Pop Festival.
    With a new bass player, Pasquale Cavallo (from the latest line-up of Panna Fredda), they signed a contract with the Delta label, but didn't get to release anything despite some demo recordings, and their management suggested to reduce the four-piece to a duo in the same style as the UK band Hardin & York.

    The album, Opera prima, is a very good LP, obviously based on keyboards and the lack of other instruments is not particularly heard. The vocal parts are short and the voice is not great.
    The LP contains six long tracks with Icaro and the instrumental Natività being the best cuts.

    Views: 2613 | Date: 29.04.2010 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (1)

    zeuhl, prog metal
    quality :
    lossless (flac, booklet scans)
    338 mb

    RUNAWAY TOTEM is surely one of the most incredible band that you can find in Italy. They use their rich instrumentation (keyboards, vocals, backing vocals, guitars) to create ethereal, romantic climates, with the deep singing, the grandiose backing vocals. They use too some nearly MAGMA-like passages, a vocal paroxysm evoking AREA, energetic KING CRIMSON rhytms with a AMON DULL II touch and even GENTLE GIANT's echoes.
    Their third album titled "Andromeda" is their masterpiece... surely better recorded than the first one, "Trimegisto", and more diversified than the previous one "Zed". It's very recommended to the symphonic-epic rock lovers as well as the classic music's extimators.

    Views: 2032 | Date: 29.04.2010 | Rating: 5.0 | Comments (0)

    genre: neo psych
    quality :
    lossless (wavpack, cue, log, booklet scans)
    557 mb
    special ed


    RPWL (Risettion Postl Wallner Lung - the band members) is a German progressive rock band. The band was formed in 1997 as a Pink Floyd cover band. After three years they started to make their own music based on their influences from their cover band era. Their debut CD, God Has Failed was met with international enthusiasm, praise and excellent reviews in all the major progressive rock music magazines.

    The band wanted to make a statement with Trying To Kiss The Sun in 2002, which relied more on the band as a creative entity and less on their influences. Their 3rd studio album, Stock was released in 2003. It was formed of the tracks that didn't make it onto the first 2 albums, plus a cover of Syd Barrett's "Opel", which the band used at shows as a soundcheck.

    Views: 1683 | Date: 29.04.2010 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

    genre: prog
    quality :
    lossless (flac, cue, log, scans)
    174 mb

    ItalianProg :

    Il Rovescio della Medaglia was formed in Rome around the end of 1970 when three musicians from the 60's band I Lombrichi recruited the singer Pino Ballarini, who had moved to Rome from Pescara.
    Their first great success was at Viareggio Pop festival and they soon became one of the most popular live bands in Italy during the early 70's.

    First LP La Bibbia, released in 1971, was basically a very good hard-rock album with slight prog influences, recorded live in studio and accompanied by a distinctive round medallion-shaped booklet
    The second one, Io come io a year later, was in the same style, with ambitious philosophical lyrics inspired from Hegel works. A short album (less than 30 minutes) but again a really good one!

    Views: 2326 | Date: 29.04.2010 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (1)

    Robert Wyatt & Friends - 2005 - Theatre Royal Drury Lane 8.09.1974genre: psych, canterbury
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (flac, cue, log, covers)
    time: 1:16'06" size: 445 mb

    Read in Wiki about Wyatt

    01 - Introduction by John Peel 2:19
    02 - Dedicated To You But You Weren't Listening 1:37
    03 - Memories 3:58
    04 - Sea Song 9:13
    05 - A Last Straw 4:38
    06 - Little Red Riding Hood Hit The Road 6:42
    07 - Alife 4:28
    08 - Alifib 6:24
    09 - Mind Of A Child 5:26
    10 - Instant Pussy 4:23
    11 - Signed Curtain 4:43
    12 - Calyx 3:19
    13 - Little Red Robin Hood Hit The Road 6:12
    14 - I'm A Believer 12:41

    Bass Guitar - Hugh Hopper (tracks: 2 to 8, 10 to 14)
    Drums - Laurie Allan (tracks: 4 to 8, 10 to 14) , Nick Mason (tracks: 10, 11, 13, 14)
    Guitar - Mike Oldfield (tracks: 7, 8, 11, 13, 14)
    Keyboards - Dave Stewart (tracks: 2 to 8, 10 to 14) , Julie Tippetts (tracks: 9, 10, 14)
    Violin, Guitar, Viola - Fred Frith (tracks: 2, 3, 6)
    Voice - Robert Wyatt (tracks: 2 to 8, 10 to 14)

    Views: 3858 | Date: 29.04.2010 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

    genre: psych, experimental
    quality :
    lossless (ape, cue, log, covers)
    316 mb

    Read in
    Wiki about band

    01. Tongue 1:12
    02. Mr. Wonderful 3:50
    03. The Weatherman 3:07
    04. Ghost Child 2:56
    05. Caring 3:51
    06. Honey Bear 4:14
    07. The Car Thief 4:00
    08. Neediness 4:09
    09. 9 0:26
    10. Tongue (part 2) 0:44
    11. 11 0:06
    12. Thundering Skies 2:54
    13. Mickey Macaroni 2:44
    14. Betty's Body 3:32
    15. My Brother Paul 3:08
    16. 16 0:18
    17. Baja? 2:29
    18. 18 0:27
    19. Tongue (part 3) 0:32
    20. 20 0:04
    Three Metaphors
    21. Beekeeper's Daughter 2:54
    22. 22 0:09
    23. Wolverines 2:59
    24. 24 0:04
    25. Make Me Moo 2:42
    26. 26 0:35
    27. Tongue (part 4) 1:03
    28. Demons Dance Alone

    The Residents (vocals, keys)
    Molly Harvey (vocals)
    Isabelle Barbier (vocals)
    Carla Fabrizio (vocals, various)
    Nolan Cook (guitars)
    Toby Dammit (assorted noises)
    Desmond Shea (trumpet)

    Wiki about album:

    Demons Dance Alone is a 2002 concept album by The Residents about the emotional effects of the September 11, 2001 attacks. The album is split into three main parts, "Loss", "Denial", and "The Three Metaphors", bookended by "Tongue" and "Demons Dance Alone", and broken up by various untitled transitional instrumentals.
    The CD booklet contains the section "The Residents Have Left The Building", which at first might be taken to indicate that none of the original members are still in the band. It does state that "a few" of those involved are "the flesh and blood residue of our mythical heroes, maintaining appearances for mostly sentimental reasons. But can any of these shadowy sidemen truthfully call themselves THE RESIDENTS? No more than you or I, but if no one claims to be a RESIDENT, doesn't that mean everyone is a potential RESIDENT?"

    Views: 2631 | Date: 29.04.2010 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

    genre: psych
    quality : mp3
    320k, scans
    194 mb
    1991 Laser's Edge

    Canadian Pop Encyclopedia:

    Bob Bryden (guitar) Lynda Squires (vocals) Joe Gallant (bass) Jerry Dufek (bass; replaced Gallant 1968) Dave Hair (keyboards; 1968) Jim Stright (guitar; 1968) Bob Stright (drums; 1968) Helge 'Rich' Richter (drums; replaced Bob Stright 1969) Russ Erman (bass; replaced Dufek)

    Drummer Bob Bryden and singer Lynda Squires were members of The Christopher Columbus Discovery of New Lands Band in Oshawa, Ontario during 1967. As is the fate with most bands, the unit split up in 1968. Columbus' direct competition in town was an act called Reign Ghost and with an eye to find something new to do, Bryden and Squires infiltrated the rival band as guitarist and singer respectively. Soon the bassist left and Bryden snuck in former Columbus bassist Joe Gallant. Following the usual 'creative differences' excuse, Gallant quit and then came Columbus' Jerry Dufek. This line-up hooked up with Jack Boswell's Allied Records who threw them into a recording studio for the self-titled 'Reign Ghost' album in late 1968. The album was released in January 1969. However, the band fraught with internal conflicts once more and destroyed the band. Bryden and Squires moved on once again and hooked up with drummer Rich Richter and bassist Russ Erman who reclaimed the name Reign Ghost with the new comrades more than willing to become the New Reign Ghost. Allied was happy to have their name band back and offered to release the follow-up album 'Reign Ghost Featuring Lynda Squires', but before the album could be released, the band split up again. Bryden went on to join Christmas (aka Spirit of Christmas) and their first album, coincidentally was released by Paragon in July 1970 on the exact same day as they decided to release the 2nd Reign Ghost album. Lynda Squires went on to join the Canadian cast of 'Hair' and married Francis W. Davies (president of Daffodil Records and The Music Publisher). In early 1991, Ken Golden of Laser's Edge in New Jersey decided to re-issue the two albums on one CD to rescue these two obscure, and collectible, albums from oblivion.

    Views: 2864 | Date: 29.04.2010 | Rating: 5.0 | Comments (0)

    Quella Vecchia Locanda - 1972 - Quella Vecchia Locandagenre: prog
    country: italy
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, booklet scans)
    time: 34'32" size: 195 mb
    issue: 2000 remaster

    1. Prologo (4:59)
    2. Un Villaggio, Un'illsione (3:54)
    3. Realta (4:16)
    4. Immagini Sfuocate (2:59)
    5. Il Cieco (4:11)
    6. Dialogo (3:41)
    7. Verso La Locanda (5:15)
    8. Sogno, Risveglio E... (5:16)

    Massimo Roselli / piano, organ, Mellotron, Moog, electric sitar, cembalo, vocals
    Giorgio Giorgi / lead vocals, flute, piccolo
    Patrik Traina / drums
    Romualdo Coletta / bass, frequency generator
    Raimondo Maria Cocco / electric & acoustic & 12 string guitars, vocals
    Donald Lax / electric & acoustic violin

    ... Read more »

    Views: 1861 | Date: 29.04.2010 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

    genre: prog
    quality :
    lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)
    222 mb

    ItalianProg site:

    Reale Accademia di Musica derived from a very popular band from Rome, I Fholks, that in their four-year career also supported Jimi Hendrix, but just managed to release a single.
    The good single included a reworking of an Iron Butterfly song, Soldier in our town, translated as Mi scorri nelle vene, and was produced by Equipe 84 leader Maurizio Vandelli, that brought the group to the Ricordi label.
    The group played in many important festivals of the early 70's, like Caracalla and Gualdo in 1970 and the Viareggio Pop Festival in 1971, but split during the recording sessions for their first english-sung album.

    While drummer Ruggero Stefani (previously he had been the only man in the all-girl beat group Le Pupille) went with L'Uovo di Colombo, the others formed Reale Accademia di Musica, but guitarist Pericle Sponzilli abandoned during their LP recordings, being replaced by Nicola Agrimi (from Le Esperienze and early Banco del Mutuo Soccorso).

    Produced again by Maurizio Vandelli, Reale Accademia di Musica is a good work, though not particularly original, dominated by the keyboards of Federico Troiani and with good vocal parts by the spanish singer Topel. The long Il mattino and Vertigine are the best cuts of a nice album.

    After the album the band changed line-up and worked with singer songwriter Adriano Monteduro, and in 1974 his first album was co-credited to Reale Accademia di Musica.
    This is by no means, as many say, the group's second album, as they were just working as the backing band to Adriano's songs, and it's a beautiful album of songs with soft rock arrangements, not a prog album at all!

    ... Read more »

    Views: 3205 | Date: 29.04.2010 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

    genre: psych
    quality : mp3
    192k not tagged, covers
    101 mb

    Historical note: first time since years and last time ever PF performed the same night with their friends of Soft Machine (apart from Nick Mason who occasionally drumed for Wyatt in solo and Wyatt singing on Mason's Fictitious Sports). This is the second show (9pm) of that evening. The title comes of course from the fact this was a concert in benefit for former Soft Machine frontman Robert Wyatt who had broke his spine recently (he fell from a 3rd floor window during a party). Very last concert of that 1973 year for PF, before their 74 French tour. Last time a tune from the soundtrack of La Vallée was played. OBC here runs veeeeery slow, but it is not the tape, they played it like that! Really worth to get for OBC/When you're in, since those are the best versions in terms of SQ and probably performance too.
    Released on label Ganja, #14

    ... Read more »

    Views: 3264 | Date: 29.04.2010 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (1)

    Quella Vecchia Locanda ~ 1974 ~ Il Tempo Della Gioiagenre: prog
    country: italy
    quality : lossless (flac, cue, log, scans)
    time: 33'51" size: 180 mb
    issue: Japan

    Like Procession this band from Rome released their debut LP with the small Help label (an RCA subsidiary), then after two years and with a new line-up changed record company, this time going to RCA.
    Quella Vecchia Locanda were formed around 1970 as a quintet, with a successful live activity.
    The only remaining results of their beginnings are a pop-oriented song on the Progressive voyage CD compilation, and a registrazione live from late 1971 has been released on CD by Mellow. The Live CD contains 12 tracks, mostly covers of english and american rock songs, but the three original compositions include some traces of what was to become their debut album a year later. The quality is good, though the original recording was probably on cassette.

    Views: 2575 | Date: 29.04.2010 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (2)

    Novalis - 1975 - Novalisgenre: prog
    country: germany
    language: deutsch
    quality : lossless (flac, cue, log, scans)
    time: 35`41" size: 246 mb
    issue: Repertoire Pms 7063-Wp (1997)

    Cosmic Dreams:

    An important and long lasting German exponent of 'romantic rock' (in their own words) Novalis was formed in Autumn 1971. Hartwig Biereichel had previously played in a blues-rock outfit named Greenlight (releasing four tracks on the 1970 festival sampler Love & Peace). In 1972, Novalis gave their first concert in their hometown Hamburg as the warm-up act to Cravinkel at "The Fabrik". Banished Bridge (recorded in January 1973 at Windrose Studios, produced by Jochen Petersen) was one of the first examples of synthesised German symphonic-rock. A very good album with a lyrical and melancholic atmosphere. The 17 minute long title track stands out as something very special - a very careful and understated composition with long 'ambient' passages full of bird whistles. Perhaps a good comparison would he P.F.M.'s first two Italian albums, and the vocal work is comparable to the first Jane album. However, vocalist Wenzel left the band after some arguments in 1974.
    Detlef Job and Carlo Karges were added, expanding the group to a quintet. Karges had previously been a member of Tomorrow's Gift. With completely different vocals (by Heine Schunzel), German lyrics and the added guitars, their self-titled second album (recorded February 1975 in Studio Maschen) understandably sounded very different from the first. It was produced by Achim Reichel (who also produced all their forthcoming Brain albums) and comprised five songs of fine keyboard-based, folk-inspired rock, written by Rahn and Karges. Best were "Impressionen", based on Brucker's 5th symphony, and "Es Farbte Sich Die Wiese Grun", a symphonic folk song with adapted lyrics courtesy of the German romantic poet Novalis (Friedrich Freiherr von Hardenberg), written in 1798. Comparisons can be made with Holderlin's Spiegelei albums. Carlo Karges abandoned such music when he quit to join the new wave act Nena.
    Novalis recorded Sommerabend as a quartet in February 1976. This was an even better work, combining and developing elements from their previous albums to a neat perfect, personal symphonic rock. The title track must rank as their most outstanding achievement ever: a lush and romantic opus with acoustic guitars, string synthesizers, choir, thoughtful lyrics (in German) and nature's sounds of a summer afternoon. Just beautiful!
    In June 1976 the Austrian Fred Muhlbock was engaged as Novalis' new fifth member.
    Views: 3076 | Date: 29.04.2010 | Rating: 5.0 | Comments (4)

    genre: early psych
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)
    time: 32'32" (sadly short)
    size: 188 mb

    Stephen James HOWE was born on April 8th, 1947 in Holloway, North London. During his childhood he was troubled by ‘Fellini-like horror fantasies and nightmares’ for some years. He only could get asleep when he listened to music (like "Teensville” from CHET ATKINS). So music became an essential safety valve, if not an obsession pretty early on. When he was 12 years old, Steve got an acoustic guitar from his parents. A few years later he bought his first electric guitar (a Japanese Guyatone) and started to copy solos from the Fifties and Sixties rock-scene note-by-note (from Les Paul, Frank Beecher, Scotty Moore, Link Wray and Chuck Berry to Wes Montgomery, Django Rheinhardt and Barney Kessel). He was also influenced by Jazz icon Miles Davis, the classical composers VIVALDI and STRAVINSKY, classical guitar player Julian Bream and organ player Jimmy Smith. Steve incorporated all these influences and developed his unique style. He soon turned from a ‘bedroom-guitarist’ into a semi-professional player and became a ‘hot session-musician’. Steve joined his first band THE SYNDICATS (’63-’65), followed by THE IN CROWD (’66-’68) and received a "cult-hero-status’ in TOMORROW (1968), a kind of psychedelic update from the previous THE IN CROWD. Steve even played one gig in THE NICE when he replaced David O’List and he also did auditions for JETHRO TULL and BLACK SABBATH. But this didn’t work out for him and he joined BODAST (’68-’69).

    Views: 2286 | Date: 29.04.2010 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

    genre: prog
    country: italy
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)
    time: 36'40" size: 209 mb

    From ProgressiveRock :
    PFM's international fortunes had greatly improved, thanked in part to major touring in both UK and the USA, the later documented on the excellent live album Cook while on support for Peter Frampton. Chocolate Kings was then the first of two albums the group would record in English for the US record company Asylum. To celebrate, the band recruited the vocal talents of Bernardo Lanzetti, previously in Italian progsters Acqua Fragile. Educated in Texas, Lanzetti had a distinctive lead vocal, somewhere between Roger Chapman and Peter Gabriel. That wasn't the only change, gone was Sinfield. Marva Jan Morrow contributed English lyrics, while Claudio Fabi sat alone in the producer's chair. From the opening bars of "From Under", Chocolate Kings presents a harder, more dynamic PFM, anchored in the roar of Premoli's Hammond and the breakneck rhythms of DiCioccio and Djivas. The elegant opening guitar lines of "Harlequin" and "Out Of The Roundabout" offer some escape to the manic, almost claustrophobic meters that they eventually erupt into. "Chocolate Kings" continues the pace, in jig-like fashion. The longer tracks on the second side drive hard in the same fashion. No doubt, there's little subtlety with Chocolate Kings. The album was a critical as well as commercial success, especially in Japan where the band embarked on their first tour, and in England, where the band were even visited by the Queen Mother before a Royal Hall performance! However, the group claims that the album was "boycotted" in the US market as a result of their performances at benefits to support the PLO. Oddly, their next album would be recorded in Los Angeles, without Mauro Pagani, who would leave the band

    Views: 1766 | Date: 29.04.2010 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

    Premiata Forneria Marconi - 1977 - Jet Laggenre: prog
    country: italy
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)
    time: 41'46" size: 267 mb
    issue: 2002 remaster

    Much has been written and said in Italy about Premiata Forneria Marconi, and they have surely been the most popular band here for many years. No one who was in his teens in Italy during the 70's, doesn't know È festa or Impressioni di settembre. They were also the first (and last, probably) italian band to have some success abroad, playing some good european and american tours, and even playing the popular Reading festival in England.
    The band was formed in Milan around 1970 when the ex-Quelli (a popular beat band during the 60's) Mussida, Premoli, Piazza and Di Cioccio met multiinstrumentalist Mauro Pagani from Dalton.
    The four Quelli had a change in their musical style near the end of the 60's and even made a single as I Krel, before the new name was adopted.

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    Porcupine Tree - 1996 - Signifygenre: neo prog/ambient
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (separate flac, cue, log, scans)
    time: 1:02`04"+46'29"
    size: 729 mb
    issue: 2cd 2003 rem

    Read in Wiki about this album

    01 - Bornlivedie 1:46 ... Read more »

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    Porcupine Tree - 1995 - The Sky Moves Sidewaysgenre: neo prog/ambient
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (flac, cue, log, scans)
    time: 48`31"+1:00'55"
    size: 728 mb
    issue: 2cd 2003 rem

    PORCUPINE TREE are incredibly hard to describe because their music doesn't fit into any one genre. I like the description on the back of the album "Signify" (one of my all time favorites). It says "Porcupine Tree have managed to defy genres and blend together numerous ambient, rock and avant-garde styles to create a musical landscape that is both refreshing and compulsively seductive". The great post-GONG revival which gave birth to OZRIC TENTACLES now brings us PORCUPINE TREE. The hypnotic rhythms, spacy synthesizers, glissando guitar and crazy voices which made the style successful are all contained here.
    The band started as a solo project of singer-songwriter-guitarist Steve Wilson who, back in the early nineties, released a series of increasingly spaced-out ambient excursions. PT is one of the most innovative bands in prog today combining intense musicianship, unconventional composition and superb studio production. They are unquestionably one of the UK's most inspired and inventive rock groups.

    Views: 3872 | Date: 29.04.2010 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

    Pinnacle - 1974 - (Cyborg) Assasingenre: heavy
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (flac, cuw, log, scans)
    time: 56'08" size: 311 mb
    issue: 1994

    Tapestry of Delights:
    ASSASIN (Stag HP 125) 1974
    NB: Reissued on CD as Cyborg Assassin (Kissing Spell KSCD 9409) 1994 with three additional tracks taken from a live cassette circa 1975.
    A rare privately-pressed album by a Liverpool heavy rock band. The spelling of the title is theirs. Musically, this is a sonic assault with pounding drums and bass and frenzied keyboards. Powerful stuff indeed. A sort of prototype heavy metal album that was originally only available as a demo. Clearly of interest to heavy rock/metal fans.

    oe: in early Sabbath vein, recommended. Sadly very low "tape" quality.

    Views: 3849 | Date: 29.04.2010 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (2)

    Perigeo - 1975 - La Valle dei Templigenre: fusion, jazz
    country: italy
    quality : lossless (wavpack, cue, log, scans)
    time: 45'32" size: 268 mb

    01 - Tamale 4:35
    02 - La Valle dei Templi 6:18
    03 - Looping 3:07
    04 - Mistero della Firefly 6:01
    05 - Pensieri 2:17
    06 - Periplo 5:09

    07 - Eucalyptus 0:59
    08 - Alba di un Mondo 2:57
    09 - Cantilena 4:01
    10 - 2000 e due Notti 5:40
    11 - Un cerchio Giallo 4:29

    Bruno Biriaco (drums)
    Claudio Fasoli (saxophone)
    Franco D'Andrea (keybaords)
    Giovanni Tommaso (bass)
    Tony Sidney (guitar)

    ... Read more »
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    Phantasia - 1971/72 - Phantasiagenre: psych, folk
    country: us
    quality : lossless (flac, cue, log, scans)
    time: 55'44" size: 360 mb
    issue: 2002

    Fuzz Acid & Flowers:
    1. A PSYCHEDELIC BY (Ton Um Ton LP ST 641) 1994
    2. I TALK TO THE MOON (Ton Um Ton 1096-1) 1996
    These two albums comprise unreleased material laid down in the Damon studios from 1969 into the early seventies, by a previously unknown outfit from Kansas City, Missouri. The sound here is predominantly gentle psychy hippie-rock but with the odd heavier moments as witness the excellent slow burnin' psychedelic workoutA Stumbling Dragon. This track turns up again as the second half of the wistful Genena on the second album.Chasing Now The Flying Time also get's an airing on both albums. Other highlights - the siren effects on the rocky Ride Me, the phasing and bubbling sounds on I'm Alive have an almost 13th Floor Elevator aura, giving the first LP an edge over the second. It originally appeared as a 'No label' demo Transparent Face in 1969. It was actually the same group as Trizo - 50 and some of the tracks on A Psychedelic By... were from the Trizo - 50 album and not from Transparent Face

    01 - Transparent face 3:10
    02 - Winter wind 2:55
    03 - Talk to the moon 3:35
    04 - Chasing now the flying time 4:55
    05 - Featheredge 3:40
    06 - Genena 9:22
    07 - Willow creek 5:49
    08 - Give life another trip 3:52
    09 - I talk to the moon (diff. version) 4:31
    10 - Winter wind (diff. version) 2:58
    11 - Chasing now the flying time (diff. version) 5:12
    12 - The saddest song I know 5:45
    lineup from Discogs:
    Bass Guitar, Vocals, Claves - Jim Clapper
    Drums, Bongos, Maracas, Cymbal [Finger], Lyrics By - John DePugh
    Guitar [Lead], Lead Vocals, Chimes [Wind], Percussion [Sand Blocks] - David Johnson
    Guitar, Lead Vocals, Recorder, Piano, Percussion - Bob Walkenhorst
    oe: Recommended. Superb psych "british" folk
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    Picchio Dal Pozzo - 1980 - Abbiamo Tutti I Suoi Problemigenre: avant, rio
    country: italy
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)
    time: 45'44" size: 267 mb

    PICCHIO DAL POZZO are considered to be one of the very few "Canterbury" inspired bands that emerged from Italy's fertile 1970's progressive rock musical scene. The sextet known as "Picchio dal Pozzo" surges forth via romantically melodic overtones, swiftly implemented time signatures and jazzy interplay in concert with the proverbial peaks, valleys, knotty twists and circuitous turns. "Camere Zimmer Rooms" is a must for all those enamoured of both Italian prog as well as the Canterbury music scene. Essential for their fans, as well as fans of groups like CARAVAN, HATFIELD & The NORTH, HENRY COW, SOFT MACHINE & FRANK ZAPPA.

    ot: nothing from canterbury at all, pure rio, avant-garde
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    Perigeo - 1974 - Genealogiagenre: fusion, jazz
    country: italy
    quality : lossless (wavpack, cue, log, scans)
    time: 44'19" size: 242 mb

    side A:
    01 - Genealogia 8:29
    02 - Polaris 5:05
    03 - Torre del Lago 3:12
    04 - Via Beato Angelico 5:01

    side B:
    05 - (in)Vino Veritas 6:49
    06 - Monti Pallidi 3:35
    07 - Grandi Spazi 3:41
    08 - Old Vienna 3:28
    09 - Sidney's Call 4:57

    Bruno Biriaco (drums)
    Claudio Fasoli (saxophone)
    Franco D'Andrea (keybaords)
    Giovanni Tommaso (bass)
    Tony Sidney (guitar)

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    genre: blues, soul
    country: us
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)
    time: 41'33" size: 243 mb

    Fuzz Acid & Flowers:
    An inter-racial Californian soul rock band formed in 1968. They were known initially as Bluesberry Jam, who included drummer Fito De La Barreda before he was recruited by Canned Heat to replace Frank Cook. Frank subsequently joined Bluesberry Jam, and together with Charlie Allen formed Pacific Gas and Electric.
    They are best remembered for their hit Are You Ready and will interest fans of the Chambers Brothers or Sly and The Family Stone. Their sound was characterized by the powerful voice of Charlie Allen and the good guitar leads of Glenn Schwartz (later in All Saved Freak Band).
    In 1970, they had to shorten their name to PG&E when the Pacific Gas and Electric Company complained. The line-up changed with their fourth album, which was coproduced by Delaney Bramlett (of Delaney and Bonnie). Their new guitarist, Ken Utterback, showed his skills on two good tracks: the ironically titled Short Dogs and Englishmen and When The Sun Shines. PG&E then slowly disappeared from the scene. ~ 
    (Stephane Rebeschini)
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    Perigeo - 1972 - Azimutgenre: fusion, jazz
    country: italy
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log)
    time: 37'16" size: 209 mb

    Pioneers of Italian jazz-rock from the 1970's, PERIGEO were often compared to early BRAND X & actually as innovative as WEATHER REPORT, with a very full sound, featuring bass, keyboards, drums, guitar and saxes. Their music was only comprised between jazz-rock and straight jazz with a dynamic mix of spacey sounds, no prog influences whatsoever. No need to precise that each instrumentalist is strongly competent in their respective domains !
    Their best works are usually considered "Genealogia" and "La Valle Dei Templi". The band split after their fifth album and reunited some years later for the ambitious "Alice" double album. From the LP "Alice", the band became more commercial.
    oe: not like Brand X or Weather Report, much better
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    Smokie - 1975 - Changing All The Timegenre: pop
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)
    time: 34'15" size: 205 mb
    issue: 1991

    Read in Wiki

    01 - Don't Play Your Rock'N'Roll To Me 3:19
    02 - If You Think You Know How To Love Me 3:28
    03 - It's Natural 2:40
    04 - Give It To Me 4:07
    05 - We're Flyin' High 3:55
    06 - Changing All The Time 3:24
    07 - Julia 3:04
    08 - Take Me In 3:55
    09 - Umbrella Day 3:46
    10 - Back To Bradford

    Chris Norman – lead vocals, backing vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar and piano
    Terry Uttley – bass and backing vocals
    Pete Spencer – drums, flute and percussion
    Alan Silson – lead guitar, acoustic guitar, steel guitar, backing vocals, lead vocal on "Give It to Me"

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    Simon & Garfunkel - 1966, October - Parsley, Sage, Rosemary And Thymegenre: folk
    country: us
    quality : lossless (separate ape, booklet)
    time: 34'14" size: 196 mb
    issue: 2001 reissue

    01 - Scarborough Fair/Canticle 3:14
    02 - Patterns 2:49
    03 - Cloudy 2:25
    04 - Homeward Bound 2:33
    05 - The Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine 2:51
    06 - The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy) 1:58
    07 - The Dangling Conversation 2:42
    08 - Flowers Never Bend With The Rainfall 2:14
    09 - A Simple Desultory Phillippic 2:23
    10 - For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her 2:09
    11 - A Poem On the Underground Wall 1:57
    12 - 7 O'clock News/ Silent Night 2:12

    13 - Patterns (Demo) 2:56
    14 - A Poem On the Underground Wall (Demo) 1:51

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    Style: prog
    Country: uk
    Audio: ape
    Size: 284mb
    Issue: April 1978 Polydor

    Allan Holdsworth (guitar) Bill Bruford (drums) Eddie Jobson (keyboards, violin) John Wetton (bass)

    side A:
    1/ In The Dead Of Night
    2/ By The Light Of Day
    3/ Presto Vivace And Reprise
    4/ Thirty Years

    side B:
    5/ Alaska
    6/ Time To Kill
    7/ Nevermore
    8/ Mental Medication

    total: 46`23"

    On my opinion this is one of the greatest prog lps. Greatly recommended.

    From ProgressiveRock :
    In late 1975, King Crimson came to a close, but not before Eddie Jobson added some embellishment to the posthumously released live album U.S.A. The rhythm section - the formidable duo of Bruford and Wetton - took some journeyman work in the interim (Genesis, National Health and Uriah Heep), before forming what would become U.K. Rick Wakeman, was around for the first go, but for whatever reason, opted out and eventually returned to Yes. Then, in 1977, the duo each picked a replacement: Wetton brought Jobson, while Bruford towed in guitarist Allan Holdsworth from Gong. Their debut album was eagerly anticipated, given the high pedigree of the members. The three-part "In the Dead Of Night" leads off, penned like most of the other tracks on the album by Jobson and Wetton. Wetton certainly knows a decent hook, while his voice is clear and distinctive. Bruford's drumming is crisp and the sonic tone of Jobson’s keyboards provides a wonderful document of the era. Holdsworth adds a trademark (read extremely fluid and fast) solo, while the second section gives Jobson a turn at the violin. "Time To Kill" highlights the mostly understated Bruford/Wetton rhythm section, but Holdsworth's single note accompaniment is equally enthralling. "Nevermore" and "Mental Medication" give Holdsworth a hand in the writing (and acoustic guitar), the former featuring some dueling lead work between he and Jobson. Overall the songs are concise and the album is punctuated by a heavy and uncluttered palette and, of course, lots of virtuoso soloing. But it's also replete with sterile production: sounds great, but that's it. The quartet did take to the road in the States, and judging by their set lists, had a larger repertoire ready to record. But soon enough, Bruford and Holdsworth were off to the former's own band, leaving Wetton and Jobson to continue U.K. Despite the hype, the album failed to make any significant dent in the charts.

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    Style: psych
    Country: us
    Audio: lossless (flac, cue, log, scans)
    Size: 266 mb

    Fuzz Acid & Flowers:
    Originally formed in Chicago by ex-H.P. Lovecraft drummer Mike Tezga, who later formed Lovecraft. Their album, which got to no. 190 in the U.S. album charts, contained some good organ and guitar work and there's a case for its inclusion here. They relocated to L.A. and later evolved into Flying Circus recording two more albums. Upon their demise, in 1970, Wolinski and De Carlo formed Madura.

    01. Violent Men 6:08
    02. Come On People 4:11
    03. Ode To Sadness 6:07
    04. Concerto Four Clouds 5:26
    05. A Change In Our Lives 4:16
    06. Someday I'll Find 5:15
    07. Mama Don't You Know 3:20
    08. In the Woods 4:20
    09. Norwegian Wood 6:08

    Michael Tezga - drms, prcssn
    David Wolinski - kbrd, vcls, bss, prcssn
    Alan Decarlo - gtr, vcl, prcssn

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    Nuova Idea - 1971 - In the BeginningStyle: heavy prog, psych
    Country: italy
    Audio: loss (flac, cue, log, covers)
    time: 36'09" Size: 229 mb
    Issue: Vinyl Magic 021 (1990)

    01. Come,come,come.... 20:03
    02. Realtа 4:08
    03. La mia scelta 3:40
    04. Non dire niente...(ho giа capito) 4:19
    05. Dolce amore 3:59

    Marco Zoccheddu / guitar, vocals
    Claudio Ghiglino / guitar, vocals
    Giorgio Usai /keyboards
    Enrico Casagni / bass, flute, vocals
    Paolo Siani / drums, vocals

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    genre: prog
    country: france
    quality : lossless (flac tracs, covers)
    time: 35`44" size: 236 mb

    oe: Amazingly hear another "Simon & Garfunkel" with progressive tingle. Recommended.
    Sadly very short.

    Asbjørnsen - Scented Gardens Of The Mind:
    This group was formed by Michel Bonnecarrere after he left Zoo. Both albums by Ophiucus are fine pop-rock albums rooted in the sixties tradition of short tracks with quite good tunes. However, you will still recognise this instantly as an early seventies offering with lush and rural atmospheres overall (sometimes close to folk-rock a la Ilous & Decuyper). The quality ranges from average to excellent with quite a few gems packed with expressive vocals, acoustic guitars and some tasteful string arrangements. There are even glimpses of psychedelic and progressive rock. Overall, this is certainly worth hearing.

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    Caravan - 1997 - Canterbury Comes To Londongenre: prog
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, hq scans)
    time: 1:16'11"
    size: 527 mb
    issue: live

    01 - Memory Lain Hugh 5:05
    02 - Headloss 4:53
    03 - Nine Feet Underground 17:33
    04 - The Dog The Dog, He's At It Again 6:29
    05 - Cold As Ice 5:48
    06 - Somewhere In Your Heart 5:40
    07 - I Know Why You're Laughing 5:47
    08 - Liar 6:43
    09 - For Richard 11:05
    10 - Golf Girl

    Doug Boyle / guitar, guitar (electric)
    Richard Coughlan / drums
    Pye Hastings / guitar, vocals
    Jim Leverton / bass, vocals
    Geoffrey Richardson / flute, mandolin, viola, spoons
    Dave Sinclair / keyboards

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    Style: prog
    Country: spain
    Audio: mp3 (320k)
    Size: 81 mb

    Eduardo Bort's self-titled album from 1975 contains four long tracks of spacey, melodic progressive rock with several longer acoustic/folky passages as well. The first track "Thoughts" reminds me a bit of the 70's Italian bands (especially the better parts on the Uno album). "Pictures of Sadness" has some great mellotron and excellent spacey guitar playing. Bort' s guitar playing reminds me both of Jimi Hendrix and Steve Hillage. By far the weakest point are the vocals. The flat, heavily accented singing is rather poor, but it doesn't spoil the album for me. The last, 12-minute track "Yann" starts with incredible mellotron/guitar/mini-moog interplay. This section could have been culled from Steve Hillage's masterpiece Fish rising. Superb. After about four minutes, part two of the track starts in a more acoustic setting, unfortunately with the worst of the vocal contributions. About two minutes later an instrumental section follows with nice guitar strumming and soloing by Bort. At about nine minutes, the mellotron re-enters with a romantic symphonic theme (and variations) until the track ends. Not a flawless album, but despite the weak vocals an enjoyable piece of work with occasionally some outstanding passages.

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    genre: psych
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (flac, cue, log, scans)
    time: 58'03" size: 332 mb

    01 - Forbidden Fruit 2:35
    02 - Male Chauvinist Pig Blues 3:37
    03 - I'll See you Again 4:58
    04 - Twelve Hours of Sunset 5:07
    05 - Acapulco Gold 4:06
    06 - Commune 4:35
    07 - Magic Woman (Liberation Reshuffle) 6:37
    08 - Che 3:04
    09 - North Country 4:36
    10 - Forever 2:53

    Bonus tracks on 1989 CD reissue:
    "Home" (studio) – 3:10 – (from Flashes From The Archives Of Oblivion)
    "Too Many Movies" (live) – 6:35 –  (from Flashes From The Archives Of Oblivion)
    "Home" (live) – 6:11 – (from Flashes From The Archives Of Oblivion)

    Roy Harper - Bass, Guitar, Arranger, Guitar (Electric), Keyboards, Saxophone, Vocals, Producer, Cover Design
    David Bedford - Arranger, Keyboards
    Larry Vocals
    Max Middleton - Piano, Performer
    Keith Moon - Percussion
    Jimmy Page - Guitar (Electric), Performer
    Jo Partridge - Vocals
    Pete Sears - Bass, Performer
    Marty Simon - Drums, Performer
    Mike Gibbs - Brass Arrangement

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    Style: ethnic jazz rock
    Country: germany
    Audio: lossless (flac 826k)
    Size: 227mb
    Issue: 1993 Bellaphon

    A Guide to German Progressive & Electronic Rock:

    Dzyan recorded a unique kind of electric ethnic jazz-rock. The band look their name from the Indian book of creation. They formed in January 1972 as a quintet. After just two months the self-titled debut album was recorded, and then released on the minor Aronda label in April 1972. This first line-up of the band was just a studio project and promptly disintegrated. Lothar Scharf played drums in a revamped Dzyan's first live gigs, before he joined Virgo. In November 1972 Dzyan were reduced to a trio. In Studio Dierks, Stommeln, they recorded Time Machine, produced by Peter Hauke and released on Bacillus in November 1973. This was an excellent jazz-rock album consisting of four tracks. "Kabisrain" was an Eastern-oriented, ethnic number featuring saz, quite similar to Embryo. The other three tracks were electro acoustic, inspired by King Crimson and perhaps jazz records released on the ECM label. The strongest cut on the album was the 18 minute long title track. Dzyan's second album for Bacillus (also recorded by the Hauke & Dierks team) was recorded in October 1974. It had a similar style to their first, but was a bit more acoustic and Indian-flavoured. Late in 1974 Reinhard Karwatky, the last remaining original member, decided to leave the group. This concluded the story of Dzyan. Along with Embryo, Between and Agitation Free they were pioneers of the world music. Giger and Marron eventual recruited Gunter Lenz In 1976 and recorded one further album as Giger, Lenz & Marron (Niagara MIX 1011-N).

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    Style: avant prog, rio
    Country: france
    Audio: lossless (ape 776k)
    Size: 408mb

     01 L'epice 9:30
    02 Arrakis 9:41
    03 Bitonio 7:14
    04 Eros 10:22

    05 Bitonio (alt 1979 version) 10:26
    06 Arrakis (alt 1978 version) 5:14
    07 Eros (alt 1978 version) 7:15
    08 Acoustic Fremen 6:18

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    Delaney & Bonnie - Fillmore West, SF, CA 1970-02-22Style: blues, soul
    Country: us
    Audio: lossless (flac tracs, not tagged, covers)
    Size: 366mb

    from Tapestry of Delights:
    Delaney Bramlett began his career in 1964 with two unsuccessful 45s recorded in Los Angeles. He became acquainted with Leon Russell and his "Oklahama Mafia", and became a "Shindog", the group appearing on the TV show "Shindig". In 1967 he met and married Bonnie Lynn, a former Ikette. The duo signed with Stax and in 1969 supported the first part of the Blind Faith's U.S. tour. Subsequently, Eric Clapton, George Harrison and Dave Mason declared that they were the "best group in the world". Backed by an excellent group with their "Friends":- Russell, Carl Radle (ex Colours), Jim Gordon, Bobby Whitlock, Jim Price, Bobby Keys, Sandy Konikoff, Jim Keltner, etc. Delaney & Bonnie were suddenly very popular and toured constantly. Their records mix rock, white gospel, soul and blues with a solid rhythm section. On Tour, with Eric Clapton and Dave Mason is one of their best efforts, while the "Friends" in Motel Shot included Gram Parsons, Duane Allman and Ben Benay (ex Goldenrod). The duo's demise was no doubt due to an erratic management (they moved from Stax to Elektra to Atlantic and then to CBS in three years) together with the fact that when Leon Russell left he took their backing group for Joe Cocker's "Mad Dogs and Englishmen" tour. In 1972, the Bramletts split up and both went solo. The records of Delaney are out of this books scope, while Bonnie went on to work with Southern rock groups and released several albums on Capricorn Records with members of Allman Brothers Band. Jim Price and Bobby Keys later became the horn section for the Rolling Stones and Whitlock, Radle and Jim Gordon formed Derek and the Dominos with Eric Clapton and Duane Allman. ~ Stephane Rebeschini
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    Style: prog
    Country: Portuqalia
    Audio: mp3 (320k)
    Size: 118mb

    01 - O Ъltimo Dia na Terra 4:27
    02 - O Caos 5:53
    03 - Fuga para o Espaзo 8:12
    04 - Mellotron, o Planeta Fantбstico 6:45
    05 - 10.000 Anos depois entre Vйnus e Marte 6:06
    06 - A Partir do Zero 4:46
    07 - Memos 2:24
    08 - Vida (Sons do Quotidiano) 12:41

    - José Cid: vocals, piano, Mellotron, ARP Solina, Mini Moog, electric piano

    - Zé Nabo: guitar, bass
    - Ramon Gallarza: drums
    - Mike Sergeant: acoustic guitar on O Caos

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    Style: psych blues
    Country: uk
    Audio: lossless (flac, cue, log, scans)
    time: 34'56" Size: 207 mb
    01 - Day 5:54
    02 - Donґt Leave Me 5:03
    03 - White Dove 2:33
    04 - Darkness 5:17
    05 - Dark Clouds 5:07
    06 - My Life 4:47
    07 - Reach Out 3:32
    08 - Free 2:44
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    genre: prog
    country: brazil
    quality : mp3 320k, covers
    time: 1:11'36"
    size: 241 mb

    Dreams Fantasies & Nightmares:

    A Brazilian band, based in São Paulo. Their two first albums are reputedly hard rockin', with fuzz guitar leads and progressive leanings, while their next two are softer, melodic, progressive rock with classical influences. Ponto Final and Criatures De Noite fromCriatures Da Noite, like Flor De La Noche and Cabole from Casa Encantada are representative samples of the later genre.

    On the Criatures De Noite album, there is jangling guitar and harmony vocals Queimade and Santana - orientated guitar leads (Pano De Fundo), but the highlight is the long (12.27) track 1974, basically instrumental with wordless vocals and symphonic touches, which becomes a little bit spacey in the second section.

    On Casa Encantada, the band is helped by Cezar de Merces (flute), Ze Eduardo (perc) and three sax players on some tracks. On tracks like Luz De Vela, Guitarras, Vôo De Fenix and Pássaro, they incorporate more typical Brazilian music elements in their work. The instrumental Guitarras is one of the best tracks along with Cabala and Solaris. (CA)

    ... Read more »

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    genre: neo prog
    country: denmark
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)
    time: 1:10`46"
    size: 445 mb
    issue: Cyclops CYCL 094

    This Dutch prog rock band is rooted in the late Eighties, the prime mover was guitar player Bastiaan Peeters and two American friends on drums and keyboards. In ’87 ODYSSICE released their debut-demo "Track one", a fine blend of RUSH and CAMEL. The future looked bright when ODYSSICE even reached the national radio (the famous live rock-program Countdown Café) and they played on a prog rock festival in Belgium along with NOW, EASTERN WIND and fellow Dutchmen EGDON HEATH in ‘89. The line-up in those days was Bastiaan Peeters (guitar), Bart Kuhne (drums), Erik Aafjes (bass) and Andrae Hubbeling (keyboards). Unfortunately some members were not able to concentrate on the band. The band seemed to belong to the past but in ‘96 ODYSSICE made a mini-CD (four songs) entitled "Moondrive", it has strong echoes from CAMEL (melodic and Latimer-like guitarplay). Bastiaan recruited for this CD Jeroen van der Wiel on keyboards, Pascal van de Pol on bass and Bart Kuhne on drums.

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    Le Orme - 1976 - Verità nascostegenre: prog
    country: italy
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)
    time: 41`09" size: 201 mb
    issue: Polygram 842 512-2

    01 - Insieme al concerto 6:06
    02 - In ottobre 6:45
    03 - Verita Nascoste 3:51
    04 - Vedi Amsterdam... 4:55
    05 - Regina al troubador 6:38
    06 - Radiofelicità 4:56
    07 - I Salmoni 2:57
    08 - Il gradino più stretto del cielo 5:00

    Aldo Tagliapietra (bass, guitars, vocals)
    Germano Serafin (guitar)
    Michi Dei Rossi (drums, percussion)
    Toni Pagliuca (keyboards)

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    Le Orme - 1971 - Collagegenre: prog
    country: italy
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)
    time: 34`36" size: 221 mb
    issue: Polygram spa

    New Gibraltar Encyclopedia Of Progressive Rock:
    For Emerson, Lake, and Palmer fans, who like the three man classical-rock format style will undoubtedly love Le Orme, who's Nice, ELP, Trace, and Ekseption similarities are evident. Although similar, in my opinion Le Orme were the best of the genre who mixed the pompous classical rock of the Nice with the elegance and sophistication of the Italians. Although their first two albums are rare '60s beat-music, Le Orme's best albums starting with Collage and the ones that followed, all featuring incredible statements for the three-man band format and are highly recommended to any lover of progressive music. Also great are their fourth through sixth including the classics Uomo Di Pezza, Felona E Sorona (who's English version had lyrics by Peter Hammill), and their opus Contappunti...
    ...I wanted to find other great progressive bands from other countries other than England and when I read a write-up in a prog rock book about Italy's "big three" I became curious. These three were PFM, Banco and Le Orme. The writer of this book had high regards for the haunting melodic passages in Le Orme's music especially. My journey into their music proved well worth the visit. Now that I am familiar with many other prog bands from Europe from the '70's, I can honestly say that Le Orme were the most consistent in melody output. Simply put, Le Orme were the best prog band to come out of Europe south of England!! The lead singer, Aldo Tagliapietra, was one of the few Italian singers with a clean voice and he was the group's main song writer from day one. Their biggest pop hit was "Irene" which came out the year before they became a prog band. Then they released my favourite album of their's called Collage which yielded two of their most powerful tunes - both keyboard driven called "Collage" and "Sguardo Verso il Cielo". The next two were also classics - Uomo di Pezza and their most highly rated Felona e Sorona with their signature song "Sospesi nell'incredibile". Their sound reminds me of the kind of music you may have heard in the '70's while at a roller rink only with a progressive twist and Italian lyrics...

    Views: 2326 | Date: 29.04.2010 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (2)

    genre: beat
    country: brazil
    quality : mp3 (320k)
    time: 1:17`42"
    size: 177 mb

    Guide to Brazilian Music:

    Os Incriveis "Os Incriveis" (RCA-Brasil, 1969) :
    Oddly uneven, semi-psychedelic effort by this late-blooming '60s "beat" outfit... Many of these songs start out with muscular performances -- a Meters-y soul riff here, a cool acid-rock riff there -- but the band doesn't seem to be able to sustain the hard edge, inevitably slipping into softer pop mannerisms. They obviously can play the hard stuff (and have heard a lot of it) but seem restrained somehow, most likely by some studio producers hired by the label. This is okay; it's certainly a notch or two above most of their jovem guarda contemporaries... Mostly, though, this album works only as kitsch, and probably won't feel that satisfying to fans of real garage pop.

    Os Incriveis "Os Incriveis" (RCA-Brasil, 1970) :
    A bit stronger than their previous album, or at least a little more cohesive. The individual songs don't shift around so much between different stylistic tones -- the soft pop leanings are still there, but when they set out on a psychedelic or soul tangent, they keep it up for most of the song... Highlights include the opening song, "Adeus Amigo Vagabundo (Tributo A Jimi Hendrix)," which ends with a predictably "crazy" hard rock flourish. Low points include an only-adequate English-language cover of the Moody Blues hit, "Question" (which might have been more fun if they'd sung it in Portuguese...) An interesting album, worth checking out, although it probably won't drive most folks wild.

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    May Blitz - 1971 - The 2nd Of May
    genre: heavy prog
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)
    time: 36`03" size: 260 mb
    issue: 2005 japan

    Tapestry of Delights:
    Tony Newman had previously played with Sounds Incorporated and The Jeff Beck Group. His powerhouse drumming suited this heavy rock act's loud aggressive sound which was liberally laced with echoed feedback guitar

    01 - For Mad Men Only 4:17
    02 - Snakes And Ladders 4:42
    03 - The 25th Of December 1969 3:12
    04 - In Part 6:09
    05 - 8 Mad Grim Nits 4:33
    06 - High Beech 5:02
    07 - Honey Coloured Time 4:14
    08 - Just Thinking

    James Black / lead vocals, guitar
    Reid Hudson / bass
    Tony Newman / drums

    ... Read more »

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    Morpheus - 1976 - Rabenteuergenre: jazz
    country: germany
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)
    time: 1:01`10" size: 371 mb
    issue: GoDs

    From ProgArchives:
    The band started out in 1971 as OPOSSUM, a six-member jazz-rock outfit. With time, dissention set in as two of the members wanted to tie the band down to free jazz while the other four wanted to rock. So in 1975, the foursome walked out, regrouped as MORPHEUS* and released a self-produced album titled "Rabenteuer” – a name which combines the German words for "raven” and "adventure”, as in "Raventure”. Unfortunately, the music had been recorded too slowly, resulting in the whole album being a semitone too low. Despite this, the LP (of which a mere 500 copies had been printed) became a collectors’ item. Luckily for us, Garden of Delights has re-released it in CD format, using the original master tapes and making it a point to correct the sound problem. Incredible as it may seem, some 22 years later the whole band has reunited around their guitarist and released a brand new CD titled "For a Second”. The band consists of guitarist Gerold Adler, alto sax player Heinrich Holtgreve, bassist Peter Blömeke and drummer Alvaro Tarquino.
    "Rabenteuer” is an all-instrumental jazz-rock album with lots of saxophone and bits of flute, similar in style to early KRAAN with perhaps a nod or two to MISSUS BEASTLY. Being partly improvised, the music has an almost ‘live’ feel to it; it is warm and features great guitar riffing as well as strong melodies. The CD version comprises a bonus track, a terrific 20-minute jam session salvaged from the master tapes. The band’s more recent album "For a Second”, released in 2002, may sound a bit laid-back in comparison but is still redolent of the old MORPHEUS charm, with plenty of trippy sax and catchy hooks.
    Recommended to fans of early KRAAN and GONG as well as to jazz-rock fans who enjoy improvisation.

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    genre: neo prog
    country: uk
    quality : mp3 (mqvbr)
    time: 1:05`56"
    size: 113 mb


    Mostly Autumn is one of those bands that's hard to categorize ... I would have sympathy with anyone who called these folks progressive and with anyone who says they're not prog at all. Depending on your definition of "prog", you can really go either way on a band like this. But what you can't argue is that they're "Classic Rock", which is the name of their production company. "Classic Rock" they definitely are, with a very '70's sound, moulding aspects of folk, celtic, psychedelic and ... yes ... progressive musics into a style both uniquely their own and yet somehow hauntingly familiar. Their music isn't particularly complex and is not at all difficult to listen to. Yet, like those old bands, you get the feeling that there's a lot more than just a bunch of notes going on here. Like their '70's forebears, one gets the feeling that there's something important going on when you're listening to this music, as if the very fabric of the space-time continuum is being subtly altered by the presence of this band playing these notes and singing these words at this moment in time. No, really ... it's more like a group spellcasting than a performance.
    My first exposure to Mostly Autumn was through the DVD version of The Story So Far ..., so I'll break with my usual policy of viewing a DVD as sort of a poor second choice to an album. Actually, the CD of The Story So Far ... is really an abridged version of the DVD as far as songs go, so the DVD is arguably "the real deal" and the CD is the second choice in this case, particularly if you're listening to the DVD through your stereo speakers. From the opening of the DVD, showing the standard footage of them backstage getting ready for the concert, you get the impression that something really special is happening here. My adrenaline pumps, and I realize that some part of me thinks I'm about to see one of Yes' old concerts. Well, they don't sound much like Yes when they start playing, yet there's something kindred here. Something cosmic, something organic, something ... of course ... something spiritual about this music! I'm beginning to feel stoned ... like inhaling that "special smoke" at a concert ... like having a long meditation ... like cool spring breezes heightening the senses. What's up with this? It's just notes, after all. Just people standing around playing the same notes as all the other bands play; A thru G is all there are. But it's the attitude of this band; focused, serious, and absolutely committed, yet also playful and somehow wise. You want to buy into their vision of reality, to figure out where they're coming from, so you willingly teleport a part of yourself there.

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    Mostly Autumn - 2001 - The Last Bright Lightgenre: neo prog
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, booklet scans)
    time: 1:11`27" size: 456 mb

    01 - ...Just Moving On 1:30
    02 - We Come and We Go 4:37
    03 - Half The Mountain 5:23
    04 - The Eyes of The Forest 2:54
    05 - The Dark Before The Dawn 5:10
    06 - Hollow 6:09
    07 - Prints in The Stone 3:28
    08 - The Last Bright Light 8:14
    09 - Never The Rainbow 3:48
    10 - Shrinking Violet 8:34
    11 - Helms Deep 6:45
    12 - Which Wood? 2:46
    13 - Mother Nature

    Bryan Josh / electric guitar, vocals, 6-string, 12-string acoustic, gregorian vocals on 8
    Heather Findlay / vocals, bodhran, tamborine and bells
    Iain Jennings / keyboards, backing vocals, gregorian vocals on 8
    Liam Davison / electric slide guitar, vocals on 7 and 8, 6-string+12 string acoustic
    Andy Smith / bass
    Jonathan Blackmore / drums
    Angela Goldthorpe / flute, recorders, background vocals on 10

    Troy Donockley / low whistles on 7 and 10
    Marissa Claughan / cello on 4, 6 and 10
    Albert Dannenmann / rauschpfeife, krumhorn, renaissance recorders, solo sopranino, hummelchen and gaita

    ... Read more »
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    genre: prog
    country: uk
    quality : mp3 (256k)
    time: 1:09`19"
    size: 128 mb

    01 - Winter Mountain 6:56
    02 - This Great Blue Pearl 5:41
    03 - Pieces of Love 4:15
    04 - Please 6:11
    05 - Evergreen 8:00
    06 - Styhead Tarn 3:32
    07 - Shindig 3:08
    08 - Blakey Ridge , When Waters Meet 2:12
    09 - Underneath The Ice 3:50
    10 - Through The Window 4:41
    11 - The Spirit of Autumn Past (part 1) 2:44
    12 - The Spirit of Autumn Past (part 2) 6:30
    13 - The Gap is Too Wide 11:38

    Bass Guitar - Stuart Carver
    Drums - Rob McNeil
    Flute, [Whistles] - Angela Goldthorpe
    Violins, [5 Strings Zeta Violin] - Bob Faulds
    Vocals, 6 & 12 String Acoustic, Bodhran, Tambourine - Heather Findlay
    Vocals, 6 & 12 String Acoustics, Electrical , Slide Guitars - Liam Davidson
    Vocals, Keyboards, [Hammond] - Iain Jennings
    Vocals, Lead Guitars, [E-bow] - Bryan Josh
    [uilleann Pipes] - Troy Donockley (tracks: 13)

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    Necromandus ~ 2005 ~ Orexis Of Death plus...genre: heavy prog
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (flac, cue, log, covers)
    time: 36`43" size: 221 mb

    Ozzy Osbourne Garry Sharpe-Young the story of the Ozzy Osbourne band CHORDS OF DISQUIET
    With the inevitable disintegration of Black Sabbath in the late 70's Ozzy had motivated himself to set about creating a fresh band. Ozzy's personal assistant at the time was Dave Tangye ('Tang') who also happened to manage Cumbrian heavy rock band Necromandus.
    Created under the original name of Hot Spring Water the quartet comprised vocalist Bill Branch, guitarist Barry Dunnery, bass player Dennis McCarten and drummer Frank Hall. A name change to Heavy Hand led eventually to Necromandus, a fusing of the words 'Nostradamus' and 'Necromancy'.
    Frank Hall's first memories of Ozzy Osbourne date as far back as 1969. Black Sabbath would often play the gig circuit around the Lake District and it would be at one of the bands very first gigs that Ozzy came to the fore. "I first clapped eyes on Ozzy at the Towbar club in Nethertown in Cumbria," the drummer recalls. His memories of a pre-stardom Ozzy are in stark contrast to the onstage persona that would come to be known by millions. "I remember talking to Bill Ward who told me 'He's not long been out of prison' to which I replied; 'Better to break into music than houses I suppose!' Ozzy was a dramatic figure- he was really like a wild man. Onstage he used to whip his head up and down really, really fast and put his finger in his ear while he sang! I noticed he soon stopped doing that! The thing was though is that he was in fact a really friendly bloke, actually quite shy and nervous".

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    genre: psych
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (flac, cue, log, booklet scans)
    time: 37`58" size: 261 mb
    issue: 2003 Remaster

    01 - The World Is Cold Without You 3:49
    02 - Excerpt From The Blind And The Beautifle 2:41
    03 - I Take To My Room 3:41
    04 - Christopher Lucifer 4:09
    05 - Aline Cherie 3:08
    06 - Tres, Tres Bien 2:58
    07 - It Happenend Two Sunday Ago 3:12
    08 - Black Flower 4:35
    09 - Love Suite 6:08
    10 - Illinois 3:37

    Patrick Campbell-Lyons - Vocals
    Alex Spyropoulos - Keyboards

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    genre: prog
    country: germany
    quality : mp3 (320k)
    time: 36`03"
    size: 70 mb

    01 - Der Geigenspieler 8:19
    02 - Zingaresca 5:15
    03 - Manchmal Fдllt der Regen Eben Lang 3:54
    04 - Vielleicht Bin Ich ein Clown 6:26
    05 - City Nord 6:12
    06 - Die Welt Wird Alt und Wieder Jung 4:38

    Bass, Vocals - Heino Schünzel
    Drums, Percussion, Bass Drum - Hartwig Biereichel
    Engineer - Thomas Kukuck
    Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Guitar [Slide], Vocals - Detlef Job
    Organ [Hammond], Piano, Electric Piano, Strings, Mellotron, Synthesizer [Ppg], Clavinet - Lutz Rahn
    Producer - Achim Reichel
    Vocals, Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Guitar [12 String], Flute - Fred Mühlböck

    Notes: Recorded at Rüssl Studio Hamburg, September 1978.

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    genre: prog
    country: italy
    quality : mp3 (256k, cover)
    time: 1:15'25" size: 13 mb

    ItalianProg site:
    This band from Bergamo was formed around 1970, and had a long life that lasted until 1978. Their name means dawn in spanish.
    The group derived from some 60's beat bands like I Condor, that included bass player Alessandro Zanelli and keyboardist Franco Orlandini (from Mat 65 and who later worked with Equipe 84 and Claudio Rocchi), and later changed name to Le Lunghe Storie.
    Though not properly a progressive rock album, their first one, only released in 1974 by Philips, contains some interesting parts.
    It contains seven tracks, some of which written by Roberto Vecchioni (a singer-songwriter that's still very popular nowadays) and Mauro Paoluzzi.
    The first side shows some influences by a West Coast styled sound, with multivocal parts very well executed but not particularly original. Second side contains the long Mandrax, led by Gianfranco Pinto's keyboards, that's probably the best album track.
    Except for a limited use of acoustic guitar on Uomo blu the band didn't use guitars and their sound was strongly based on keyboards and richly arranged vocal parts.

    Second album came three years later, this time the trio was helped by some guest musicians like Lucio Fabbri on violin (Piazza delle Erbe and later PFM) and Luciano Ninzatti on guitar (from Eugenio Finardi's band Crisalide).With a much better production and sound, this can be considered the best of their two albums, with long tracks like the opening Romanzen or Aragon showing a very good composition quality. Another nice song was È triste il vento, that had previously been played by another group from Bergamo that had a close connection with Madrugada, Perdio.
    Like in the first album there are some odd different-styled tracks, like the folky Noter de Berghem and the silly Katmandu (that was also released on single with È triste il vento, but with no success), but Incastro can be surely appreciated by progressive music fans.
    The band split at the end of the 70's, keyboardist Pinto has collaborated with many italian and international artists (Patty Pravo, Roberto Vecchioni, Adriano Pappalardo, Riccrado Fogli, Gianna Nannini, Brian Auger), and in the late 90's with the reformed progressive group Perdio. He still plays now in the piano bar circuit.
    Bass player Billy Zanelli formed the semi-punk group Judas, with an album on Spaghetti label in 1978, and later played with Roberto Vecchioni.
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    genre: neo prog
    country: holland
    quality : mp3 (192k, cover)
    time: 1:06'35" size: 91 mb

    1. Fatal sign (9:54)
    2. Vicious circle (5:29)
    3. Cold world (6:36)
    4. Penelope (7:08)
    5. I close the book (5:51)
    6. Help me (5:29)
    7. Wizard of tunes (8:52)
    8. Back again (5:39)
    9. City of darkness (8:43)

    Roland van der Horst / guitar and vocals
    Joost Hagemeijer / drums and keyboards
    Pieter Drost / bass
    Chris Jonker / keyboards

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    genre: neo prog
    country: italy
    quality : mp3 (320k)
    time: 36`03" size: 150 mb
    Maschera Di Cera is an evolution from Finisterre, begun in 2001 by their bassist Fabio Zuffanti. He was soon joined by Agostino Macor (keyboards) and Marco Cavani (drums), both from Finisterre. Completing the original line-up was Alessandro Corvaglia (lead voice, acoustic guitar) and Andrea Monetti (flutes, saxes). In 2003, Maurizio di Tollo of Distillerie di Malto replaced Cavani on drums. The last two studio albums were produced by PFM drummer Franz Di Cioccio. -- Fred Trafton
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    genre: prog pop
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)
    time: 44'11" size: 278 mb

    01 - Malta 6:00
    02 - Lie for a Lie 3:08
    03 - Rhoda 3:21
    04 - Profiles, Pt. 1-2 10:02
    05 - Israel 3:33
    06 - And the Address 2:49
    07 - Mumbo Jumbo 3:52
    08 - Zip Code 3:05
    09 - Black Ice 3:41
    10 - At the End of the Day 2:42
    11 - Profiles, Pt. 3

    Nick Mason - drums, keyboards, percussion, composing
    Rick Fenn - guitars, keyboards, composing
    Mel Collins — saxophone on "Rhoda", "And the Address", "Mumbo Jumbo", and "Black Ice"
    David Gilmour — vocals on "Lie for a Lie"
    Maggie Reilly — vocals on "Lie for a Lie"
    Danny Peyronel — vocals on "Israel"
    Craig Pruess — emulator bass on "Malta"

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    genre: blues
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)
    time: 45`23" size: 253 mb
    issue: 1994
    the Tapestry of Delights:
    John Mayall was born in Macclesfield, Cheshire, on 29 November 1933. He grew up on American jazz, which his father was heavily into, and learnt to play piano and guitar. At 13, he went to a Junior Art School in Manchester and later advanced onto the city's Regional College of Art. He had his own band, called The Powerhouse Four, which included Peter Ward who was later in The Bluesbreakers. By now, he was in his element, having got himself a job in an art studio attached to an advertising agency.
    Mayall's next band, Blues Syndicat, was inspired by Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated. It was a raw R&B band which played mostly at Manchester's Twisted Wheel Club. In 1963, John decided to go down to London, get a day job (which he did as a draughtsman) and then put a band together. By early 1964, Mayall had signed a short-term contract with Decca, having got a semi-permanent band together. Line-up (A) recorded his debut album at an R&B dive, 'Klooks Kleek', in West Hampstead. Mayall had already released his first two 45s; the album contained a couple of cover versions (Night Train and Lucille) but the remaining 11 tracks were all originals.

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    Jodo - 1971 - Gutsgenre: hard
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (separated flac, cue, log, scans)
    time: 37`03" size: 273 mb

    oe: no info. Very good hard rock band. Engineered by Martin Birch. Vocal at places like Coverdale.

    1. Nightmare (R. Alexander, W. E. Kimber) - 3:30  
    2. One Night Stand (J. Taylor , R. Alexander, W. E. Kimber) - 2:49  
    3. I'm Still Trying (J. Taylor , R. Alexander, W. E. Kimber) - 4:50  
    4. What's Your Number (E. Jordan, J. Taylor , R. Alexander, W. E. Kimber) - 2:46  
    5. Rat Race (R. Alexander, W. E. Kimber) - 2:58  
    6. Seventeen (J. Taylor , R. Alexander, W. E. Kimber) - 5:23  
    7. Wish You'd Never Been Born (J. Taylor , R. Alexander, W. E. Kimber) - 3:06  
    8. It's No Good (R. Alexander, W. E. Kimber) - 3:12  
    9. Pushing (D. James, R. Alexander, W. E. Kimber) - 3:50  
    10.There's Still Time (J. Taylor , R. Alexander, W. E. Kimber) - 4:36

    Earl Jordan - Lead Guitar, Vocals
    Rod Alexander - Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
    Jon Taylor - Guitar
    Bill Kimber - Vocals
    Chico Greenwood - Drums
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    Style: kraut, psych
    Country: germany
    Audio: lossless (wv, cue, log, scans)
    time: 1:13'54" Size: 421mb
    incl. 33min version of "SolarMusic"

    From ProgressiveRock :
    When it came to original rock music, Germany posed a unique proposition. Some bands were off in "kosmische" (cosmic) territory, working under the ubiquitous umbrella of their original head music, Krautrock. On the other hand, Germany was also producing scores of what we refer to as "bad Deep Purple" bands. (Italy had the dubious distinction for bad Jethro Tull bands!) Grobschnitt were one of just a handful of German bands in between, offering their highly original take on Prog rock. Their debut album was released in early 1972 and was an infectious blend of jazzy jamming and psychedelic weirdness (something we always like). The band was formed by drummer Joachim "Eroc" Ehrig, lead guitarist Gerd-Otto "Lupo" Kuhn, and Stefan "Wildshwein" Daneliak on guitar and vocals. Bassist "Bernhard Uhlemann rounded out the lineup, while Volker "Mist" Kahrs joined on keyboards before their second album, Ballerman. The album opens with "Sahara" but ignore it completely; that lunacy would dominate their next album. "Nickelodeon" then kicks off with a grinding Hammond and trebly bass and one thing is certain: Grobschnitt don’t quite have the arrangement skills of their British counterparts and they’re all the more organic for it. The track has the palette and execution of The Yes Album, and is certainly as spirited and energetic. The second thing that’s immediate is the bane of most German rock groups - English vocals. Either you like Wildschwein’s singing or you hate it and chances are there is little in between. The remainder of the first record was first-rate Prog: both melodic and symphonic, it again has British influence but remains uniquely Grobschnitt. But hold onto your pants, the album’s second side was Grobschnitt’s stunning instrumental achievement "Solar Music Suite". Although the analogy to Pink Floyd is bound to reverberate, Grobschnitt here were just as novel. For nearly thirty minutes they hovered in near stasis, providing a very different take on cosmic music. Wolfgang "Pepe" Jaeger would replace Uhlemann for their next album, the crazy Jumbo. It was so successful that Brain commissioned a German-language version their native market.

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    Style: prog
    Country: Denmark
    Audio: lossless (ape 806k)
    Size: 428mb
    Issue: Red Fox Records RF 620 (2002)

    Hurdy Gurdy were a guitar/bass/drums trio from Denmark who released one album in 1971. The guitar player was the excellent Claus Bohling before he went on to Burnin' Red Ivanhoe and the excellent Secret Oyster. With English vocals, Hurdy Gurdy recall to mind many early '70s bands such as Humble Pie, Cream, Jimi Hendrix Experience or Jimi's Band of Gypsys and so forth. Fans of the early British scene would probably go a bundle for this. Bohling is an excellent guitar player who can set up quite a jam. One of the eight songs is instrumental while all the others have vocals to varying degrees. There's also a little bit of sitar (with tabla!) for the occasional psychedelic sound and, of course, the standard blues harmonica. Great air guitar material!

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    Missus Beastly - 1970 - Nara Asst Incensestyle: psych
    country: germany
    audio: lossless (flac, cue, log, covers)
    time: 37'00" size: 228 mb

    Missus Beastley were among the earliest bands of the new progressive rock wave, being founded in Herford in 1968, recorded their debut album in January 1970 with Hansi Fischer (flute, from Xhol, later Embryo) and Dieter Serfas (pereussion, from Amon Duul II). This was a glimpse into early German underground jazz-rock with lots of flute, psychedelic organ and guitars. The band could be compared to Xhol and Embryo. Soon after the recordings finished, Missus Beastley expanded to become a sextet with Paul Vincent and Michael Scholz. Half a year later, Vincent was replaced by Roman Bunka and a seventh member, Jurgen Benz, joined. By the end of the year, the band were bankrupt and their activities terminated. Nothing more was heard from Missus Beastley until Autumn 1973, when reformed the band and went on tour in Germany. This quintet (D) also recorded an album for Nova in 1974, containing a slick, funky jazz-rock, totally different to the previous album. Lutz Oldemeier and Miekautsch left in 1975 to be replaced by Butze Fischer and Burkard Schmidt. In the interim, Jim McGillivray of Epitaph drummed three months for Missus Beastley. Along with Embryo, Ton Steine Scherben and Sparifankal, Missus Beastley founded the independent record company April.
    Dr. Aftershave & The Mixed-Pickles (1976) became the second release: on this label (Sparifankal's Bayern Rock being April 0000). This was a distinct improvement on the half-hearted Nova album, recorded with three talented guests from Embryo: Roman Bunka, Maria Archer (vocals) and Christian Burchard (vibraphone).

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    genre: rock, psych
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)
    time: 1:16'10" size: 452 mb
    issue: BGO-EMI BGOCD211 (2001)

    01 - A Night In Dad's Bag 4:02
    02 - Just For You 5:13
    03 - Back Into The Future 4:05
    04 - Don't Go Away 4:00
    05 - Ain't Their Fight 7:41
    06 - Never Say Nups To Nepalese 7:30
    07 - Sospan Fach 3:33
    08 - C'mon 19:01
    09 - Jam Up Jelly Tight/Oh No Not Again 21:05

    Micky Jones / guitars, vocals
    Terry Williams / drums, percussion
    Tweke Lewis / guitars, vocals
    Phil Ryan / keyboards, vocals
    Will Youatt / bass, vocals

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    style: hard (simply 2nd Sabbath)
    country: us
    audio: mp3 (256k)
    size: 63mb

    o-e: maybe help me infos about ? where read about?

    Mother 4:25
    Humble 4:45
    Keep On 3:40
    Idealist Realist 4:32
    No Sugar Tonight 2:38
    Feel The Hurt 5:19
    Tomorrow 3:05
    Bow To The King 5:39

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    genre: prog
    country: germany
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)
    time: 41`33"
    size: 297 mb

    Look here about Os Mundi. This is 1st  great lp.

    01 - Ouverture 5:44
    02 - Kyrie 3:12
    03 - Gloria 4:38
    04 - Credo I 7:26
    05 - Credo II 5:31
    06 - Sanctus 9:14
    07 - Agnus Dei


    - Udo Arndt / guitar, keyboards, vocals
    - Christoph Busse / drums, vocals
    - Dietrich Markgraf / saxophon, flute
    - Andreas Villain / bass

    Guest musicians:
    - David V. Kalkreuth / organ
    - Hartmut Seidel / bass

    ... Read more »

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    Pax - 1997 - Dark Rose

    genre: heavy psych
    country: peru
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)
    time: 55'25" size: 350 mb
    issue: Lazarus (compilation, recorded in '70s)

    Dreams Fantasies & Nightmares:
    Pax is the Latin word for peace. The band were formed by former Los Shains' leader 'Pico' Ego Aguirre. Jaime Moreno was brother of the famous Peruvian pop singer Gustavo 'Hit' Moreno. U.S.A.-born Mark Aguilar was a multi-instrumentalist living in Lima at the time and a friend of Moreno's. Miguel Flores, from Cuzco, was a superb drummer and a charismatic musician. Gerardo Rojas handled vocals on one cut Mr. Skin.
    Their repertoire was hard rock / heavy metal with vocals in English. On the Dark Rose compilation there's a great cover of Smoke On The Water and decent versions of Radar Love and Mr. Skin. Their other finest moments including the opening cut Firefly, with some superb guitar moments; Dark Rose, which has a melodramatic introduction and lots of guitar histrionics; Exorcism, with its funky guitar work and gruffer vocals and Sittin' On My Head, which sported another good guitar intro.
    Along with Tarkus they were the only hard rock / heavy metal orientated group from Peru. The original line-up played from 1970-72, but there were several subsequent line-ups.

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    Passport - 1974 - Doldinger Jubilee Concertgenre: fusion
    country: germany
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)
    time: 43`34" size: 248 mb

    01 - Handmade 6:08
    02 - Freedom Jazz Dance 6:06
    03 - Schirokko 9:50
    04 - Rockport 9:24
    05 - Rock Me Baby 4:50
    06 - Lemuria's Dance

    Klaus Doldinger (tenor/soprano saxophones)
    Wolfgang Schmid (bass)
    Curt Cress (drums)
    Kristian Schultze (pianos, synthesizer, Mellotron)
    Johnny Griffin (tenor saxophone)
    Volker Kriegel (guitar)
    Brian Auger (organ, piano)
    Pete York (percussion, drums)
    Alexis Korner (guitar, vocals)
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    Passport - 1981- Blue Tattoogenre: jazz
    country: germany
    quality : lossless (flac, cue, log, scans)
    time: 32'44" size: 238 mb

    Cosmic Dreams:
    One of the German jazz musicians best known internationally is Klaus Doldinger (saxes, flute, keyboards). He was born in Berlin on 12 May 1936. He played in diverse amateur jazz bands from 1952 onwards. In l962 he formed his first Klaus Doldinger Quartet with Ingfried Hoffmalln (piano), Helmut Kalldberger (bass) and Klaus Weiss (drums). Doldinger also made pop, jazz and blues in the sixties under the pseudonym Paul Nero, resulting in several albums: Paul Nero's Blue Sounds had the line-up of Klaus Doldinger (winds), Steffan von Dobrcinsky (winds). Sahib Shilab (bass), Atilla Zoller (guitar), Ingfried Hoilmann (organ), Peter Trunk (bass), Klaus Voorman (bass) and Gibson Kemp (drums). They recorded The Big Beat in 1965. The name was aventually shortened down to Paul Nero Sounds for the subsequent releases Nero's Soul Party (1968) and Nero In South-America (1970). Among the participating musicians were: Siegfried Schwab (pre-Embryo, guitar on both), Lothar Meid (pre-Amon Duul II, bass on both), Olaf Kubler (renowned Amon Duul II producer, sax on both) and Florian Schneider-Esleben (pre-Kraftwerk, flute on the 1970 album). For the first Passport album, Doldinger assembled line-up in the studio to record seven of his compositions. This and the subsequent albums established Klaus Doldinger as one of the leading German performers of conventional jazz rock fusion. On Second Passport (1972) Doldinger had acquired an entirely new line-up. The third Passport formation was ready for concerts and a new album Hand Made in 1973. When Roberts was replaced with Kristian Schultze in 1974, Passport were at last a stable unit for a couple of years. Doldinger's Jubilee Concert (1974) was performed with famous guests like Brian Auger, Pete York and Alexis Korner.
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    Paris - 1975 - Paris genre: hard
    country: us,uk
    quality : lossless (flac, cue, log, scans)
    time: 36'56" size: 274 mb
    issue: 2000 Zoom

    A four-piece from Barking, Essex. They were the first British signing to Avalance, a subsidiary label of United Artists. Former Roxy Music member Rick Kenton joined after the 45 had been released.

    01 - Religion 3:03
    02 - Black Book 5:20
    03 - Starcage 3:54
    04 - Beautiful Youth 3:34
    05 - Nazarene 3:55
    06 - Narrow Gate (La Porte Etroite) 6:38
    07 - Solitaire 4:02
    08 - Breathless 3:20
    09 - Rock Of Ages 3:10
    10 - Red Rain

    Robert Welch - gtr, vcls
    Glenn Cornick - bss, kbrd
    Thom Mooney - drms

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    genre: prog
    country: sweden
    quality : mp3 (320k)
    time: 50'58"
    size: 120 mb

    Pär Lindh has long been involved with the Swedish progressive rock scene, working for a couple of years with an early formation of Manticore and also helping Änglagård on pipe organ at Progfest '93. More importantly, Lindh founded The Swedish Art Rock Society in 1991. Festivals sponsored by this society are an important part of the '90s Swedish prog scene, of which Änglagård, Anekdoten and Landberk are a part. Previous to this decade, Lindh spent much of his time involved with various prog and rock bands in the '70s and pursuing a career as a classical keyboardist in the '80s. Most of the music on Gothic Impressions was written by Lindh in the '70s but the music had to wait until the '90s, when Lindh established the Crimsonic Label, to be released. Lindh eschews digital synthesizers, prefering instead to create his music on piano, church and Hammond organs, harpsichord, Mellotron, Clavinette and various analog synths. Lindh also plays bass and drums on several of his songs. On various cuts, Lindh is helped out by a cadre of Swedish musicians, including four members of Änglagård (no more than two appear together on any one song), Roine Stolt (of Kaipa/Flower Kings fame), various guitarists, vocalists and the Camerata Vocalis choir. With a title like Gothic Impressions, you can imagine the style of music heard on this album. "Dresden Lamentation" opens the album with a somber statement about "what once was Europe's most beautiful baroque city." Lindh's haunting keyboards are supported by bassoon, flute and tubular bells. After two minutes, the pace rapidly and seamlessly shifts into "The Iconoclast." Using church organ and an arsenal of synths, Lindh blends classical artistry with the driving force of rock, influenced as much by Bach as by ELP (but without the over-the-top pyrotechnics of the trio). Speaking of ELP, Lindh pays an (intentional or otherwise) homage to "Tarkus." One section of "The Cathedral," the album's 20 minute centerpiece, runs quite parallel to "The Battlefied" section of ELP's epic. Elsewhere in this song, Lindh alternates dazzling displays of dexterity with tender passages of subtlety and sensitivity. The bass and drums, provided by Johan Hogberg and Matthias Olsson of Änglagård, provides listeners with a certain familiarity, and are an excellent foil for Lindh's more intense keyboard work. Vocals are heard on three of the six songs. The vocal passages of "Green Meadow Lands," sung by Mathias Jonson and punctuated by flute and Mellotron, invokes comparisons to the Moody Blues. In contrast, vocals by Ralf Glasz on "The Iconoclast" and "The Cathedral" tend toward gothic classicism. Another feature of the album, one that also reflects Lindh's classical training (and perhaps an indirect reflection of Emerson's influence), is his rendering of Mussorgsky's "Night on Bare Mountain." More faithful (and less adventurous) than Emerson's reading (some would say butchering) of Mussorgsky's "Picture's at an Exhibition," Lindh's interpretation of this classic work fits in well with the overall flow of the album and is an appropriate and welcome inclusion. Gothic Impressions should appeal to all who enjoy the marriage of classically-styled keyboards in a prog-rock setting. -- Mike Taylor
    Pär Lindh Project is a talented Swedish band who have released one full-length album called Gothic Impressions and a mini-CD called Rondo. The band which has changed from alot to five people has a unique style. As a Swedish band they have a Swedish touch, but blends both early Baroque, Bach as well as postromanticism, avantegarde and the symphonic rockbands of the early seventies. Pär Lindh writes and play the keyboard in the band (includes Mellotron, Hammond organ, churchorgan, old LSE Syntheziser). He has a long career as church-organist, a solo harpsichaordist, touring classical pianist and much more. The music are on a very high class. I think the debut-CD by this band is the best to come out from Sweden in a long time, although I prefer Änglagård. But the to bands have much incommon. Except the likeness in music, four Änglagård-members play on the first record, including Mattias Olsson which do some exelent drumming. There are many other talented people on Gothic like: Roine Stolt, Bjorn Johansson and Jocke Ramsell. The two highlights on Gothic Impressions are the song "The Cathedral," a epic 20 minute symphonic masterpiece and a rework on Mussorgsky's "Night on Bare Mountain." Superb and very mighty. Just thinking about that piece makes me shiver. Rondo is a mini-cd including four songs. First "Rondo," the classic song played by the Nice. Then there is a drum solo-song by Pär, that shows us that he can handle the drums as well as the keyboard. The third song is a staightforward jazz song. The last song is inspired by Tarkovsky's dynamic film "Solaris." A mellow Mellotron musicexperience. I love it. We have to watch out for this band in the future. -- Tobias Broljung

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    Panta Rei - 1973 - Panta Rei genre: prog
    country: sweden
    quality : lossless (flac, cue, log, scans)
    time: 38`07" size: 266 mb
    issue: 2004 Acid Symposium (Greece)

    Scented Gardens of Mind:
    Their album sported probably THE most ugly front cover of any progressive rock album! I can assure you that this is in sharp contrast to the music, which is truly excellent. On offer are five tracks which showcase the best quality melodious, guitar-driven progressive rock Sweden produced. Panta Rei never over-estimated their abilities, but played poised and relaxed music. A good example of this is "White Bells", a rural rocker with good vocals, guitars and flute. "Five O'clock Freak" was closer to jazz-rock, while "The Turk" (both tracks were instrumentals) was a burlesque encounter with mock Turkish traditional music.

    01 - Five Steps 3:12
    02 - White Bells 7:02
    03 - Five O'Clock Freak 9:48
    04 - The Knight (Part 1) 5:04
    05 - The Knight (Part 2) 8:47
    06 - The Turk 4:15

    Georg Tolin - electric guitar, piano
    Leif Цstman - guitars
    Cary Wihma - bass, percussion
    Tomo Wihma - drums
    Thomas Arnesen - vocals

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    Il Paese Dei Balocchi - 1972 - Il Paese Dei Balocchigenre: sympho prog
    country: italy
    quality : lossless (flac, cue, log, scans)
    time: 44`28" size: 242 mb
    issue: Mellow

    Scented Gardens of Mind:
    Their eponymous album was a successful attempt to combine progressive rock with classical music in a continuous work. Some sections were performed by just a string section, others were very dynamic and (sometimes) powerful rock, highlighting organ and guitar. This is in the sorrowful serious tradition of Capsicum Red, De De Lind and Metamorfosi. Works of this depth were quite common in Italian rock during its zenith of 1971 1973, but I can hardly think anyone would remain untouched by the music of Il Paese Dei Balocchi. Particularly the section "Evasione" which has an otherwordly beauty, building up a meditative theme to a powerful climax.

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    Popol Ace - 1975 - Stolen From Timegenre: prog
    country: norway
    quality : lossless (flac, cue, log, scans)
    time: 49`19" size: 321 mb
    issue: 2003

    Scented Gardens of Mind:
    In 1975 Florian Fricke (leader of the German group Popol Vuh) discovered his Norwegian namesakes and threatened them with a lawsuit. For this reason Popol Vuh changed their name to Popol Ace.
    Stolen From Time (1975) was their most ambitious effort benefiting from unusually generous amounts of studio time, provided by a record company dreaming of international success. It's one of those albums that was carefully produced, second by second, and which consequently lacked spontaneity. Included were some of their strongest and most mature songs, such as "Bury Me Dead" and "Today Another Day". Their overall sound (with more elaborate instrumental passages than before) was influenced by Genesis circa 1972-74. Maybe the rigid production deterred the album from being recognised as a minor masterpiece - today its compositions appear stronger than those on the two preceding albums.
    Jahn Teigen then left Popol Ace to start his highly successful solo career, eventually becoming one of the most famous entertainers in Norway. Popol Ace continued with Asbjørn Krogtoft (previously a member of 1-2-6) as their new vocalist. Their final album was a total disaster (commercially and artistically) with seriously uninspired songwriting.

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    genre: fusion
    country: france
    quality : mp3 (320k)
    time: 36`57"
    size: 72 mb

    01 - Upon the Wings of Music 5:27
    02 - Question with No Answer 3:30
    03 - Now I Know 4:27
    04 - Polyfolk Dance 5:12
    05 - Waving Memories 5:44
    06 - Echoes of the Future 3:09
    07 - Bowing Bowing 4:53
    08 - Fight for Life 4:34

    Bass - Ralph Armstrong
    Drums, Percussion - Ndugu*
    Guitar - Dan Sawyer , Ray Parker Jr. (tracks: A4, B1, B4)
    Keyboards - Patrice Rushen
    Violin, Arranged By, Composed By - Jean-Luc Ponty

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    Pluto ~ 1971 ~ Plutogenre: hard
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (flac, cue, log, covers)
    time: 46`16" size: 301 mb
    issue: Akarma

    Tapestry Of Delights:
    A pretty clumsy progressive boogie rock outfit judging by their album. The playing is competent enough but the compositions are well below par with Beauty Queen, Road To Glory and the Free-like Down And Out the best of a poor pack. Only of interest to hard rock completists. Their best song was a 1972 single, I Really Want It.

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    genre: psych
    country: canada
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)
    time: 42`53"
    size: 320 mb
    issue: 2001 Pacemaker

    Dreams Fantasies & Nightmares:
    From Bay Ridges, Ontario, this band made one of the best and most sought-after albums of the psychedelic era. All of the tracks were written by Don Brewer and it's one of the most consistently good Canadian albums of this era. There's lots of fuzz guitar on tracks like Shadows Of Your Mind, Face Behind The Sun and Civilization Machine, whilst Dainty General Rides and Art's A Happy Man are nice soft rock numbers. The pick of the album? The ten minute Eastern-influenced You Don't Care, which is full of lots of lovely fuzz. The album was produced by Jack Boswell and Bill Bessey.

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    Pearls Before Swine - 1970 - The Use of Ashesgenre: psych folk
    country: us
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)
    time: 32`10" size: 180 mb

    Fuzz Acid & Flowers:
    This group focused on Tom Rapp, who had apparently once finished ahead of Bob Dylan in a local New York talent contest. Although the group's original line-up is listed above, after their first two albums it became much more flexible, consisting of whoever Tom Rapp could gather around him in the studio. The group's acid sound seems almost certain to have been drug-inspired and their music was always mystical, innovative and mysterious.
    Their debut album was recorded on the avant-garde ESP label, and characterised by Rapp's gentle vocals and a woodwind musical accompaniment. Morning Song and The Surrealist Waltz were two of the stronger tracks, although a consistently high standard was maintained throughout. The album's lyrics were often inquisitive and philosophical; for example:
    'Where have you been to?
    Where did you go?
    Did you follow the summer out
    When the winter pushed its face
    In the snow?
    Or have you come by again
    To die again?
    Try again another time.'

    (from Another Time)

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    Steel Mill - 1971 - Green Eyed Godgenre: heavy prog
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (ape tracks, log, scans)
    time: 50`01 size: 246 mb
    issue: 1994 Repertoire

    Tapestry Of Delights:
    This band's album is now very rare and collectable. In the heavy progressive genre with elements of folk and ethnic music too, it got a German release on Bellaphon (BLPS 19105) in 1972 but had to wait three more years for a UK airing, by which time they'd split. The opening cut sounds Pink Floyd-influenced and the musical format is encouraging Pink Floyd with some dramatic vocals and lots of improvised jazzy solos.

    ... Read more »
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    Steamhammer - 1969 - Reflectiongenre: blues, prog
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans)
    time: 47`04" size: 281 mb
    issue: Akarma Ak-234 (2002)

    Tapestry Of Delights:
    Steamhammer started out as a blues-rock band in Worthing, Sussex, but gradually developed into a more heavy progressive style. Their debut Steamhammer included the self-penned Junior's Wailing, which was later covered by Status Quo. Indeed it became an important part of Status Quo's live act as they evolved into a 12-bar boogie band. Pugh and Quittenton assisted Rod Stewart on his first album and Quittenton stayed with Stewart co-writing Maggie May with him and playing mandolin on the million-selling disc. When Steve Jolliffe (ex-Tangerine Dream) joined, their music on Steamhammer Mk II became jazzier and all the better for his harpsichord parts. At their best, as they proved on cuts like Supposed To Be Free, Turn Around, Passing Through, Windmill and Autumn Song, they were capable of melodic, progressive rock with some pleasant woodwind. Often, though, on tracks like Johnny Carl Morten and 6/8 For Amiran, they over-utilised brass and ended up with some very messy arrangements. They recorded a further album to these listed above, Speech, which was only released in Germany (Brain 1009, 1972) and was their magnum opus full of superb guitar work from a later member Martin Pugh. Brain also reissued Mountains and Speech as a double package, This Is Steamhammer (Brain 2/1043) in 1974. Certainly a band worth investigating.

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    Status Quo - 1968 - Picturesque Matchstickable Messages from the Status Quogenre: psych pop
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (flac, tracks, booklet scans)
    time: cd1: 59`10" + cd2: 1:05'15" size: 620 mb
    issue: 2003

    Debut album by British rock group, Status Quo. It features a large number of covers, including "Green Tambourine" by The Lemon Pipers.
    The album's lead single was originally intended to be "Gentleman Joe's Sidewalk Café", with the original Francis Rossi composition "Pictures of Matchstick Men" as the b-side, but these songs were eventually swapped round. It reached #7 in the UK, and remains the band's only major hit single in the US, where it reached #12. It also reached #8 in Canada. A second single, Rossi's "Black Veils of Melancholy" (with organist Roy Lynes' non-album track "To Be Free" as the b-side), flopped and has even been called "a carbon copy of "Pictures of Matchstick Men"". The third single, "Ice in the Sun", was written for the band by Marty Wilde and Ronnie Scott (not the jazz musician), with the Rossi/Parfitt composition "When My Mind Is Not Live" as the b-side. It reached #8 in the UK, and #29 in Canada.
    The album itself was released on 27 September 1968, and failed to make the UK album charts. The band planned to release a fourth single from the album - "Technicolour Dreams" backed with the Wilde/Scott composition "Paradise Flat" - but this was withdrawn after a few days in favour of a non-album single release early the following year. The new single, Rossi and Parfitt's "Make Me Stay a Bit Longer", with bassist Alan Lancaster's "Auntie Nellie" as the b-side, was released on 31 January 1969. As well as getting the "thumbs up" from a majority of the record reviewers, this single was also something of a landmark for the group, as it would be their final release to credit them as "the" Status Quo.

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    Starcastle - 1977 - Fountains Of Light
    genre: prog
    country: us
    quality : lossless (ape, cuen log, scans)
    time: 36`03" size: 229 mb
    issue: 1998

    1. Fountains (10:22)
    2. Dawning of the Day (3:43)
    3. Silver Winds (4:54)
    4. True to the Light (6:25)
    5. Portraits (5:02)
    6. Diamond Song (Deep is the Light) (5:35)

    Terry Luttrell - lead vocals 
    Gary Strater - bass guitars, moog pedals, vocals 
    Stephen Tassler - drums, percussion, vocals 
    Herb Schildt - synthesizers, organ, piano 
    Matthew Stewart - guitars, vocals 
    Stephen Hagler - guitars, vocals

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    The Strawbs - 1972 - Grave New Worldgenre: prog, folk
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (ape, cue+log+scans)
    time: 42'39" size: 276 mb
    issue: 1998 Remaster

    From ProgressiveRock :
    The Strawberry Hill Boys were a bluegrass trio founded by Dave Cousins, Tony Hooper and Ron Chesterman in 1967. Sandy Denny had a brief tenure in the band, recording one unreleased album before she quit to join Fairport Convention. In 1969 they shortened their name and landed a recording contract with A&M. The Strawbs recorded two early albums with production heavyweights Gus Dudgeon and Tony Visconti respectively. In 1970, Chesterman left and Cousins and Hooper added the rhythm section of John Ford and Richard Hudson. Session-keyboard wiz Rick Wakeman, recently extricated from the Royal Academy of Music, was next to join. His debut, Just A Collection of Antiques and Curios, was recorded live at London’s Queen Elizabeth Hall, however his role was really as soloist. The album managed to chart in the UK. Producer Visconti urged more electric influence to Cousin’s songwriting and the resulting From The Witchwood, though still reflecting the band’s folk roots, put the band again in the UK Top 40. By the time of Grave New World, Blue Weaver had replaced Wakeman. More importantly Cousins’ songwriting had gone Progressive, best demonstrated here in "Tomorrow" and "New World". The album ranges from the acoustic of "On Going Older" to the more eclectic rock of "Queen of Dreams". Cousins, too is a unique vocalist, his raspy voice not unlike Peter Gabriel. The album would become the bands best selling to date, reaching No. 11 in the UK. However, boosted by the single "Part Of The Union" at year’s end, their next album, Bursting At The Seams, proved to be their commercial peak. Hooper parted ways as the band drifted farther from their folk roots, with guitarist Dave Lambert replacing him. Cousins took the remainder of the year off to record a solo album, Two Weeks Last Summer. The Strawbs would continue with varying success until their demise in 1978.

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    Starcastle - 1976 - Starcastlegenre: prog
    country: us
    quality : lossless (ape, cue,log, hq scans)
    time: 39`46" size: 260 mb
    issue: Sony Music Remastered 00128

    From ProgressiveRock :
    Hailing from Champaign-Urbana in Illinois, Starcastle were another rare US Prog band that achieved some recognition in the mid-seventies. After trudging the bar circuits under various names, the core of guitarist Steve Hagler, drummer Steve Tassler, keyboard player Herb Schildt, and bassist Gary Strater were joined by second guitarist Matthew Steward and vocalist Terry Luttrell, previously in another Champaign band, REO Speedwagon. In 1974, they changed their name to Starcastle and signed to Epic records. To say that British Prog bands influenced them was, of course, a huge understatement. "Lady of The Lake" revealed an easy-going Yes approach, with an emphasis on the vocal harmonies. "Elliptical Seasons" had a little more Midwest grit to it, while "Stargate" went symphonic. But if two things stuck out immediately about their music, it would be Luttrell’s voice and lyrics. Luttrell had a high tenor that unfortunately lacked any visceral punch, most evident on "Sunfield". And while Anderson’s lyrics were more concerned with cadence, Starcastle unfortunately seemed like high school poetry. Musically, the band was every playful, with rich arrangements that made the best of their big sound, as on "To The Fire Wind". Although the Yes "clone" analogy ran tired, their accessible approach probably owed as much to another Illinios band, Styx. The album was received well enough and Starcastle opened for some of their Prog big brethren, including Jethro Tull and Rush on their subsequent tours. Suitably impressed, Epic sent the band off to Montreal with Queen producer Roy Thomas Baker to record their next album. The combination was uneasy, but there’s little argument that Fountains of Light, released in early 1977, would be their definitive statement. A third album, also produced by Baker was released later the same year, but with the emphasis toward a "hit", it was more of same old stuff. A final album Real to Reel appeared in 1978, but the band was subsequently dropped. Rehearsals began with a new singer after Luttrell’s departure, but without label interest the band folded in 1980. Oddly enough, the Drama-era Yes would take a cue from Starcastle!

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    genre: rio
    country: italy
    quality : mp3 (256k)
    time: 1:17'42"
    size: 144 mb

    01 - Un Quartetto Del Tram 4:17
    02 - 8 Settembre 4:21
    03 - Nuovole A Vinca 4:34
    04 - Dante Di Nanni 4:35
    05 - Un Biglietto Del Tram 5:18
    06 - La Sepoltura Dei Morti 4:14
    07 - Stalingrado 6:36
    08 - La Fabbrica 4:18
    09 - Arrivano Gli Americani 5:42
    10 - Pinocchio Bazaar Ouveture 4:17
    11 - Ragionamenti 1:20
    12 - Panorama 4:37
    13 - Piazza Degli Affari 5:05
    14 - Roma 4:45
    15 - Parole Grosse 5:49
    16 - Goal 3:54
    17 - Quintetto Carmine 3:59

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    genre: rio
    country: italy
    quality : mp3 (192k)
    time: 38'10"
    size: 57 mb

    01 - Non Si Sa Dove Stare 4:56
    02 - Reparto novitа 4:36
    03 - Piazza Degli Affari 3:57
    04 - Ragionamenti 5:17
    05 - Panorama 4:38
    06 - Roma 4:44
    07 - Parole Grosse 4:09
    08 - Denti 2:12
    09 - Cosa Danno 3:41

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    genre: rio
    country: italy
    quality : mp3 (256k)
    time: 1:07'42"
    size: 121 mb
    issue: 1998 (reissue of 1976 album + extra tracks - now deleted)

    01 - 1789 3:51
    02 - Carmine 3:58
    03 - Tito Andronico: Dibattito 3:50
    04 - Tito Andronico: Riflusso 1:27
    05 - Tito Andronico: Comizio A 2:11
    06 - Tito Andronico: Picnic 4:54
    07 - Tito Andronico: Leader 0:32
    08 - Tito Andronico: Comizio B 0:40
    09 - Tito Andronico: Tafferuglio 5:46
    10 - Tito Andronico: L'escluso 1:44
    11 - Tito Andronico: Bancetto E Ris 5:10
    12 - Tito Andronico: Comizio C 0:51
    13 - Tito Andronico: Salotto 1:32
    14 - Tito Andronico: Inchiesta TV 3:14
    15 - Tito Andronico: Tutta Una Seri 0:37
    16 - Tito Andronico: Il Nostro Temp 0:51
    17 - Pinocchio Bazaar Ouverture 4:10
    18 - Pinocchio Bazaar Parade 3:48
    19 - Corale Di Mister Cherry 1:14
    20 - Ballata Della Balena 1:29
    21 - La Canzone Della Fata Dai Cape 4:03
    22 - Fuga Di Pinocchio 2:02
    23 - Macchina Maccheronica 4:46
    24 - Christmas Now 2:47
    25 - Hula Hoop 2:14

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    genre: rio
    country: italy
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, scans) & mp3 (192k, cover)
    time: 47`38"
    size: 249 or 77 mb

    01 - Macchina Maccheronica 5:39
    02 - Le Lucciole 7:37
    03 - Madonina 0:51
    04 - Megafono 5:53
    05 - Madonina 0:40
    06 - Banca 2:39
    07 - Pianeta 5:40
    08 - Rumba Sugli Alberi 2:57
    09 - Enzo 2:16
    10 - Verbale 8:39
    11 - Madonina 0:55
    12 - Somario 3:55
    13 - Madonina 0:14

    - Umberto Fiori / vocals
    - Franco Fabbri / guitar, vibraphone, trombone, vocals
    - Carlo De Martini / violin
    - Tommaso Leddi / violin, mandolin, guitar, alto saxophone
    - Renato Rivolta / soprano saxophone
    - Pino Martini / bass
    - Salvatore Garau / drums
    - Leonardo Schiavone / clarinet
    - Georgie Born / cello on recordings and selected tours

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    genre: rio
    country: italy
    quality : mp3 (320k)
    time: 28'08"
    size: 54 mb

    01 - Guarda giщ dalla pianura 1:28
    02 - Union maid 3:03
    03 - Otan xtupeseis duo fores 3:02
    04 - Cuba sм, yanquis no 2:44
    05 - The ballad of Ho Chi Minh 3:33
    06 - Leaving Belfast Town 3:18
    07 - Cancion del poder popular 2:39
    08 - De re mi 3:05
    09 - Brother, did you weep? 1:49
    10 - Per i morti di Reggio Emilia 3:27

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    Short Cross - 1971 - Arising
    genre: hard
    country: us
    quality : lossless (flac, tracks+cue+log+scans)
    time: 57`59" size: 389 mb
    From Sandston, Virginia, this band evolved out of the Hustlers, whose members included, at various stages, ex-Reactors Steve Hicks and ex-Outlaws Butch Owens alongside core members Velpo Robertson, Gray McCalley and Ben Luck. The latter left to join the Barracudas, of A Plane View LP fame.
    Their rare album can best be described as heavy psychedelic blues, at its purest on Suicide Blues. There's plenty of good guitar work throughout, Wastin' Time, Just Don't Care, Till We Reach The Sun and Hobo Love Song all have their share, whilst Ellen is a slow bluesy ballad. The album lacks sufficient originality to make it special but if this musical genre is where you're at you shouldn't be disappointed. ~ 
    (Max Waller / Roger Maglio)

    ... Read more »
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    genre: prog, rio
    country: italy
    quality : mp3 (160k)
    time: 32'48"
    size: 40 mb

    01 - Garibaldi 3:28
    02 - Tre Fratelli Contadini Di Venosa 3:21
    03 - Pontelandolfo 4:45
    04 - Sciopero! 2:56
    05 - Suite Per F & F 11:24
    06 - La Manifestazione 5:18
    07 - Fratello 1:36

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    Stormy Six - 1969 - Le idee di oggi per la musica di domani
    genre: prog, folk, rio
    country: italy
    quality : mp3 (256k)
    time: 48'14"
    size: 92 mb
    ItalianProg site:
    Not many progressive music collectors are aware that Stormy Six released some very interesting and original works in that style, the group having long been associated with the left-wing political and protest songs of their first albums.
    Stormy Six began as a beat band in the 60's in Milan, and they even supported the Rolling Stones during their first italian tour.
    Their first album, named Le idee di oggi per la musica di domani by their record company, is a good example of the genre, with even some light psych influences like in the instrumental Schalplattengesellschaft mbh, bass player Claudio Rocchi being the most interested in psychedelia. He was in fact the first to leave the band to pursue a solo career.

    Second album L'unità saw the group reduced to a quartet, with bassist Massimo Villa replacing Rocchi, and keyboardist Martinetti leaving during the recording sessions, though he appeared on some tracks only. The sound was now strongly inspired by the then popular West-Coast style, yet it contained some rock-inspired moments like in the long Suite per F & F with good instrumental parts by Ricky Belloni (then with Il Pacco and later in Nuova Idea) and sax player Claudio Fasoli from Perigeo.

    In the third album, Guarda giù dalla pianura, dealing more strongly with protest songs, the Woody Guthrie influence was evident in the cover versions' choice, and the band was now a constant presence in left-wing movements concerts and festivals.
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    genre: prog
    country: italy
    quality : mp3 (128-160k)
    time: 45'08"
    size: 45 mb

    Very much Hammond based music, with a big slab of Mellotrons, harpsichord and Moog synths. The bass guitar takes on the role of the electric guitar. Add to that a singing drummer and you´ve got Italian Standarte. Not so much a symphonic prog band as a true retro band. Incredibly "authentic" early 70´s sound that could fool anybody who didn´t know they were a 90´s band. And it´s not just the sound, it´s the way they play that all contributes to the genuine retro feel of the records.

    All records consists of basically the same kind of music: hard rock, a little psychedelia, with a hint of kitschy rock opera/art rock approach to the songs. Long songs with many parts and subtitles, and on the first album you´ve even got spoken narration to link it all together. The lyrics leave a little to be desired; a lot of repetition and crummy english, but in a way you forgive them ´cause they´re so damn cool. Really groovy riffs and distorted organ solos, plus suprisingly catchy melodies.

    Stimmung is half live, half studio. The live parts were partly recorded at the progressive rock festival in Stockholm 1997 (I was there, and I fell in love on first sight). All warmly recommended, and it doesn´t matter what record you buy; the songs differ a little, but the sound and the style stays the same. -- Daniel

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    Siddhartha - 1975 - Weltschmerz (aka World Pain) genre: prog
    country: germany
    quality : lossless (ape, cue+log+covers)
    time: 37`31" size: 199 mb
    issue: GoDs

    Siddhartha, named after a novel by Hermann Hesse, were formed in 1973 in Korntal near Stuttgart. They performed an intelligent mixture of progressive and art rock influenced by psychedelia and folk. Although their 1975 album is called "Weltschmerz” all songs contain English lyrics except for "Weit weg”. It was released in a limited edition of 400 copies and is now one of the most soughtafter collectors’ items. A thirty minute demo tape by Siddhartha which was recorded after the release of their album has disappeared and has not yet been found.his series.

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    Schicke Fuhrs & Frohling - 1993 - The Collected Works ofgenre: space
    country: germany
    quality : lossless (flac, cue, log, scans)
    time: 1:11`42" + 50'20"
    size: 749 mb

    Schicke, Fьhrs and Frцhling made three excellent albums of instrumental, highly electronic progressive rock, that were all released in the late seventies on the eminent German label, Brain. Schicke left the group after that, and Fьhrs and Frцhling released a trio of albums of similar music.
    The Collected Works of SFF combines the original three SFF releases (on the Brain label) with two live bonus tracks. With an arsenal that included two mellotrons, two moogs, two string ensembles, acoustic and electic pianos and guitars and a variety of percussion, SFF's all instrumental music is at once symphonic and celestial, completely unique and nearly always compelling. Were comparisons to be made, I would have to say they are closer to the spacy symphonics of Novalis circa Sommerabend than to Eloy, another spacy sympho band. But that just doesn't cover it all. Some cuts, such as "Wizzard" (from Sunburst) is very fusionesque while "Artificial Energy" (from the same album) is an amalgam of Popul Vuh atmosphere with Frippish ambient guitar. Within and across albums, SFF explored different textures and styles that hybridize Berlin electronics with symphonic lushness that prohibits simple categorization and comparison. Across all albums, the songs range from about 3.5 minutes up to the 16 minute "Pictures" on their debut. Speaking of, "Pictures" is one of the best tracks in the set, with ample time for thematic development and changes, covering haunting mellotron choruses, floor-shaking moog ostinatos, atmospheric strings synths and blazing guitar. For a very striking comparison, listen to the beginning mellotron two minutes into "Pictures" and at one minute into Anglagard's "Jordrok." Coincidence? You decide. Ticket to Everywhere shows a slight weakening of content. Some of the rhythms and drumming (e.g., "Song from India") show hints of the dance craze of the late '70s. That's not to say this is a disco album. Far from it, in fact, but still the sound is a bit more accessible. But, songs like the eight minute "Slow Motion" are trademark SFF from start to finish. The bonus live tracks are an excellent addition. "Every Land Tells a Story" is a four minute track of dancing synths and piano with acoustic guitar that was not released on any of the three LPs. The second is a ten minute medley of "Explorer/Wizzard" from the second album and it's an excellent working with a great drum solo. Percussionist Eduard Schicke is a fine drummer who has a touch of fusionesque drumming in his playing. He balances between laid back with the groove and driving forward with constant licks on the snare and high-hat.

    ... Read more »

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    Santana - 1970 - Abraxasgenre: rock
    country: us
    quality : lossless (flac, cue, log, scans)
    time: 51`31"
    size: 359 mb
    issue: Japan Mini LP 2006

    01 - Singing Winds, Crying Beasts 4:53
    02 - Black Magic Woman - Gypsy Queen 5:22
    03 - Oye Como Va 4:22
    04 - Incident at Neshabur 5:03
    05 - Se a Cabo 2:55
    06 - Mother's Daughter 4:31
    07 - Samba Pa Ti 4:50
    08 - Hope You're Feeling Better 4:17
    09 - El Nicoya 1:40

    10 - Se A Cabo (Live 18.April.1970 @ Royal Albert Hall) 3:48
    11 - Toussaint L'Overture (Live 18.April.1970 @ Royal Albert Hall) 4:52
    12 - Black Magic Woman - Gypsy Queen (Live 18.April.1970 @ Royal Albert Hall) 4:58

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    the Rubettes - 1995 - Greatest Hitsgenre: pop
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (ape, cue, log, cover)
    time: 33`16" size: 212 mb

    Formed in 1973 in England, the Rubettes were originally organized as a session outfit by Wayne Bickerton of Polydor A&R. Inspired by the successes of Sha Na Na, Mud, and Showaddywaddy, they combined glam rock presentation (red and white suits with matching caps) with a rock & roll revival sound. Their first release, 1974's "Sugar Baby Love," was an instant smash, remaining at number one in England for five weeks while denting the U.S. charts at number 37 in August, and remains their best-known record. Subsequent releases would be less successful, but the band soldiered on and continued to tour on the nostalgia circuit well into the 2000s.

    Views: 1970 | Date: 29.04.2010 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

    genre: neo prog
    country: germany
    quality : mp3 192k
    time: 54`49"
    size: 74 mb
    issue: 1999

    VIOLET DISTRICT were a band coming from Freising near Munich. They were founded in 1988 with the name INCUBUS and released only one CD, the self financed debut "Terminal breath" (1992) which got great reviews in the european prog scene. Now the german label TEMPUS FUGIT releases a beautifully packaged remaster of "Terminal breath". The dutch SI magazine wrote 1992: "One of the best symphonic albums out of Germany ... the band continues where Marillion have stopped in 1985". And what else can I say. This concept album offers symphonic neoprog somewhere between IQ, Marillion's "Clutching at straws" and 90ies Pink Floyd. Great vocals, smooth compositions, symphonic arrangements, deep emotions, sensitive use of guitar soli ... Simply great stuff !
    It's a shame that this band split in 1997, but some of the members have founded a new band called RPWL, which will release their first album in summer 2000.

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    genre: glam
    country: uk
    quality : lossless (ape, cue+log+covers)
    time: 43`01"
    size: 296 mb

    Mick Ronson is one of those quiet legends of rock & roll, important and influential not for any single thing but rather for everything. Ronson was a talented guitarist, but no six-string wizard. He was an better-than-average songwriter with a flair for drama, but a perfunctory vocalist. As a producer and session pro, Ronson offered a light hand tempered by experience and knowledge. It was the total package, however, including Mick's enormous charisma and his innate ability to bring something valuable to the work of some of the biggest creative egos in the biz, that made the man a capital 'R' Rock & Roll Star. Ronson died of cancer in 1993, feverishly working to create this last album, Heaven And Hull.
    As a creative swan-song, few artists have accomplished so much. Heaven And Hull, named after Ronson's hometown of Hull, England, is an excellent showcase of pure, unadulterated rock & roll spirit. Many of Ronson's old mates showed up to contribute, including David Bowie, John Mellencamp, Crissie Hynde and Martin Chambers of the Pretenders, Ian Hunter, Brian May of Queen and others. The music created is no mere tedious superstar collaboration but rather timeless, bright and shining rock & roll. Cuts such as Like A Rolling Stone, All The Young Dudes or Life's A River are classics in any era, performed here with great tenderness and sincerity by the various assembled artists. Through all the cuts runs a singular thread, however, that of Ronson's guitar and indomitable presence.
    Ronson worked on Heaven And Hull right up until the time of his death. Although it's only his third solo album, Ronson's influence and legacy has been built by the work he did under other artist's names, whether it be on albums he produced for artists as diverse as Morrissey, David Johansen or Mott The Hoople, or albums by David Bowie, Lou Reed or John Mellencamp on which he graced us with his instrumental skills. No better final memory could be created than Heaven And Hull. Mick, we'll miss you. (Epic Records)

    Views: 2142 | Date: 29.04.2010 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments (0)

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